CDC coronavirus facts; governors show their fascism

May 15, 2020

Oftentimes, people cannot hear the truth. They have to be shown the truth. In other words, present the evidence and let them come to their own conclusions. Following that advice, here is a mix of memes (with a bit of humor) and also serious statistics, plus a very telling short video to help your friends and neighbors to wake up. First, here are some interesting statistical comparisons direct from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website, for the period covering 10 Feb – 09 May 2020.

covid-19 vs pneumonia graph.jpg 

Here is a meme which I found humorous.

Norton AntiVirus mask.jpg

I get lots of stares now as I go into businesses where I am about the only one not wearing a mask. I’ve been considering making one as in the meme and see how many smiles or frowns that would provoke! LOL! 

Given the truth displayed in the above graph concerning CV deaths compared to pneumonia, one might wonder: Then, why was the whole country put into a shutdown mode? Could it be that some evil forces have another agenda in mind? Remember that Pres. Trump has told the governors that each is in charge of his/her own state. This then allows the “tares” to expose themselves.

For example, Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington state, just revealed his socialist-fascist, totalitarian dictator tendencies when he “allowed” restaurants to open provided they collect the names, addresses, and other contact information from all customers! In other words, as in any police state, the state demands “your papers, please.” And Gov. Inslee was running for president, if you recall.

Next, and there are several versions of this meme floating around social media, but you get the point—which I emphasized in these blogs when the CV first appeared—that fear is the enemy’s weapon.

fear of plagues campaigns.jpg

And despite the governor of Colorado having a friendly meeting with Trump in the Oval Office the other day, his own Colorado Department of Health and Environment listed as a death from Covid-19 a man whom the county coroner had ruled was death by ethanol toxicity. The man’s blood alcohol level was 0.55! A level of 0.3 is considered and the typical level for most states’ driving drunk level is at 0.08! Astonishing as his blood alcohol level was, the point here is that this is just one example of the fact (as many doctors are now attesting) that they are forced to lie on the cause of death, obviously to boost the statistics of Covid deaths.

It is encouraging to see more and more doctors and medical professionals bucking the AMA and even their bosses to get the truth out. I shared the testimony of the two ER physicians in California a couple weeks ago. Now here is a brave, family practitioner in Dallas defying the Deep State (Fauci, Birx, Redfield, who is the head of CDC,) and Walgreens corporate bosses, who are forcing their pharmacists to attempt to get the physicians’ diagnosis before filling a prescription for hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), which Dr. Lozano attests in this 13-minute video is working beautifully for her patients. (I would not be surprised if Big Brother Google/Youtube censors (removes) this video very soon.)

According to Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D., “HCQ has been off patent for decades, is available from a dozen U.S. generic manufacturers… HCQ costs the patient on average less than $10 (range 37-63 cents per tablet), for the usual 5-7 day course of treatment. Remdesivir costs upwards of $1,000 per dose, plus the added costs of having to be hospitalized to receive it.”

Incidentally, when I label Gov. Inslee as a socialist-fascist, new readers must wonder how someone could be “left wing” and “right wing” at the same time. I juxtaposed the two terms deliberately in order to reinforce my teaching that both are collectivist and thus both are left wing. I explained both the false and true political spectrums in several of my early blogs in the series Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom.

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