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Updates: Mid-America Feast of Tabernacles Conference

Aug 20, 2013

I wanted to give our readers some important updates on our preparations for our fall conference. (We call it the Feast of Tabernacles Conference even though it may not coincide exactly with someone’s calculations as to exactly when the feast falls. We obtain a venue and a weekend to get it as close as possible. See footnote*)

First, here are the dates and location: September 27-29, 2013 Kansas City-St. Joseph, Missouri

We will hold the Conference at the Four Points by Sheraton at the Kansas City Airport. This is about equidistant from downtown Kansas City, Missouri and the small city of St. Joseph, Missouri. Both are important from the symbolic and prophetic perspective.

IMPORTANT: Parents with children or infants: For this Conference, I have also contracted to have use of an additional meeting room (the Ambassador Room) which adjoins our main meeting room (the Plaza Ballroom). The Ambassador Room will be primarily for the use of families with children and babies.

IMPORTANT: At this point, the Stone Kingdom Ministries Group has exceeded our room block (rooms reserved for our Group at the special Group rate). Upon discussion with the hotel this morning (August 20th), the Four Points will continue to add to our room block as necessary and as long as they have rooms available. This is not a large hotel—only 200 sleeping rooms—so do not delay in getting in your reservation.

And then don’t forget to phone (828-277-7733) my office or email me to let me know how many are in your party. I do need to have a fairly accurate head count of how many will be there. Thanks.

IMPORTANT: If you have some musical and/or singing talent that you wish to share with the group, please contact me and I will put you in touch with Kim who has volunteered to coordinate it for me. (Thanks, Kim!) Does anyone have a quality piano keyboard for Vincent Imperial (Vinnie) to use in praise and worship? (And if you have one, you yourself are encouraged to play.) Please contact me ASAP.

We will have no video-recording of this Conference. Audio (CDs) will be available from us when I advertise them in our regular monthly mailing. Contact us if you wish to be on our (free) monthly mailing list. I call it the Feed My Sheep list, but it includes more than my monthly teaching letter.

Here is some additional Conference information. The Conference will commence on Friday morning, September 27th and conclude on Sunday afternoon or possibly into the evening of Sunday, September 29th. Many attendees (including myself) will be coming in on Thursday and departing on Monday morning.

The invited ministers include Diane Padilla (NM), Ron Oja (MN), Vincent Imperial (FL), Thomas Rolland (TX), Stephen Jones (MN), James Bruggeman (NC) and tentatively, James Crouse (rhymes with “house”) (KY).

The contract I have negotiated with the Four Points includes the following information pertinent to guests.

  • Here is a link to the hotel itself if you want to see some photos of the venue and its facilities.
  • Reservations can also be booked through a customized website set up exclusively for our Group. Here’s the link. (These two links are no longer valid.)
  • The Stone Kingdom Ministries (SKM) Group rate is $69/night, plus taxes (16.225%), plus a KC Development fee of $1.50. Yeah, I hate those taxes, too, but this is a good room rate! The Group rates are good for the three days before and after the Conference. (Over 2 adults in a room requires an extra charge.) You are responsible for your own room charges, service charges such as room service, etc. They have about an equal amount of rooms with king beds vs. rooms with two doubles. Get your reservations in early (and then let me know).
  • The cut-off date for the Group Rate is September 13, 2013. After 5 p.m. of that date, reservations will be accepted at the hotel’s prevailing (higher) rate.
  • All reservations must be guaranteed by a major credit card or a first night deposit. Upon arrival, guests must pay by cash, debit or credit card. Hotel does not accept checks as payment upon arrival, unless room charges are paid ten days in advance of your stay.
  • You can phone in your reservations to the Four Points at 816-464-2345.
  • On-site parking is free. There is a complimentary 24-hour airport shuttle, complimentary in-room bottled water, complimentary coffee in lobby from 4-10 a.m., complimentary high-speed internet access in all guestrooms and in the meeting space.


* For example, here are three different sets of dates for the 2013 Feast of Tabernacles by just one Christian organization (United Church of God)! This is copied from their website:

Upcoming Feast of Tabernacles Dates

Feast of Tabernacles : September 19-25, 2013
The Eighth Day (Last Great Day): September 26, 2013

Feast of Tabernacles : October 9-15, 2014

The Eighth Day (Last Great Day): October 16, 2014

Feast of Tabernacles : September 28 – October 4, 2015
The Eighth Day (Last Great Day): October 5, 2015

Note: The Stone Kingdom Ministries Feast of Tabernacles Conference dates are given at the top of this blogDO NOT confuse these dates with ours! The dates immediately above are just an example to demonstrate that there are differences of opinion, so please withhold your judgment (condemnation). Of course your understanding of the calendar is correct—just like everyone else’s with differing opinions! (winking and smiling). See you at Kansas City-St. Joseph, Missouri!

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