More signs of Financial Mystery Babylon creaking

Aug 3, 2013

Remember a short time ago when Greece began taxing bank accounts? Is Australia now dipping its toe in the same water? It seems so. A story on the BBC business page website ran this story yesterday:

“Australia has unveiled a levy on some bank deposits, money it says will go towards a fund aimed at safeguarding against a banking collapse. Deposits up to A$ 250,000 will have to pay a levy of 0.05% from January 2016. It will be imposed on banks and not account holders. But banks have warned costs may be passed on to customers.” [Source: Just a caveat note: I had difficulty with the link. The source page at BBC opens and you can see the story for a few seconds and then it disappears. Perhaps a temporary glitch, but I found a number of other sites that mention the BBC story but their links fizzle also.]

There are two related stories concerning possible major bank scandals brewing which could be potential biblical “earthquakes.”

The first is a story which my colleague, Dr. Stephen Jones, posted yesterday. Here’s the link to Steve’s posting and his comments regarding a hard money guru’s prediction that “the allocated gold account theft scandal will break soon, and could be the largest bank scandal in history… The Golden Jackass also discussed the likelihood that the next Western bank to fail will trigger a massive contagion throughout the Western banking system, potentially bringing even Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan to their knees!”

I see Goldman Sachs as representing modern Financial Mystery Babylon’s “head of gold” in Daniel 2:32ff. Will the “head of gold” soon become “like the chaff of the summer threshingfloors?” Email me ( to request a listing and description of our series of audio lectures, now 42 lectures long, called “Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom.” In that series, I go into great detail showing how the prophecies of Daniel have been and are being fulfilled.

The second story also speaks of great shaking in the world of international finance (aka Mystery Babylon).

Bullion trader Maguire describes run on the London gold banks

Interviewed yesterday by Max Keiser on the “Keiser Report” on the Russia TV television network, London bullion trader and silver market rigging whistleblower Andrew Maguire said there is a run on the London bullion banks, that the Federal Reserve’s big dumping of paper gold in April bought a little time for the banks but only increased the offtake of real metal from the grossly overleveraged fractional-reserve gold banking system, that the Bank of England is advancing metal into the London market every day to avert defaults, that the United Kingdom’s gold sales begun in 1999 were undertaken to rescue gold short Goldman Sachs, and that the Western gold banking system is now in the same short squeeze that threatened it 14 years ago. Story and interview here.

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