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Who are modern Ephraim and Manasseh, part 7—conclusion

Aug 21, 2013

Note by James: The following are more observations about this subject by Ron Oja. This was originally written as a private letter in response to a question by a friend, but Ron has graciously allowed it to be posted here as I told him it would be edifying to the saints.

I have made a few minor edits with Ron’s approval. For example, while some of our readers—those who are already familiar with Ron’s teachings—will probably understand many of Ron’s double entendres and allusions to literary works or other works of popular entertainment, we know that those unfamiliar with Ron’s remarkable wittiness will probably miss at least part of the point. So I shall add explanatory phrases upon occasion, denoted by them being in [brackets]. Here’s what Ron wrote:

I’ve got a bit of a different view than others; so what else is new, right? I’ve come at this Ephraim/Manasseh question from a different angle. It was not understood in the past that Britain was both Judah and Joseph and this is because Joseph of Arimathea was from Judah. In other words, the King (Judah) and the Kingdom (Joseph) both originated in Britain.

As you know, the word “British” means “covenant man,” which embodies the King/Kingdom in perfect harmony. This was symbolized in Joseph and that’s why Jesus’ great uncle bore the name Joseph, just as Judas had to symbolically play the role of Judah; the one who would betray Joseph, or in this case, the Son of Joseph. So Britain was Judah and Ephraim and Manasseh at first.

Joseph of Arimathea was a rich man who mined tin at Cornwall, England. Jesus, our Head, came to lay in the “heart” of the Tin Man. [That is to say, Jesus was buried in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea. The Tin Man was a character in The Wizard of Oz, a book and movie concerning which Ron has shared much information of its hidden symbolism in other presentations.]

In my view, our Head, King Jesus, initially manifests as the Kingdom of God (Judah) (Matthew 6:33-Luke 17:21). He does not fully manifest as the Kingdom of Heaven (Joseph—his name means “to add”—see Matt. 6:33), until the third day.

History shows that the first public record of the name “America” came in 1507 when that name was used for our current country on a German map. Since America comes from a combination of two old German words, Amerl and Ric, meaning Kingdom of Heaven [the modern German equivalent would be Himmel-reich], then it’s difficult to believe that the well-known German cartographer [Martin Waldseemuller] who used the name would have done so ignorantly.

The Kingdom of Heaven only shows up in the book of Matthew, 33 different times. A study of its usage demonstrates that the Kingdom of Heaven (government upon His shoulders) was never intended to be revealed until near the end of “two days,” or 2,000 years since the appearing of our Head/neck. This is why America lay untouched until relatively recently. Furthermore, the name America originally encompassed the continents of North and South America, bridged by Central America, which today are made up of many countries. However, only one country is still known by the name of America and that is the united States of America.

The American Revolution would come about because of the British bankers’ attempts to subjugate the colonies monetarily and bring them fully under the control of you know who. Because of British apostasy and because it was Father’s time for this to happen, the British general Cornwall-is would literally hand over the birthright of Joseph at Yorktown, Virginia, to the “Father” of our Country, the first George W., because America’s motto was “No King but King Jesus.”

King George III had fallen victim to someone else’s agenda, while George W. had pure intentions from all indications. Yes, America became the Tin Man at Yorktown. Incidentally, the battle of Yorktown occurred exactly 6 years and 6 months to the day of the Battle of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775.

Philadelphia is the city that is most closely associated with American independence and indeed it was the cradle of our government structure as it exists today. This association has a clear beginning with the Declaration of Independence and the date July 4, 1776. This forever associates Philadelphia with Joseph and the double portion Kingdom of Heaven. How so?

Because Ephraim produced Joshua. Ephraim means “doubly fruitful” and double ash heap.” Joseph is called a fruitful bough in Genesis 49. A bough is a “branch” or “son” (Zechariah 3-Joshua). One day it occurred to me that Joshua/Yahshua is the Body and Jesus is the Head. Of course it is all Christ. Anyway, Jesus’ (first coming) gematria is 888.

But in His second coming He rises out of the “doubly fruitful “grave” (our hearts) as Joshua/Yahshua and so we find that 888 x 2 = 1776; a perfect match. This is also why Father made sure that St. Joseph’s University would be located in Philadelphia.

