Welcome to 2020—the year that will bring clearer vision!

Jan 3, 2020

Happy New Year! Let’s get the new year started on a very high note! I am very excited and upbeat about this new year of 2020! In fact, I am more optimistic now about our nation than I have been in many decades—specifically, since 1976, when our heavenly Father saw fit to give me the “red pill” experience.

To insure that everyone understands the “red pill” metaphor—because I and others use it frequently—it is a reference to a scene in the movie, The Matrix, the first of the trilogy, in which the hero, Neo, is given a choice to take a red pill or a blue pill. If he chooses the red pill, he will have veils and layers of ignorance peeled away from his consciousness, and he will see the world as it really is. Tip: Associate “red” with “reality.”

Or he could choose to take the blue pill. But if he does, he will wake up in his bed and remember nothing of the partial awakening he had just experienced. He will, in effect, go back to being unconscious and ignorant of the world as it truly exists—blinded to reality. Tip: Associate “blue” with “blindness.”

The Matrix came out in 1999, but some of us were jolted awake long before that—I myself in 1976. Of course, it is an anachronism to say we were “red pilled” in 1976; nevertheless, it serves us well to use a modern figure of speech to describe what some of us experienced decades before the metaphor came into our vernacular. 

Since 1976 until recently, I have had little reason for optimism regarding our national situation—except—that almost simultaneously with becoming awakened politically and realizing America’s dire predicament, the Father also began to lead me to an understanding of America in the Bible.

With that understanding came an overarching optimism—that no matter how dark things would become—and indeed, have now become—that we see that it is Father’s perfect Plan working out through history.

For years I was frequently frustrated at the almost negligible pace of my fellow Christians awakening to the reality of our continual loss of freedoms in our beloved republic. For decades, so very few seemed to even care enough to hear about it.

Now, it appears to me, the time of the Greatest Awakening has come. This will make the Great Awakenings of the 1700s and 1800s pale in comparison. It will even be greater than the Reformation 500 years ago! Just as God brought forth the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg almost simultaneously with Martin Luther, thus allowing the Bible and millions of Bible teaching tracts to be printed for the common people of Europe (Christianized Israel) in their own languages, so today, the Father has brought forth the internet and associated electronic technologies.

This enables tiny ministries such as this one to be able to reach millions with the really good news. Just as President Trump is able to bypass the lying legacy media—or as I first called them back in the early 1980s, the “Medianites”—a play on the word “Midianites,” who come against Israel and are defeated by Gideon and his band of 300 overcomers (see Judges 6 ff.)—so also, small and independent Bible teachers such as myself can bypass the major book publishers and “big voice” broadcast networks, which are owned and/or controlled by the Medianites of Mystery Babylon.

At this juncture, it is becoming apparent to me that vast numbers are now beginning to stir from their spiritual-political slumber. Incidentally, for you Christian brethren who might at first bristle at the mention of politics, remember this very important injunction by our Savior. He said, Seek ye first the kingdom of God…

And what is the kingdom other than government!?  Government is essential to the proper ordering of any society. The question then becomes whose government/kingdom or what kind of government/kingdom will we have? Ergo, politics and spiritual matters are both important. Furthermore, the Bible has much more to say about government than it does about personal salvation.

If you don’t believe that, search it out for yourself, or stay tuned here, for I have presented hundreds of Bible study lectures dealing with that subject in one way or another. For example, there is my (presently) 69-part lecture series called Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom. There is also my still on-going series called The Kingdom of God, with 39 lectures having been presented to date.

It has become obvious to me that I simply do not have the time nor resources in money or staff to get these all turned into printed books any time soon. Therefore, I will commence this year in breaking them into “bite-size” blogs because I believe those teachings need to become available to millions NOW.

I believe that along with a spiritual awakening beginning this year, we will also see much more clearly exactly what the forces of evil (Mystery Babylon) have been doing for more than a century, which their accomplices in the lying legacy media have covered up for them for the same time period.

We will begin to see much, much more along the lines of what the Jeffrey Epstein scandal began to expose. The full depth of that evil is yet to come to light to most Americans. I do not expect the lying legacy media to ever bring it fully to light. They will continue to cover up and whitewash evil because many of the most powerful and famous media moguls are complicit and have everything to lose. Thus, they (metaphorically) scream demonically and “gnash their teeth.”

Another major area of disclosure that will be greatly increased in 2020 is in the area of the so-called Secret Space Program. This is so very important that at our Branson Conference last October I commenced a new series called The Secret Space Program and the Bible.

I feel it is so important that I am interspersing it between lectures of my current series, The Kingdom of God. Last week, President Trump’s public signing of the budget at Joint Base Andrews, which provides the funding for the U. S. Space Command as a new branch of the armed forces was an important sign of major revelations (disclosures) to come in the near future.

What President Trump has done in the past three years is one of the major reasons I have more optimism than I’ve had in decades. True, he is far from morally perfect—as all the world knows. Of course, this allows the Leftist hypocrites at Christianity Today magazine to publish an editorial denouncing him for his failings. Would it surprise you to learn that George Soros has his fingers in the funding there?

No Bible-believing Christian can approve of the alleged immorality of Mr. Trump. But God does not use perfect people to accomplish His Plan—because there are none! I could go on, but you get the point. I am speaking of politics alongside religion here because to commence this new year, I want you to spend five minutes to watch a video of Mr. Trump at a campaign rally in October 2016, wherein he outlined exactly some of the major problems we face (such as the money power of the Federal Reserve private bankers; i.e., part of Mystery Babylon) and that he would take them on and bring them down! Whoever added the music and the graphics certainly illustrated in a most excellent manner what Trump was referring to.

I hear from friends who frequently express their frustration that Mr. Trump is not really doing that much to actually “drain the swamp.” And/or that he is surrounded by bad people, etc. I partly agree that he does have a number of people near him who have other agendas. But I have pointed out to these friends that I believe that Trump is well aware of the evil ones around him.

Furthermore, it is my perception that he is actually and always three or four chess moves ahead of them. I have not taken the time to expand on this idea, but then as luckGod would have it, a friend forwarded this article to me a few weeks ago. Sylvain LaForest’s “About Trump” expresses very well my own observations and tentative conclusions about how he is operating.   

I had never heard of the author (probably a pen name) or the publication before this. The author is apparently French, and while I would take issue with a few of his observations, overall, I agree with his assessment of what Trump is facing and how he is doing it: dumb like a fox.

The year of our Lord, 2020, will be momentous!

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