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World Bank exposed by former top official

Jul 12, 2013

Here is something that just came across my desk(-top computer screen). It is around 8 minutes long and well worth your time to have a front row seat as the curtain over Mystery Babylon is being gradually pulled back.

This woman is really angry about what is going on and, no doubt, about how she was treated (fired). Karen Hudes is being interviewed on RT (Russia Today), so one must always keep that in mind. They have an agenda, too. The comments next are from either the person who sent it to me or some unknown author; anyhow, I agree with the statement:

If your eyes are on Snowden, you’re watching the WRONG WHISTLEBLOWER! That is of course why Snowden is so widely covered in the media… always look beyond what is reported over and over again in the mainstream media. It is a certainty at all times that there is something FAR MORE IMPORTANT AND DAMAGING GOING ON THAT THEY DO NOT WANT YOU PAYING ATTENTION TO OR IN THIS CASE “SOMEBODY”!!

World Bank: Money Laundering Criminals

Interview with Whistleblower Karen Hudes

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