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Coronavirus and "the calm before the storm"

Mar 28, 2020

In my Coronavirus blog of March 18, I began by stating “I slept like a baby last night…a great spirit of peace and joy overcame me.” In contrast, last night I could not get to sleep for a long time—but it was not because my sense of peace and joy has departed. Rather, those emotions have given way to a much greater joy, along with excitement! The excitement was the reason why I could not get to sleep until a few hours later than normal. Then, I did once again sleep like a baby, waking up at the normal time feeling rested and reinvigorated.

I realize that readers do not really care a whit about my sleeping patterns, but I begin this blog with that contrast because it might cause many to wonder how in the midst of this great national Coronavirus (CV) crisis, I can be experiencing great peace, joy and now unbridled excitement. I shall be more specific about the immediate excitement later in this post.

In general, though, my ongoing peace and greater joy is because of things I (and many others) see unfolding. Many see it only from a patriotic perspective. There is nothing wrong with that. That is where many of us (including I, myself) began to understand. Later, we were given a spiritual perspective as well, and with that comes the abiding peace and joy.  

We were given. We do not puff ourselves up as though we are so smart, clever, wise, etc. Not at all. It is not about being smart.

KJV 1 Corinthians 1:26 For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called:   …:29 That no flesh should glory in his presence.

But what we have been given, we want to share with all who have ears to hear at this momentous time. We want to share our reasons for what the current events mean for all of us, and not just all of US(A), but for the whole world as well. For, from a biblical perspective, I firmly believe that what is unfolding in this crisis will eventuate into another of the many fulfillments of the great prophecy to our forefather, Abram / Abraham, when Yahweh-God promised him that “…in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” (KJV Genesis 12:3b)

Parenthetically, when I say, “our forefather,” I mean that in both a literal and spiritual sense. Specifically, see item numbers 10-16 in the SKM Statement of Faith

It means (if we strictly limit it to the CV) that, by God’s grace and His sovereign plan, American leadership and know-how will soon get this CV under control. Then we shall—as President Trump said yesterday in the CV Task Force Briefing—assist (i.e., bless) the rest of the world with getting “it” under control in their nations as well. Oh, but there is so much more! The blessing goes far, far beyond the CV crisis! “It” is about how we as a Christian people, God’s New JerUSAlem nation, will bless the world over the coming weeks, months and extending far into the future.

Because, although the CV crisis is real, and we should heed the warnings and advice of the medical and governmental authorities, it is not so much because of the risk of contracting Covid-19 and dying from it, but we should all heed those warnings and advice to “shelter in place,” because there is more going on behind the scenes than the general population could know. What is “it?” What are we talking about?

I am feeling a great sense of urgency now, so I cannot dribble it out to give time for everyone to assimilate what I believe will be shocking revelations coming very soon to all America and the world. I hope that all readers have taken the time to watch the short October 2016 video of the Trump campaign speech in which he clearly stated his goals including taking down the Deep State, draining the swamp, building the wall, etc.

Since his election, many patriotic Americans—and especially many awakening Christians—have been increasingly pleased to see President Trump actually delivering on most of his promises. About a year later, in October 2017, President and Melania Trump were hosting a White House (WH) dinner for a large contingent of top U. S. military leaders and their spouses. In the photo op before they went into the dining room, Pres. Trump made a very cryptic remark to the assembled reporters.

He told them that this moment (as he gestured towards the military leaders) represents “the calm before the storm.” The video is less than a minute. When asked to be more specific about “what storm?” he merely replied: “You’ll find out.” That storm is now upon us! The events to occur in the next few weeks will represent the storm at its worst/best.

A day or two ago, a commentator on Fox News said the storm is upon us. This morning, an Associated Press report from the Vatican said the pope had declared to a virtually vacant St. Peter’s Square that the CV was like a storm…

A few weeks after Trump’s “calm before the storm” comment, on October 28, 2017, the first post from “Q” appeared on an internet “bulletin board,” a place where those who posted messages could remain anonymous. Since then, Q has “dropped more than 3,900 messages, some only a few words, others are dozens of lines long. (I posted the Q Panel Discussion video from our Bible Conference in Branson, Missouri in October 2018 here.)

Many of us who have studied the Q posts have concluded that Q is playing a central and vital role as a backchannel of communication with (now probably) millions of Americans, bypassing the “fake news,” so that what is really going on can be told to those who will do the homework to prove it to themselves and then prepare for “the storm” that is coming.  

Bottom line: The predicted storm is here. What does it entail? Being very brief without any possible way to prove these statements, except this is my (and many others’) interpretations of hundreds/thousands of Q drops, it entails the CV, to be sure.

The powers-that-be (or at this point, the powers that are still trying desperately to hold onto power) had a plot. I have taught for years about the powers-that-be and have identified them biblically as “Mystery Babylon” (MB). See my series, Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom, now being interspersed with these CV blogs—because the two are related! How? The Mystery Babylonians (MB’s) had a plot in regard to America.

It goes back to the very founding of this nation. It got stronger as the decades wore on. In the past century, it has included both major political parties. Most recently, the MB’s felt that with eight years of Obama, they could achieve much towards wrecking America—and they did! That was to be followed by an eight-year reign of Hillary who would apply the finishing blows to our liberties and the final enslavement of all of us. But, as Q has said repeatedly, “They never thought she would lose.”

Q lays it all out. Read the first hundred or so posts and you will begin to see, to awaken from the slumber induced on our whole nation. Q has another frequent refrain, saying that what is coming with/during/after the storm is “The Great Awakening.” Q’s revelations, however, were not new to many of us who had been red-pilled decades before that. Q was confirmation of what we had already been given to know. One particular website,, has a tab with numerous Q proofs. As I have always encouraged my readers and listeners, be Bereans: search out things to prove them to yourself!

