Former ABC-TV insider’s view on the Amy Robach-Jeffrey Epstein scandal

Dec 27, 2019

It has been our long-standing practice at SKM to acknowledge each and every donation we receive with a monthly thank-you letter (TYL). The top of the letter is the basic acknowledgment portion, and then I always find some article to add to it that I think our donors will find of interest. Given the continuing importance of the pedophile Epstein scandal to national affairs, I am posting our December TYL because of the fact of how ABC-TV covered up the story several years ago. 

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If you have followed the news lately, especially on Fox, you may be aware of the Project Veritas exposé of ABC News anchor, Amy Robach, venting her anger on a hot mic and a rolling camera at ABC-TV News. It was all about the fact that she “had the goods” on pedophile Jeffrey Epstein three years ago, and was prevented from airing it. A friend of mine, whom I will not identify for obvious reasons, worked for many years at ABC-TV and sent me his take on the incident. I thought it to be so timely and intriguing that I obtained his permission to share it with you, both in this form “thank-you” letter, and as a blog-post.  

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A former ABC-TV insider’s view on the Amy Robach scandal

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Thanks so much for sending out the recent article by Mike Scruggs on Kurdistan. [Mike Scruggs’ column was included with our thank-you letter to October donors.—JWB] While I’ve known about this issue and the underlying facts for some time, the article was very succinct and a really excellent intelligence brief. It’s worth keeping. Scruggs’ military and intel background and training are well-reflected in the writing. 

Did you by any chance hear about Amy Robach’s, Epstein story being spiked by ABC?  If you don’t know her, Amy Robach is the principal reporter and #2 anchor with ABC. A video clip of her relating to a colleague how ABC had kept her investigative story about Jeffry Epstein from airing three years ago was leaked  on U-Tube by project Veritas. What she says about ABC could bring the house down.  If you haven’t seen the video clip, here is a link:   [The link was still operative when we posted this thank-you letter as a blog–JWB.]

So, based on my many years’ of experience with ABC, here is my backstory narrative about how all this MAY have happened: 

Sometime about three months ago, Amy was sitting on the GMA (Good Morning America) set after the show was over, waiting to cut a promo for the next day’s program. Typically, after a live program leaves the air, the crew takes a short break before cutting the next day’s promo. You run to the bathroom, get a coffee, have a quick smoke outside, whatever.  At some point the makeup gal comes into the studio to give Amy a quick touch up. 

Somebody else runs down from the newsroom with a hard copy of the promo script while the stagehand checks the computer-generated version to make sure it has loaded correctly into the teleprompter. Meanwhile, the  director upstairs in the control room is fiddling around, verifying that any video clips appearing on the promo rundown are correct, i. e., that they are properly cut, loaded, cued up and ready to go. 

While all this is going on, Amy is sitting back waiting to do her thing so she can get the hell out of there. But today is a little different. Amy is stewing. Amy is ticked a lot more than usual. In fact, Amy is doing a slow burn and venting her spleen to the stage manager. She has just learned that Jeffrey Epstein has committed “suicide”, and Amy is relating how three years ago she had the story of a journalist’s lifetime at her fingertips: proof that an ex-president, a Prince [Andrew], and a high-profile college professor were all pedophiles. This was a story that would have been Watergate on steroids. It would have meant induction into the Journalists’ Hall of Fame. (If there is such a place!)  Move over Woodward and Bernstein, here comes Robach!  You get the idea. But in the end, ABC killed the story—dead! (End of my perhaps-not-so-fictional narrative.) 

Whatever the true story behind the recent event, thanks to her off-camera fuming, we learn that Amy had that Epstein story implicating other important persons three years ago.  During her rant Amy, matter-of-factly affirms 1) that she had an eyewitness that would come out of hiding and tell all on national television, 2) that there were other eyewitnesses that would corroborate the testimony of the primary witness, and 3) that Amy had photographs and other documentary proofs. These three bullet points are very important because they refute ABC’s denial months later.

