Further update regarding our Branson Conference

Sep 18, 2019

Again, a brief reminder that time is running out to obtain the discounted room rates. See yesterday’s blog for details.

Many of those who plan to attend the Conference are already familiar with our featured speakers: Rob Corry, Dr. Stephen Jones, Ron Oja and myself. Dr. Melinda Pettingill, however, will be new to most attendees. Here is a brief synopsis of her background and her life’s passion.

Melinda Pettingill, N.D., is a Clinical Nutritionist, Herbalist, Naturopath, and a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP). She attended a nutrition college and completed a four-year degree, with emphasis on disease and special needs for healing.

Later, she finished her degree in Naturopathy and added Master Herbalist to the list. In the last 21 years, Dr. Pettingill has attended seminars on metabolic disease paths and cellular metabolism as it applies to many problems, including diabetes, cancer, autoimmune imbalances, skin issues, dementia, and her favorite—to help couples with infertility issues.  

Someone asked her how many hours of classes she had attended, and she estimates it is over 6,000. Her most recent seminar was with Dr. Howard Loomis in Chicago who taught on the enzymes needed during the nine-month development of a fetus. She remarked: “That was the most rewarding and amazing education on how our Father creates life. I’m still speechless!”

Miscellaneous Conference Information / Help Wanted

Presently, there are two individuals wishing to share a room to save costs, one man and one woman. Please contact me (preferably by phone @ 828-277-7733) if you are also are looking for a room-share situation.

Anyone wishing to share their musical and/or singing talent at the Conference should also contact me. Moreover, we still need someone to coordinate the music talent at the Conference.

As for staffing the Registration Table, we presently have only two volunteers. Four more would be welcome. Volunteering for that presents a wonderful opportunity to begin to get acquainted with your family in Christ!

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