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Are we on the precipice of dictatorship?

Apr 9, 2020

Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom—Interlude

In view of current events, it seems incumbent upon me to insert an interlude before continuing. Why a break in the series here and now? Because to some readers, it may be apparent that what we are presently witnessing and experiencing in this nation is precisely what the Founding Fathers were seeking to prevent. They gave us a republic, not a democracy or any other form of government which would become authoritarian or totalitarian in nature.

Memes have a way of conveying a message very succinctly and very powerfully. Qanons have become masters of this modus operandi. So, in my Q research, here is one I found which conveys the crux of our present predicament in one meme.

pandemic vs constitution.jpg

Of course, the point of the above meme is that, no, this exactly the type of situation that the Constitution was written to guard against. The learned men who gave us a republic by means of the Constitution were well aware of pandemics. They understood that pandemics are custom-made for would-be dictators. And yet, here we are! A minute or two of review is in order.

I am presently almost finished with Chapter 3 of this series on Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom. Thus far, the teaching has been primarily about government, not so much about the names, labels or forms of government, but about the amount of government. When it comes to your and my personal freedom and liberties, the amount of government is far more important than what the form of government is called.

In the first few lessons, I have submitted for your consideration a true and logical political spectrum which places total government on the far Left and no government (i.e., anarchy and chaos) on the far Right. We find that the Founding Fathers were absolutely brilliant in creating a Constitutional Republic with a strictly limited federal government.

When one spends the time to actually study what they bequeathed to us, it is without doubt the best government ever devised by men. So, given my political spectrum, I am certainly not a Leftist, nor am I, in the true sense, a “Right-winger.” While we await the full manifestation of the Kingdom of Heaven, aka the Kingdom of God, upon the earth, I consider myself to be right in the middle of the political spectrum.

The precise middle is where we find the proper balance between having a necessary amount of government and thereby having maximum individual freedom. Anything to the left of center begins to usurp our freedoms due to the gradual increase in the size/scope of government. Anything to the right tends toward licentiousness and lawlessness, which means crime runs amok, chaos ensues, and shortly thereafter a crisis point arrives.

At that point, the people cry out for someone (in government) to “do something.” Next, almost always, someone steps forward with the “solution.” The solution is always a near-complete suspension of individual rights, freedoms, liberties. The problem is then “solved” by the rise of a totalitarian government. Now, consider this meme from Q post #3916, April 8, 2020.

kissinger plan.png

Those who understand true history also understand that it almost always turns out that the person (or group) that ended up with total power were the ones who, unknown to the public, created the problem in the first place. (I explain this process of the Hegelian dialectic in great detail much further on in this MBSK series.) And that, boys and girls, is about where we are today with the present Coronavirus Pandemic. We are on the precipice of a totalitarian dictatorship in America.

And yet, in the midst of all this, I began a blog on March 18th by stating that “I slept like a baby” the previous night. Some might have thought, “What’s the matter with you? Are you blind to what is going on?” Well, no, I don’t think so. But I am the first to agree that I am fallible and I could be wrong. But again, I don’t think so. As those who’ve read the previous blogs know, the heavenly Father saw to it that I was “red-pilled” circa 1976.

Having that understanding, I have worked and tried to awaken others for over four decades to the fact that we are moving in the direction of total government. And now, here came the predicted crisis and I then go on to assure you that I can sleep like a baby!? What gives?

Well, at this point, as almost the entire nation (and much of the globe) are “sheltering in place,” or “hunkered down,” I must agree that this appears to be a very fearsome time. As I have told numerous friends in recent weeks, if I am wrong, we are toast! Our freedoms are gone and we are entering a very long time under a global, Total Surveillance Society (TSS). It would mean that Trump was a tool of the Deep State all along and has suckered even many awakened Christians to believe he is a white hat.

Obviously, I do not believe that is an accurate assessment of our current condition. There are at least three key facts (and other lesser facts) which cause me to believe that our President is a white hat. And further, that he and his team of patriots (and many in the military) have been executing an all-encompassing plan to root out evil and corruption not only in the USA but in many places around the globe where the cabal have made their lairs.

Number one: I (and my closest fellow teachers across America) see these current events playing out perfectly in accord with Bible prophecy. Much of that will be revealed to you as I continue to serialize this 69-lecture/chapter presentation of Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom.

(For those who want to have the complete series in audio format now, we can offer it here in 17 albums of CDs. Plus, I will very soon be able to offer the entire series on one a memory stick for a substantially reduced price over the already deeply discounted price of the complete MBSK set of albums.)

Number two: Trump made numerous promises during the campaign which all sounded wonderful to freedom-loving Americans. And he openly told the Deep State that he was coming after them, including the Fed. In three years, it is clear that he is actually doing what he promised he would do.

Number three: The rise of the Q phenomenon has been a means whereby the Trump team has been able to communicate (in code; “learn our comms”) the strategies and tactics of what they are doing and how they are doing it. This not only gives awakened patriots hope that the hidden war will be won, but also becomes the means of awakening millions of previously asleep fellow citizens.

Incidentally, and very importantly to us regarding number one above, the overall mission to “take back our country,” etc. as outlined in the Q posts (“drops”) is clearly imbued with biblical Christianity as Q encourages all to “pray, pray, pray;” “put on the whole armor of God,” and other Christian Scriptures from both Old and New Testament.

Of course, the cabal and their lackeys can also view the Q drops, and it has driven them nuts (as exemplified by the Lying Legacy Media’s behavior vis a vis Q). They have their trolls on 8kun (the current bulletin board channel where Q posts) and on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Experienced Q students, however, see them for what they are.

Websites like have accumulated scores, if not hundreds of proofs that the Q team is exactly who they say they are: a small group (less than 10) who work very closely with POTUS, and who must (for their own safety) operate anonymously. But, dear reader, as with the Bible, do not think that a casual, cursory reading will be sufficient. One must study!

If you do study the Q proofs, you too will be awakened to what is really going on behind the scenes and that we are, in fact, witnessing the fall of Mystery Babylon the Great! Keep the faith!

And I hope you are joining your fellow believers in our three-day Prayer Campaign to be in agreement with what God is doing in the midst of this Coronavirus crisis. As I alluded to in my blogpost of March 31st, you can read the details of the Prayer Campaign and find the suggested prayers on the website of my colleague, Dr. Stephen Jones.

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