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Concerning food and your health (and McDonalds McNuggets™)

Aug 26, 2013

Circa 1998, some dear friends told me a true story…to the best of my recollection now. That is, the details may be inexact but the essential truth is intact. My dear friends had some friends—whom I do not know personally, but they have been on my SKM/Feed My Sheep mailing list for many years—told them that recently (i.e., ca. 1998) they had made an interesting discovery in their car. It seems that perhaps five or six months before that, they had gone through the McDonalds drive-through and ordered burgers and other items. Somehow one burger got left in its wrapping and got pushed under a seat. Then—six months later—they discovered the wrapped burger. They said it looked just as it did when they bought it! There had been no smell in the interim of “food going bad.” No bugs or insects had done any damage to it. In other words, and in my opinion, what kind of “food” was that? Not food at all! Since that time, I have never eaten at McDonalds—and I wrote off Burger King at the same time…and rarely eat anything from a “fast food (sic)” joint. And yes, to make a play on words, “fast (so-called) food” will ultimately make you sick…or worse. Morgan Spurlock is one to remember. The writer and director of a documentary film, “Super Size Me,” he nearly died. His doctors urged him to quit his 30-day rendezvous with McDonalds ahead of time before any more serious damage was done to him.

To help you decide if you want to continue paying your hard-earned money for Mickey D’s “food,” I share these findings with you from Mike Adams, the health ranger at Natural News. But check it out soon, because I would not be surprised if Mickey D’s high-powered attorneys might seek a court injunction against Natural News and the stories (with videos of yucky stuff in the “chicken”) might disappear down the Orwellian memory hole.

Here’s the first paragraph of the first story, then links to it and two other related stories.

McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets found to contain mysterious fibers, hair-like structures

(NaturalNews) Today we announce the first investigation conducted at the Natural News Forensic Food Laboratory, the new science-based research branch of Natural News where we put foods under the microscope and find out what’s really there.

Earlier today I purchased a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets from a McDonald’s restaurant in Austin, Texas. Under carefully controlled conditions, I then examined the Chicken McNuggets under a high-powered digital microscope, expecting to see only processed chicken bits and a fried outer coating.

But what I found instead shocked even me. I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff in my decade of investigating foods and nutrition, but I never expected to find this… (link to complete story, photos and video here).

Here is a link to Natural News’ follow up story:

More Chicken McNugget ‘strange fiber’ photos released by Natural News Forensic Food Labs

Finally, here is a story—not about McDonald’s—about store-bought chicken and what you might actually be eating.

Arsenic in your chicken: Guess who is defending its use?

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