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Coronavirus—Fear of the unknown

Mar 23, 2020

A letter arrived on my desk from a gentleman who has been on our mailing list for a number of years. In view of my previous blog regarding fear, I have this example to share and use in the process of giving you more on alleviating fear. He wrote:  

“The state of Missouri gave Jim Bakker a ‘cease and desist’ order on the silver solution he was offering for sale. I don’t understand it. The silver solution was tested in government labs and was given a patent with the U.S. Patent Office. Something is wrong here. Don’t take any vaccination regarding the Coronavirus. I believe there is something terribly wrong about to happen. Over 1,400 CEO’s have resigned in America since December 2019. Bill Gates resigned from Microsoft yesterday (Friday the 13th). I can see that the people in Washington, D.C. know something that we don’t know. I have a very, very bad feeling about this.

“President Trump just ordered that oil be stockpiled in the nation’s oil reserves. He just ordered that tomorrow be a ‘National Day of Prayer.’

This has to do with more than the Coronavirus. I know where this is headed and it ain’t good. Yahweh’s people should be on red alert. Yahweh bless and keep you. My prayers are with you.” /s/ by a gentleman in the central U.S.

Before I comment, I will now reprint excerpts from a follow-up letter from the same man dated March 17th.

“I just received your March newsletter. Thank you. I am one of your poor subscribers. I try not to be a financial burden to your ministry. I believe the laborer is worthy of his hire. [Luke 10:7] A lot of strange things are going on relating to the Coronavirus. Yesterday, the Dow Jones was down almost 3,000 points. Today it is up over 900 points around noontime. It looks like they are crashing the global economy. Entire countries are shutting down. This could lead to global war.

“I’m watching President Trump on television as I write this letter. He just said, ‘WE HAVE TO WIN THIS WAR!’ I believe we are at war with more than the Coronavirus. Yahweh bless and keep you. Enclosed is” [a small donation.] /s/ the same gentleman as above.

I remember meeting this man briefly at one of our Bible conferences—a nice gentleman as I recall. There is some level of fear evident in his letters. He is clearly a believer in Jesus/Yahshua, so why the fear? I would suggest it is a fear of the unknown. His letter exhibits a palpable dread that something really bad is happening—more than just the Coronavirus.

To this point in the present Coronavirus (CV) crisis, it is obvious (at least to me) that the formerly mainstream media—which I have renamed the Lying Legacy Media (LLM), or as Mr. Trump usually calls them, the “fake news” media—are almost unanimously engaged in greatly overblowing the Coronavirus threat. There are several reasons for that: (1) They feel it is their “duty to protect the public.” Let’s severely discount that one.

At the top management and control levels of the LLM, at least, they are much more interested in great disasters and threats of disaster (hurricanes, tornadoes, war, etc.) because (2) it boosts circulation, viewers and/or “clicks” (eyeballs on their websites). Am I being too cynical? No, that is the reality of life under Mystery Babylon. Then, there is (3) my belief, based upon much study and evidence, pointing to exactly what our friend wrote “I believe we are at war with more than the Coronavirus.”

So, allow me to set forth what I see in that regard. Fear of the unknown can be greatly ameliorated if we come to understand that the “unknown” is really the outworking of a truly great and good plan for nearly all Americans—and the rest of the nations of the world as well. Conversely, if the “unknown” turns out to be a truly frightening plot by evil people which is now in full operation, and we have no way to stop it, well, in that case, our worst fears are justified, and we had better get on our knees and cry out to Yahweh-God Almighty for mercy!

In fact, the way I see it, both possibilities of the “unknown” are in operation simultaneously; and, in either event, we should be on our knees crying out to God!

Parenthetically, I am in awe and amazement at how the Father led me to feel impelled to start blogging my Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom (MBSK) series just as this CV crisis began to become known! I would strongly recommend all readers come to an understanding of exactly what these two biblical entities are, and soon! They have everything to do with our present circumstances in this CV crisis.

For example, in the blogposts to date, I have favorably mentioned nationally-syndicated talk show host, Glenn Beck, and the role he has been playing, at least partially unwittingly. And yet, in recent days, in the brief snippets I am able to hear of his program (commuting to/from my office and/or running errands), he has CV updates. He, too—though not part of, and vigorously opposed to the LLM—has apparently bought into the hype surrounding the CV threat.

