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Coronavirus—What is going on?

Mar 18, 2020

I slept like a baby last night! That is to say, after a long evening of study and praying for discernment regarding the current national/global Covid-19 situation, a great spirit of peace and joy overcame me! I am certain it was a God-given Spirit.

This is not to say that prior to last night, I had been biting my nails and full of fear of what is happening—that has not been the case. But as events have transpired, the pieces have been falling into place to the extent that I can see and I have confirmation that what I (and others) have been expecting, is in fact, coming to pass.

And, despite what you might think or believe is happening, my studied opinion is that we have many reasons to be joyful and to be at peace! It is a long story, and it will take a while for readers to understand it, as well as for me to present it in a way that can be most easily assimilated.

So, today’s blog is just the first of many to assist my regular readers—and what I hope and expect will be a growing number of new readers of these blogs—to come to this same peace and joy that I am experiencing. We are now feeling some “speed bumps,”  and there will be more because we are in the midst of momentous and historical changes. But, on the other side of this present crisis, there will be great happiness.

So, today, let us begin with just one key question and a very simple answer, with the reasons and explanations for that answer to be detailed in my upcoming posts. As with all my “normal” Bible studies, I do not ask my readers and hearers to believe me. I always encourage all of us to be as the Bereans in the days of the apostles. What does that mean? It is a reference to the book of the Acts of the Apostles.

Acts 17: 10 And the brethren immediately sent away Paul and Silas by night unto Berea: who coming thither went into the synagogue of the Jews.

 11 These [Bereans] were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

 12 Therefore many of them believed; …

The Greek word rendered “readiness of mind” is prothumia {proth-oo-mee'-ah} which includes the meaning of zeal and eagerness. In other words, these were not lackadaisical or lazy listeners. They were motivated not merely to hear, but they “did their due diligence.” In other words, they went to the source (the Scriptures) to verify what they were being told. As a result, “therefore, many of them believed…”

Likewise, I will not have time to reinvent the wheel here, nor will there be time to do so—but because of the blessing of the internet, there are now literally tens or hundreds of thousands of individuals in America alone (not to mention those outside America), each of whom has a piece of the puzzle, and therefore, I can point you here or there, to get more details and/or verification for why I make this or that assertion.

So, let us begin by my pointing you to a video, only about five minutes long, of Donald Trump giving a campaign speech less than a month before he was elected to serve as our President.

Before you view it, I make this full disclosure: As I have told my liberal-minded friends, I was not an enthusiastic voter for Donald Trump in 2016. I put it this way to those friends: “I held my nose while I voted for him.” I used that figure of speech to try to convey to them that I did not trust him, and did not know what he would do.

But, based on Hillary and her husband’s track record, I knew what to expect from a President Hillary—disaster! I fully expected Trump to be just like all the other presidents that I have observed in my decades of adulthood. They all talk the talk—about how we need to have lower taxes and less government, and to get the government out of our lives, and on and on.

And then, they get into office and they always renege on their promises. But over the past three years, as I have seen Trump in action, I have become a zealous supporter because he is the first one to actually keep his campaign promises, at least the many that he could keep. Of course, some were impossible because of Congressional intransigence and the high level “deep-staters” who have sought every step of the way to sabotage his efforts to do righteously.

And the end is not yet. But we are certainly now well into the most critical stage. There has been a war going on behind the scenes since even before Donald J. Trump took the oath of office. And it is not a war between Democrats and Republicans. It is between good and evil! (That statement is not meant to imply that Democrats are evil, and Republicans are good, or vice versa.) There are both in both parties.

When Trump vowed to “drain the swamp,” we now know that it was not just talk. He absolutely meant it, and he is doing it. But those evil ones who have wielded power for so long from behind the scenes will not voluntarily relinquish it. That is why they and their operatives in Congress and in the bureaucracies are vehemently and viciously fighting Trump and his team tooth and nail without ceasing.

But most importantly, this war and all it entails has a very overarching spiritual component to it. In fact, it is primarily a spiritual battle! And that is where I (and my colleagues) can contribute our part to helping America understand what is going on. The battle of the ages is in its culmination phase! The fall of Mystery Babylon is occurring right before our eyes!

So to get started, click here to view this video of candidate Trump. And then ask yourself, why did I not see that on the TV networks back then? (Or did you?) I certainly did not! Granted, someone added the graphics and music in a marvelous production, but still, I never heard candidate Trump make his plans so very clear before I voted for him. This video gives me a lump in my throat every time I watch it.

Then as part two of your homework assignment, you can begin to learn about the “Q” phenomenon in the video below. This is a panel discussion which I convened at the end of our Bible Conference held in Branson, Missouri, in October of 2018. Some of the panelists were speakers at the Conference and others were invited to be on the stage because I knew they all had something to contribute to helping “newbies” understand what all this fuss about “Q” was all about.

Since that time, my continued observations and study of the “Q” posts have only strengthened my belief that “Q” is real, not some LARP, or “conspiracy theory.” You can prove it to yourself; or try to disprove it, if that is your wish. What Christian patriots have learned from the Q team is a large reason for why we can see the pieces falling into place, even and especially in the midst of this current Coronavirus scare.

Now, the simple Q & A for today: Is the Coronavirus a real threat? Yes, take all necessary precautions and follow government guidelines. But, don’t let the news coverage induce panic. By the grace and Plan of Almighty God, America has a great future ahead of her! Details coming…

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