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Coronavirus—Trump reveals his power—Lying Legacy Media go berserk!

Apr 13, 2020

Boom! Boom!

During the White House (WH) Coronavirus (CV) Task Force briefing this evening President Trump (POTUS) dropped two very powerful “booms.” First, he suddenly announced he had a little slide presentation he wanted to show to the assembled WH press corps. The lights were dimmed and POTUS stepped to the side of the dais. It was only about three minutes in length.  It should have caused any press person with a conscience to slink away in embarrassment.

But they all sat there dumbstruck and watched as the slides and narration showed the timeline of POTUS’ actions to deal with the CV threat as events unfolded. He had clips from various “fake news” outlets (CNN et al.), plus a timeline chart showing exactly what was known when and how the Lying Medianites (and Dr. Fauci) were still pooh-poohing the threat while POTUS took the bold action to stop flights from China.

In other words, in a few brief minutes, POTUS rubbed the truth in the faces of assembled dishonest and fake news press corps. (There are one or two honest ones in the room.) Jonathan Karl (ABC News) was the first to try to respond by phrasing his question to Trump in the form of a comment, saying something like, This looks like a re-election campaign clip; why are you showing this to us and who produced it, some outside firm?

I am going from memory and you can verify it on the WH website tomorrow as they always post the complete transcript. But I want to get this blog posted on my website as soon as possible because I will predict that by tomorrow the Lying Legacy Media (LLM; i.e., “fake news”) will be going berserk not only because of this first “boom.” (Trump is lowering the boom.) But they will be absolutely “bonkers” over the second “boom.”

To wrap up this brief description and commentary on the first boom, Trump responded to LLM lackey, Jonathan Karl, that no, we did not employ any outside help. Dan (presumably referring to Dan Scavino) and his team just finished it a short time ago and they put it together in under two hours. POTUS went on to say, And I can assure you this is just a tiny sample. I have hundreds more (of these types of clips) that I could have used.

In other words, Trump is taking off the gloves and is going in for the kill (figuratively) on the LLM. He made reference several times that the NY Times would already be out of business if he were not the president.

The second boom was even more dramatic. In a question regarding who has the authority to “open the country,” the individual state governors or the president, Trump in no uncertain terms stated and restated several times that he has “full power.” He went on to state that he is working well with the various state governors, both Democrats and Republicans, and he believed they would cooperate with him when it was time to reopen the country.  

I knew immediately what the President was referring to (I will return to that in a moment). The shock and astonishment in the room was palpable as the LLM suddenly discovered the Constitution and Bill of Rights. So yes, they know, but recall how they never uttered a peep when Obama was totally ignoring the Constitution on numerous usurpations of power, Obamacare being the most visible example.

Thus, one female reporter (whom I did not recognize) trying to conceal her outrage and vitriol as she tried to “school” Trump on the Constitution. She—and later another reporter—were quoting the 10th Amendment to the Constitution which states that “All powers not delegated to the united States (federal government) are reserved to the States or to the people, respectively.”

So, yes, the reporters are correct (for once, because it serves their purpose to quote the Constitution—just as Pelosi and Schiff were doing so shamelessly and hypocritically during the phony impeachment proceedings). The federal government was established by the States and it was designed to be small, relatively weak compared to and controlled by the federation of individual states.

But that Rubicon was crossed well over a century ago, and the collectivists of all varieties never looked back. So that today, we have a very Deep State and a swamp so full of corruption that many have nicknamed D. C. the District of Corruption.

So, this evening, just before POTUS excused himself and left VP Pence in charge of the dais and the “good doctors,” one of the reporters, thinking he was so clever and could really “expose” Trump’s “unconstitutional” usurpation of power by putting VP Pence on the spot, asked him what he thought of President Trump’s declaration that he has all power over all the states.

Pence did not hesitate but stated that first of all, he supports, stands with, serves the President, etc. Then came the blunt statement from him that since all 50 states have declared a state of emergency in their own states, and that the President has declared a “national state of emergency” due to the CV, that indeed, the President’s powers under a declared state of emergency do indeed override and supersede all other powers. Pence went on to cite several historical cases, such as FDR during WW II, when he exercised that power.

Whether the assembled members of the WH press corps were aware of those facts also, I do not know. I did not learn of this fact in either my lower or my “higher education” at the Ohio State University’s School of Journalism (B. A., 1975), but I learned it through self-education when I was awakened (“red pilled”) to the cabal a year after I was graduated.

That is when I learned that there are a set of Executive Orders which were in force from at least the JFK administration and which have been renewed and sometimes modified by every administration since then. That is the power which Trump was claiming—but which he left Pence to explain.

Tomorrow, do not be surprised if LLM headlines scream, “Trump declares himself dictator!” or something to that effect.

You won’t find these usurpations of power listed on the first page or two of web search results, but they are there. Even now, 40+ years later, it was not hard for me to remember some of the details of the Executive Orders going back to the JFK administration. Just think of any aspect of life and yes, the president has the power to control that. Some that I recall:

Control of all banking and financial institutions

Control of all communications (TV, radio, internet et al.)

Control of all power utilities, gas, coal, nuclear, wind, solar, etc.

Control of all transportation (air, railroad, trucking and private vehicles)

Control of all natural resources (forests, mining, water, etc.)

Control of all agriculture

Control of all commerce (retail, wholesale, etc.)

Control of all educational facilities

Control of all military and state and local police forces

Control of all labor (we’ll tell you where to work and if you can work)

Control of all medical and health facilities  

Control of all housing.

This list is from memory. If you can think of anything else, well, that is included also. In other words, congratulations, America! We have now been converted overnight into a dictatorship! To reiterate and elaborate what I stated in my blog of a few days ago: I have numerous reasons to believe that President Trump is doing this as part of a long-ago-conceived and now superbly executed plan to root out the heinous evils that have almost consumed and destroyed our country. This is the only way that Trump and his team (or that I) can think of to get the job done.

It was never going to happen when the collectivists were in power; they had the complete backing of the propaganda specialists at the LLM. The court system (and all other systems, including much of Congress) were so corrupt that we were never going to accomplish a housecleaning and restoration of a Constitutional republic by voting when nearly all the elections are/were rigged.

So, the jury box method was not a viable solution. The ballot box was not a viable solution. The only box left was the bullet box—and no one wants that (except of course, the anarchists who will shortly lead us to a very malevolent dictatorship by the cabal).

But Trump and his team were thinking outside the box and came up with this plan which is now being executed front and center. The Deep State and the cabal can see exactly what he is doing—a few seconds after he does it. He sees what they are doing five steps ahead.

So yes, we literally are under a dictatorship now—and my prayer and firm hope and belief is that it is as brief as it is benevolent. I trust in my heavenly Father above all things and I firmly believe that Father put Donald John Trump in this office “for such a time as this.” (Esther 4:14)

Please join with millions of other Christians who are daily praying for the success of POTUS in draining the swamp of the Deep State, as deep and as far as it goes—anywhere on the earth and in the earth!

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