To continue with the MB’s’ plot: Part of their plan has always been to “cull the herd.” They do consider us cattle, you know. They even brazenly engraved it in granite decades ago in what are called “The Georgia Guidestones,” where they say that the ideal population for planet earth is 500 million. georgia_guidestones.png 

We are presently at about 7.2 billion, so they are looking to cause some serious genocide—and they have been doing it for a very long time under the guise of wars and numerous other means.

Based on Q’s drops—where we must use logic to piece things together—the CV was meant to be horrendously “successful” by killing millions. Q posts #2014 and #2015, in August of 2018, mention CORONA 4, CORONA 8 and CORONA 16, but no one in the Qanon community that I know of had any inkling this was referring to a pandemic-capable virus. Instead, some anons theorized that these Corona things must be satellites which the “white hats” in the intel community had now gained control of. Incorrect, but apparently the “white hats” were able to neutralize the CV to the extent that the death rate would be drastically reduced.

Remember the MB’s / Deep Stater’s / Illuminati / cabal “never thought she would lose.” Consequently, they did not worry about the fact that all communications of whatever means are monitored and recorded. Knowing that the cabal also monitors the Q posts, that is why Q has also frequently told them (and us): “We have it all,” including Hillary’s supposedly lost and destroyed 30,000 emails.

So, in the course of the Trump presidency, the cabal/MB’s have tried in every way possible—including multiple assassination attempts—to take him out. (You did not really expect their controlled “fake news” to inform you of that, did you? You can find it in the Q posts, though.)

They all failed, including a Senate conviction upon House impeachment. And just as that attempt was concluding is when the CV “broke out.” Hmmm. Curious… They thought it would kill millions upon millions, as well as thoroughly wreck the US economy, making it impossible for DJT to be re-elected. Trish Regan of Fox Business News was just fired for saying the CV was being used by the fake news media to attack Trump. She refused to recant. Yay for her! The Trump team, however, had the cabal’s play book (“We have it all.”) As noted, they were able to modify the CV, perhaps with the covert assistance of Pres. Xi of China. (Pure speculation on my part, of course, but seems possible.)

Meanwhile, the President has had three years to revamp the federal judiciary and has appointed about 200 federal judges who will now be in place when the massive arrests of the cabal and their lackeys commence. And that is where we are today. I firmly believe it is about to happen very, very soon, under cover of the CV crisis!

This is why Trump and former Senator and former Attorney General Jeff Sessions had a very public “bad relationship.” It was theater and distraction for the Deep State. It was part of the plan. Sessions was “off the radar” so that he could direct the white hats to prepare multiple thousands of federal indictments and keep them sealed until the day of reckoning. That day is nigh upon us. Did you notice that Sessions is once again running to regain his old Senate seat? And that he is 100 percent still allied with Mr. Trump!

Q has spoken about “ten days of darkness.” Very early in his posts (#34 ff. or thereabouts), ca. early November 2017, Q laid out what seems to be on the verge of coming to pass right now, of what will transpire in the ten days of darkness. Most Q observers, including myself, do not think it will mean literal darkness with a nationwide power outage. That would leave us wholly vulnerable to military attack by “bad actor” nations.

Does it mean that only social media will “go dark?” Or possibly the internet as well? In any event, one of the “secret” and main reasons we are being asked to “shelter in place” is to avoid massive deaths in false flag events which the “fighting for their lives” cabal cohorts might attempt to stage. With no children in schools, no crowds at sporting events or at shopping malls, it becomes very difficult to have another “mass shooting” by some unfortunate, Deep State mind-controlled triggerman!

Before I close, I will circle back to tell you what the immediate cause of my excitement was yesterday. It was President Trump’s signing of the $2.2 trillion law (or $6.2 trillion, if one includes the Federal Reserve portion). Hmmm… 6.2—a number associated with the sacred number of phi, the Golden Mean, the Golden Proportion, etc.

Ordinarily, I would be aghast at such an almost unfathomable addition to our national debt. But I see what this means and where it must end! It means that the Fed has just been nationalized by Trump. He becomes the de facto chairman of the Fed. The Fed has just been merged with the U. S. Treasury!

It matters not how much had to be agreed to in terms of “money” because it will eventuate in a total repudiation of the debt. In other words, it is what many of us have been waiting for literally for decades: namely, when a national jubilee is declared per Leviticus 25. That means all debts are cancelled—including and especially to the MB’s who have enslaved us through the Fed for over a century now! That is what is coming!

That is what awaits us on the other side of the ten days of darkness! It might require time to accomplish all of that with the least disruption, but I assure you, it is coming! Meanwhile, as we approach the ten days of darkness, it can be likened to the original passover of our forefathers in ancient Egypt. We shall remain inside our houses until the “death angel” passes over, killing all the firstborn of Egypt.

Spiritually, Egypt represents the ungodly world system. The “firstborn” of Egypt are the MB’s, the cabal. During the darkness, they will be arrested and held for trial. Are the Mercy and Comfort US Navy ships also going to be used to transport cabal members to Gitmo? Some will commit suicide, as it seems to me that Mr. Trump has hinted between the lines last week.

There is so much more to be explained but that will have to wait. For now, here are some further links to help “newbies” get up to speed. The Great Awakening is upon us! Praise ye the Lord!

x22report. This man has a 6 days/week commentary on Q and related subjects; excellent analysis.

This Brit, Martin Geddes, has a firm grip on the "red pill" and writes very lucidly about all these matters (except for the biblical and spiritual side, at least in the blogs of his that I have had the pleasure to read.)



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