A few days ago, I heard him quoting from an article published by (I think I recall correctly) some type of British think tank person, who outlined very specifically (and favorably) how something like the CV threat is custom made for herding the masses of humanity into a very high-tech “Total Surveillance Society,” as I would term it. Hearing the details outlined in the paper, it was far beyond anything George Orwell envisioned in his classic dystopian novel, 1984.

Along with that, Beck has (correctly) warned of the very unconstitutional actions being taken in this crisis by both the Trump administration and Congress, not to mention blowing the national debt to the moon with proposed assistance to many or most Americans and businesses. As of this writing, they are negotiating a package ranging from 1-3 TRILLION dollars!

Bottom line: there is plenty to be scared of. But…please bear with me as I attempt to lay out what I think I see happening. It cannot be presented in one blog. If you come to see it also, your fear will dissipate and your fear will turn to joy! I consulted with a close friend today about how much to reveal, knowing that many newbies will be totally blown away and find it too much to handle.

But time is of the essence, both regarding the CV threat and presenting my entire series on MBSK in blog form. Therefore, to any new readers, prepare to undergo a “red pill” experience. (Red representing reality, the metaphor comes from the movie, The Matrix.) Before closing today, I will return to offer a few comments on the subscriber's comments.

“The silver solution…” Yes, not only in Missouri, but the Attorney General in the state of New York issued a cease and desist order to a website which had to take down an article on colloidal silver. Some web vendors are obviously marketing colloidal silver as a protection against CV. I am not so sure it would be effective. My understanding about colloidal silver is that it is anti-bacterial but not anti-viral.

I have used it before, but only rarely and briefly. I had consulted about it years ago with my late friend, Dr. Vince Speckhart (M.D.). He warned against overuse which could cause argyria (silver poisoning) whereby the skin turns a bluish-gray. I had seen one fellow at a conference years ago with just that outcome. So beware. Know what you are doing if you choose to self-medicate—which we do not recommend!

“Over 1,400 CEO’s have resigned in America since December 2019. Bill Gates resigned from Microsoft yesterday (Friday the 13th).” Yes, but actually Gates resigned from the MS Board of Directors on March 13th (he had resigned as CEO quite a few years ago). But there have indeed been a flurry of CEO and other high corporate officials resigning in the past few quarters. Another example, is Lockheed-Martin CEO, Marillyn [sic] Hewson, who has announced her soon resignation. Forbes magazine reported:

“Hewson first joined Lockheed as an industrial engineer 35 years ago; she became Lockheed’s first female CEO in 2013, and since then has been consistently listed as one of the most powerful women in the world, ranking No. 10 on the 2019 Forbes Most Powerful Women list. During her time as Lockheed’s chief executive, she oversaw a $9 billion acquisition of helicopter maker Sikorsky Aircraft, and has guided the defense giant to strong financial gains, including $144 billion in orders (according to her LinkedIn statement).”

I chose to include Ms. Hewson as an example because Lockheed is and has been in the thick of the Secret Space Program (SSP) for many decades. As a corporate entity, it also ties in directly with everything that is happening right now, including the CV crisis. Are you beginning to see what I mean about this being too much for one blog?!

Moreover, good heavens, I have already presented three lectures on the SSP for my CD Ministry, so how deep does the rabbit hole go? Very deep! And for more on the “rabbit hole,” I strongly encourage anyone listening to my presently underway lectures on the SSP to obtain my ISOS series as valuable, almost necessary, primer study. ISOS is not ISIS. It is my acronym for my 20-CD, 3-DVD album of Bible studies called From Inner Space to Outer Space. Here is more about it.

By the way, the CEO of LinkedIn is another of the recent resignations. One has to wonder, why all the high-level exits? (It’s a rhetorical question.) I have possible answers which I will outline in a future blog.

“President Trump just ordered that oil be stockpiled in the nation’s oil reserves. He just ordered that tomorrow be a ‘National Day of Prayer.’” If the nation’s strategic oil reserves are low, then it only makes excellent business sense to buy and refill when the price is very low. As for the Day of Prayer proclamation, I hope you did join in and pray for our nation, our leaders, for God to deliver us through this crisis.

I found it more than ironic that it turned out that probably the vast majority of the church buildings in America were closed on that Sunday! I am not saying they should have remained open, just saying that I think there is a message from the heavenly Father there.

More to come on the CV and related happenings…

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