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God’s gift of turmeric—does it make 14 common drugs obsolete?

Aug 19, 2013

Joe and Barbara are close friends of mine. I just received this letter from Barbara with her and Joe’s testimony upon using the spice turmeric (ingesting the powder) just one time! The result was amazing because I have watched them suffer for years from the constant pain she describes. Her letter is then followed by part of the article she is referring to, with a link to the entire article. Barb writes:

This is not very important in the scheme of things in the world today (LOTS happening!). But if/when you have a minute, take a look if possible:

All of you probably know something about the spice turmeric (aka curcumin; it makes good yellow rice!); some of you know lots more. Anyway, we were looking at the info (link below) on turmeric relative to circulation and pain (separately or together).

In some testimonials, people were reporting that their pain – from various problems – went away within hours or overnight. Hmmmm…. (that often happens when God by the power of His Sprit is involved – we know for a fact – but not generally immediately through natural healing).

Joe has poor circulation in his legs, especially his feet, the bottom of which are numb, presumably from diabetes. Of course that means he is continually in pain, and they “burn.” Some days it’s worse than others.

I have pain in my right upper arm from when I broke my “round bone” into five pieces, and also dislocated the arm over into my chest. I was very grateful the surgeon was able to put me back together again so that I have a “working” arm (God is good!). But not surprisingly (to me) there’s a tendon or ligament or something that is not “laying correctly in line” or, in any case, is taut all the time…

Well, no one but God can “hang an arm back into your shoulder” correctly, so I was not surprised. That happened in 2005 and that arm has never given up being painful for one minute, and especially at night when I’m in a horizontal position, trying to sleep. Vertically, it’s not as bad – but it is definitely THERE. Very painful, all the time. Not a hurting “ache,” but pain. You can get where you ignore it. (unlike James’ back some time ago where it was so excruciating, one cannot ignore it….)

Now this is strange: shortly thereafter, my left arm began to “mimic” my right arm, with pain in the upper left arm. Weird. I read the two books James had about the connection between the body, mind, and rage. [Healing Back Pain and The Mindbody Connection, both by John Sarno, M.D.—available at Amazon and elsewhere—JWB]

I kept “talking to myself” like the book said….nothing seemed to help. Massage helps for a few minutes, increases blood flow, I would imagine. It’s not fibromyalgia as I had thought for a while… doesn’t matter. At some point, with pain (all of you have some amount of pain in your bodies) you just decide that “I can live with this. This is not going to control me. ” And it doesn’t. Life goes on.

SO, yesterday, experimentally, we both washed down a teaspoon (or less) of turmeric with water. Hard to believe: I didn’t hurt as much even by the time I went to bed a few hours later… only woke up once instead of the usual 4-5 times, and in the morning, I was only aware of a mild, dull ache, no PAIN in my two arms. WOW! I asked Joe how he felt, and he said, my feet are MUCH better this morning! They hurt only very mildly!

So much for turmeric, for now. If you’re in acute or chronic pain, try some, and let me know if you see a change – I’d like to know! Organic turmeric is preferred, and you could take capsules, we just don’t have any on hand. Our God is gracious and merciful!

God bless you, Barb

So, dear readers, do you or someone you know take any of the following kinds of drugs?

1) Statin drugs for cholesterol

2) Corticosteroid drugs

3) Antidepressants

4) Blood thinners

5) Anti-inflammatory drugs

6) Chemotherapy drugs

7) Diabetes drugs

If so, you will want to read the complete article linked below. Here are the first two paragraphs from our friends (I don’t know them personally) at Natural News.

Sacred herb turmeric may make at least 14 pharmaceutical drugs utterly obsolete

(NaturalNews) You may have already heard about the many amazing healing properties of the spice turmeric, which is also sometimes referred to as curcumin. But did you know that literally thousands of published, peer-reviewed studies conducted and compiled over the years lend credence to the notion that turmeric works the same as, or even better than, at least 14 pharmaceutical drugs currently on the market?
It is true, and thanks to the diligent work of‘s Sayer Ji in compiling this valuable information, it is now available publicly for the benefit of your and your family’s health. Many of the most commonly prevalent chronic illnesses, it turns out, can be prevented, treated, and even cured using turmeric, so you will want to pay attention. Here are seven drugs and classes of drugs that science shows can be effectively replaced with turmeric: Complete story here.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of Stone Kingdom Ministries or of Dr. James W. Bruggeman.

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