The argument that Ephraim is a Commonwealth of nations and applies only to England and not America is easily shot full of holes with these simple truths. Virginia, the original colony, is known yet today as the Common-wealth of Virgin-ia (Virgin Mind of Christ). Furthermore, our Father made it clear to me many years ago that America is the only nation in the world known as the Melting Pot.

And this is because all 13 tribes from all over Europe migrated to America and through the generations of inter-marriage have become the amalgamation of all 13 tribes in a manner that is found nowhere else on the planet. This is Father’s clever way of putting the “commonwealth” of all 13 tribes/nations into one nation.

Our Father also showed that Manasseh is in America (as well as Cana-da) through the Civil War that was fought between the northern tribes under Ephraim and the southern tribes under Manasseh. We have explained this in great detail over the past four years, including our demonstration that Ephraim and Manasseh each represent one of the shoulders of Isaiah 9:6. Since this verse uses the singular form of shoulder, it suggests to this writer that the two tribes have become one and indeed, that is exactly what is happening.

Joseph is buried in Shechem in Joshua 24:32 (see John 4 for an amazing prophecy connection where it is Jesus is showing us that He will be Joshua on the third day.) Shechem means shoulder. And where is Shechem located? It is in the territory of Manasseh. Jesus and Benjamin are the Head and Neck and next comes the Shoulder(s), but not until Christ’s third dayresurrection from our hearts.

So, we’ve established the Manasseh connection to the “digging up of Joseph’s 206 bones,” but what about Ephraim? Arimathea comes from the Hebrew root word of Ramah and according to its usage in Matthew 27:57, is associated with the birthplace of Samuel in Mount Ephraim. Can we now see how both shoulders (Ephraim and Manasseh) are hidden right out in the open in the same grave in which Jesus was laid?

Once the shoulder(s) come out of the “womb” (shaped like an oval office) then the rest of the Body is right behind. This is the true emergence of the Stone Kingdom. Our Father clearly sent the ministry titled Stone Kingdom to Manassas to prophetically intercede and proclaim the birthing of Ephraim/Manassas at the only location in America where both shoulders are united in one location. We know this because of the Civil War. The South named each battle site for the nearest town, while the North named it for the nearest landmark, or body of water.

We know that the biblical symbol for Joseph/Ephraim is a bull. Since we know that the Battle of Bull Run and the Battle of Manassas are describing the same conflict, then we see the clarity of interceding for both shoulders in the same spot, at the same time. And this time around it was taught how the daughters (our feminine soul) are symbolically Manassas, while the sons (our masculine spirit) are Bull Run and that peace is coming between the two.

What are the odds that our Father would use the two names of Ephraim and Manasseh as the beginning point of war and then again for peace, beginning exactly 144 years later in 2009; absolutely amazing. Of course the details are contained throughout the four years (an exact parallel to the four years of war) of messages [link to order forms for Ron’s (and other’s) teachings from the Manassas Conferences] and much too voluminous to be repeated here.

In the centuries’ long “civil war” between the rebellious northern House of Israel (Kingdom) versus the southern House of Judah (King), it was the actions of the South (the love of money) that drove the North to do what they did to become an independent nation-kingdom. In the American Civil War, the South would rebel, so they said, based on the actions of the North, which was led by “Father” Abraham [Lincoln].

The South would be led—albeit unknown by virtually 100% of the southern population—by an agent of the Reds, named Judah P. Benjamin, whose aim (based on love of money) was to destroy the Union of the United Houses of Israel. All the while, another well-placed Red agent in the North [August Belmont] would appear to be on the opposite side and help to passionately fan the flames of war that were being trumpeted by his southern counterpart. I’m sure that nothing like that is taking place today. [wink-wink]

And now for the amazing “Cana”-dian connection(s). The Peace Arch that strides the 49th latitude on the Washington- (42nd state, named for Father George) British (Covenant Man) Columbia (Holy Spirit/Jonah) border, prophesies about the two brothers (America and Canada, with a common mother) dwelling together in unity.

In the Old Testament, Manasseh’s population is equated to a tenth of Ephraim’s. Canada’s population has consistently been about a tenth of ours for over a hundred years. James Bruggeman and I could only smile (okay, laugh out loud) when we realized that the number of Canadians at our last Manassas’ Bible Conference was exactly one-tenth of the total.

I hope this will shed some additional light on the subject of modern Ephraim and Manasseh. Isn’t our Father beyond amazing and marvelous!

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