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Comet Atlas has Shrugged! Signs in the heavens

May 5, 2020

President Donald John [Galt] Trump

I am continuing from yesterday wherein I had related about the phone call from Mr. T. In addition to his prophetic dream, he also informed me that a comet named Atlas has been on its course in our solar system for some time—still inbound, but then it is expected to swing around the sun and then head out once again. T. told me that in his searching about the comet, he learned that astronomers have calculated that Atlas has an elliptical orbit of 6,026 years.

In other words, he said (again I paraphrase from memory the gist of what he related), if we go by the biblical chronology which is generally-accepted by fundamentalists and many evangelicals, the last time Atlas was here was at the creation of Adam! At this point, Mr. T. REALLY had my attention because just two days prior, I had received an email communication from a brother (Mr. R.) who had sent me some preliminary information in advance of preparing for the National Day of Prayer.

Here is a picture of the comet Atlas (from which Mr. R. sent me, along with his comments. The photo of the comet is superimposed on a star map.












The red line in the star map is the path of Atlas in early April, heading away from Ursa Major and directly for the constellation Perseus. Mr. T. had suggested that Atlas represents the first Adam, and therefore it represents each of us, all of mankind, before our conversion to Christ.

In mythology, Atlas is pictured with the earth on his shoulders. In 1958, the brilliant Ayn (pronounced “Ine” as in “fine”) Rand published her magnum opus—as it turns out, a prophetic novel called Atlas Shrugged. (Not “prophetic” in a biblical sense—but then again, yes, it could be seen that way, but I use “prophetic” here in the sense that we could say George Orwell’s 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World were prophetic.)

I related a personal story in a blog a few months ago about my understanding of Atlas Shrugged. And, here we are in the year 2020 in the midst of an alleged pandemic which “has brought this country to its knees,” just as was forecast by Ayn Rand, when Atlas shrugged.

In her novel, Atlas represented the virtual shutdown of the country when the entrepreneurs and other businessmen were so stifled by big government, that they decided one-by-one to shrug their shoulders and let the world economy come crashing down. Hmmm… sound familiar right now?  

On the biblical aspect and without getting into all the details—which would take me hours and pages to set forth—Mr. R. discerned that one interpretation of this sign in the heavens is that Atlas is headed for  Perseus which represents the Breaker. Perseus represents Christ as the Breaker who destroys Mystery Babylon.

How fitting then, that the Comet Atlas has now broken up! …into three larger, identifiable pieces and who knows how many gazillions of other tiny pieces? “And the great city [Mystery Babylon] was divided into three parts…” Revelation 16: 19a

Atlas, the comet, has disintegrated and will never return. The first Adam-Atlas, representing each of us (man in his carnality) with that feeling of the weight of the world on his shoulders is finally letting it go—Atlas/Adam is shrugging. This makes way for the Last Adam (Christ) to come forth. In doing so, the old Adam exists no more and Christ comes forth in you and me!

But as Babylon falls, and so many restaurants are presently closed—some to never reopen—and as we are leaving that Babylonian-Egyptian system, do not look back and long for “the great food we had in Egypt/Sodom & Gomorrah.” For if you do, you will be like Lot’s wife, who turned into a “pillar of salt.” Let us go forward now into the Promised Land of the cleansed Kingdom of Heaven upon the new earth!

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