Coronavirus—Roseanne Barr calls them “Babylon!”

Apr 4, 2020

In my last weblog I stated I needed to pray and to ponder whether or not to link to a three-hour documentary for an all-at-once “red pill” education. It would be both shocking and a rude awakening to anyone who might chance upon my blog and decide to check it out. The next morning (yesterday) I awakened with the clear answer that I was not to do so. Late last night, I received a communication from a sister-in-Christ providing a second witness. Today, I received a third witness. Both women (who do not know each other) are spiritually mature. I have known them both for many years and I trust their discernments.

On a related matter (yes, actually it is related!), remember when Roseanne Barr attempted to make a comeback by producing a sitcom which presented President Trump in a somewhat favorable light? And how Hollywood subsequently pulled the rug out from under her? “No Trump supporters allowed here in Hollywood!” was the clear message to Roseanne.

I remember hearing about it at the time but paid scant attention to it. I had never watched any Roseanne shows, or hardly any sitcoms, for that matter. I did feel sorry for her, though. Now, amazingly, look at how the Father is using her to help awaken others to the truths about which she is now obviously aware. You see, in God’s Plan, there is always room for repentance (i. e, changing one’s mind and going in a different direction—towards His Light!). Someone sent me this short clip which Roseanne put out on YouTube just a couple days ago—April 1st, to be exact. Don’t expect the clip to remain available long. YouTube will probably remove it. It runs less than five minutes. Here are a few of her remarks.

“And we are seeing it fall, Babylon, and it’s just fantastic!”… She then told a personal story and concluded: “It’s been 18 years and finally, because of President Trump and the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force, and all the digital soldiers that got together in the late 90s and 2002 and decided to make child trafficking and child abuse the entire raison d’etre of the internet. We are seeing the harvesting right now of all of that. It’s a great day!”

I emphasized “harvesting” because it is uncanny how I had just recently finished a series of lectures on Jesus’ parable of the wheat and the tares, and another short series on “Decoding the Parable of the (Inter-) Net.” Both parables are about the harvest at the end of the age. Are we at the harvest? I would suggest it is very likely!

But it will not happen in one week. I suspect the takedown of the Fed will spill over into next year. Meanwhile, the Mystery Babylonians, Deep Statists, Illuminists, cabal, elitists—whatever you wish to call them—are “wailing and gnashing their teeth” because they know their end has come.  

Even now, one can search on and find several separate accounts of nurses working at the makeshift hospital in New York’s Central Park concerning the rescue of many children from the underground—literally, underground tunnels there in Manhattan. Traumatized, tortured and horrendously abused children. Some will not make it. The Twitter search also brought up the trolls who attribute such reports to “Q conspiracies.” We shall see. Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse organization is helping to staff that Central Park tent hospital. We shall see in the next few days if these reports are true. Is this what POTUS meant in the WH briefing the other day? As I reported in my blog of April 2, he said:

“… difficult days are ahead for our nation.  We’re going to have a couple of weeks, starting pretty much now, but especially a few days from now, that are going to be horrific.”

Is this one of the reasons why America is essentially shut down? To first rescue the children, and then to arrest the perpetrators and cabalists? If even half of this is true, all Americans will be weeping over the depth of the depravity and evil that is being revealed! Will we finally call out to our Father-God for our deliverance as a nation? Remember though, as I taught in my blog series on Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom, we must first repent, and then He will “heal our land!” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

With all that, is the Coronavirus a real threat to one’s health? I believe so, but at the same time, it might turn out to be a whole lot less than what the Lying Legacy Media, including the cable (cabal) news networks, are trying to scare US into thinking it is. Nonetheless, since October 28, 2017, Q has prepared hundreds of thousands of “digital soldiers” to be aware that the President and his loyal military team are using this CV crisis to accomplish the very fall of Babylon which many of us Christians have been expecting and praying for. Though the next few days/weeks may eventuate in the disclosure of some very dark and tragic revelations, let us look up, for our redemption draweth night.

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