Then Amy claimed that ABC news management (read this as ABC News chief anchor and political correspondent, and former Clinton White House Press Secretary, George Stephanopolous) and higher execs killed the story with the excuse that if ABC did the story, ABC would no longer be given access to British royal palaces, so poor Amy would never be able to interview William and Kate. While I’m sure Amy bought the excuse at the time, since we were in the midst of an election, one can’t help but wonder whether Hillary Clinton’s candidacy had anything to do management’s decision to spike the story. 

Somebody got wind of Amy’s unguarded comments, probably that day while the GMA promo clip was being edited for later air. This individual then separately clipped Amy’s comments and later transferred that clip to a DVD or thumb-drive. This person then sat on it for three months to cover their tracks and eventually passed  it to Veritas. 

So now ABC has a big problem—what to do. The ABC brass and lawyers most likely arranged a closed-door meeting with Amy to try to figure out how to make all this go away. Eventually, they decide that ABC would issue a statement saying that Amy’s report did not meet ABC’s strict journalistic standards. Amy would then publicly agree with that assessment and everyone would appear kissy-face on camera together. All would be fine. (Presumably, Amy was also told to stuff a sock in it, or else.)

But now we have a new problem. During her rant, Amy unconsciously hit the bullet points—#1, 2, 3 above—that were necessary to meet ABC’s “strict journalistic standards of integrity” needed to validate the story. Her original statement during the rant is in direct contradiction to ABC and her later back-pedaling. The reason Amy was so upset and ranting that day was that she had followed the playbook, and the boss(es) still said: “NO!” In summary, Amy had:
*  An eyewitness who was willing to talk on record
*  Multiple eyewitnesses willing to corroborate the allegations of the witness
*  Documentary evidence in the form of pictures backing up the allegations

So what will happen  now?  ABC can’t afford to fire Amy. If they do, she is released from her contract and will appear the very next day as the hot new FOX anchor and spew her guts out. That would be very unpleasant for ABC and Epstein’s still-living accomplices. On the other hand, if ABC keeps Amy Robach, Amy will remain silent about this whole business.

But wait... ABC has another problem. Amy has lost a lot of value to ABC because Amy has lost credibility. The difficulty is that Amy is seen on one clip making some very serious charges about her employer and then three months later on TV claiming she really didn’t mean it, apparently agreeing that her story would have been very poor journalism because she really didn’t have all her ducks in a row and didn’t meet ABC’s high standards.  This makes Amy either a liar or some kind of an airhead. My-o-my...what will they do about that?

But, wait...It gets worse! Despite ABC’s initial effort to pull the Robach clip, it is not going away. In fact, the clip has been multiplying. There are now hundreds of copies floating around on U-Tube and other sites. Curiously, Amy did not appear on last week’s 20/20 program. In fact, the format of the program was completely different than usual—no anchors. Perhaps ABC did not want a regular 20/20 show to air with Robach on board and so they hastily subbed something else?  Is ABC trying to fade this? Is Amy being sidelined?

Bill (a pseudonym)

[Note by JWB:] “Bill” also brought to my attention that a former vice president of Walt Disney Company, 73-year-old Michael Laney, was sentenced to more than six years in prison last May, following a conviction for sexual abuse of a seven-year-old girl. I verified Bill’s assertion, the details of which appeared in the Seattle Times, Q13 Fox News, KPTV, both in Portland, OR; Associated Press and numerous other outlets. I [JWB] found these additional details/comments:

Court documents reveal that Laney began abusing the then-7-year-old victim in 2009 and there were multiple incidents of abuse spanning about two years.

The Free Thought Project stated: “While this news may seem shocking, the only really shocking aspect is the fact Laney is no longer with Disney and is actually going to jail. The media giant has been known to not only employ convicted child sex offenders, but also place them in situations where they have access to children. (Source:  )  [Emphasis mine. I heard decades ago that the “family-friendly” Disney organization is up to their eyeballs in child sexual abuse, etc., but documentation was hard to find. Now, finally, it seems, some of the horrendous truth is being exposed.

Bill concluded with this question: “Wonder if [Robert] Iger talks about his old buddy, Laney, in his recently released autobiography?” [Robert Iger is the CEO of Disney, which owns ABC. Iger was formerly president of ABC-TV.—JWB]



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