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Feast of Pentecost Conference Update

May 15, 2019

   Feast of Pentecost Bible Conference Update—Special Guest Speaker Added

I have extended an invitation to a friend to share his faith-inspiring testimony. He has accepted. His life has been rich with all sorts of experiences, and you will marvel at how our Father worked in his life through one particularly harrowing trial and tribulation. I will forego mentioning his name until the Conference. None of you would recognize our special guest’s name anyhow, as his career was kind of “under the radar,” as it were. This will all make sense when I introduce him.

Please do not call me to ask when he or any of the other speakers will be sharing, because I do not know and probably will not know until each day unfolds. All the speakers at my conferences come prepared to be called upon to share their message at any given time. The other invited and confirmed speakers are Rob Corry, from Pennsylvania; Stephen Jones, of God’s Kingdom Ministries, from Minnesota; Alan Newton, from South Carolina, Diane Padilla, from New Mexico, and myself.

Room Availability: The deadline for obtaining a room at the Marriott South Park (or at the Renaissance South Park) at the SKM Group Rate expires tomorrow. 

After that, for those who decide later that you wish to attend, you will have three options:

(Option 1) You can contact me (best way is by phone at my office number: 828-277-7733), to see if anyone else has contacted me wanting to cancel their reservation and you can possibly take their reservation at the SKM Group Rate. If the calendar is past May 28, though, this option will not be available because we must allow time for those wishing to cancel to do so without penalty.

(Option 2) You can call the Marriott reservations number at (800) 468-3571 to see if they have any rooms available at all, for which you will need to pay the prevailing rate.

(Option 3) You can seek accommodations at some other hotel.

Room Sharing: If anyone wishes to share a room, please contact me ASAP (828-277-7733), and I will forward your request along to Kim who is coordinating that. Kim is also as serving as Music Coordinator. Several musicians/singers have already offered to share, but the door remains open to others who feel so led. Again, contact me ASAP. 

We will commence at 9 a.m. Friday. We have the room until 9 p.m. each night, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Let us be prepared to move out of the meeting room and have our fellowship elsewhere after 9 p.m.

Fees: There is no fee to attend the Conference. Nonetheless, there are considerable expenses to putting on a Conference and I will remind the audience of that need. We pay for the meeting space and all ancillary expenses such as our audio and video crew and their expenses. We pay for the speakers’ transportation costs and their hotel rooms. I do not give the speakers any honorarium. I know that is the customary way that most other Christian conferences do things, but the way I see it, why should I collect money and then simply be a broker dividing it up. My method is to simply and clearly explain to the audience that they should make their gifts and offerings to each speaker on a personal and individual basis as they are let by the Holy Spirit, and to also give from the heart to help SKM with the general expenses of the Conference.

Please contact my office to let me know you are planning to attend so that we can have a nice pre-printed name tag ready for you at the Registration Tables. If you are coming in on Thursday, please look for us in the lobby outside the Morrison meeting room.

Volunteers: (1) It wouldn't hurt if we had another one or two helpers for the Registration Table. (2) If anyone would like to offer to pick up and/or return air travelers to the Charlotte airport, please contact me ASAP. At this point, there do not appear to be that many who will desire this service. Some air travelers will obtain rental cars. The hotel does not provide a shuttle. The airport is about ten miles from the hotel. Travel time will vary greatly depending upon the time of day. (Allow 45-60 minutes during rush hours.)

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I am looking forward to seeing a great many of you in Charlotte this June! Please keep me and this ministry in your prayers. Thank you!


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