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Telomeres, Longevity and the Millennial Kingdom

Mar 5, 2013

by Dr. James W. Bruggeman, (Ph. D.) (828-277-7733)

Are biblical patriarch-type life spans now within reach for many of us and for our children?!

The news I want to share with you is something I have been waiting for since the late 1990s. That is when I first heard about telomeres. What are telomeres, you ask? They have to do with our DNA, our chromosomes and how long we live. They apparently are the key to our programmed death; i.e., how God programmed us to be mortal after the Fall of Adam, and how man’s lifespan was reduced by over 90 percent in the centuries after the flood of Noah. I will tell you more about how telomeres work in a minute, but first let me relate some Bible facts.

Most non-Christians scoff at the accounts in the book of Genesis where it tells of the amazing longevity of the patriarchs. Adam lived 930 years, Seth lived 912 years, Methuselah, 987 years, etc. After the flood of Noah, the life spans dropped off relatively suddenly and rather drastically so that Abraham lived to be “only” 180 years old, Jacob a mere 147, and by the time of David and Solomon, the average life span seemed to be about “three score and ten.” Others can scoff at such “incredible” life spans. I believe what the Bible says—that they actually did live that long.

In America, in the early 1900s, the average life span was only 46. It is now in the mid-80s for women and early 80s for men. And now comes a (God-given) scientific breakthrough which seems to me to indicate that great increases in human longevity are literally upon us! And the fact that this is happening now—at the beginning of the biblical “third day” (the third thousand years) since Jesus’ first coming—indicates to me that (1) this could be the “real deal,” and (2) it is yet another confirmation that we are indeed on the verge of the second appearing of Christ!

It is prophesied in Hosea 6:2 that “After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight.” This, I believe, not only refers to the overcomer class who will be awarded immortality at the commencement of the millennial (stone) kingdom (third “day”), but it also refers to the greatly expanded longevity of the rest of mankind during the millennium. How do we know that? Because of this verse in Isaiah which is telling what it will be like when Christ and the overcomers rule and reign in the millennial kingdom.

Isaiah 65:20 No longer will there be in it an infant who lives but a few days, Or an old man who does not live out his days; For the youth will die at the age of one hundred And the one who does not reach the age of one hundred Will be thought accursed. (New American Standard Version)

In other words, there will come a time—which I believe is now upon us—where people will once again live in the hundreds of years, where there will be virtually no infant mortality, and anyone who dies at the age of 100 will be said to have died as a child!

Back in the early 2000s I produced my series of audio (with some video) lectures called From Inner Space to Outer Space (ISOS); (Upon request, I can email you a 2-page flier describing the series in detail). In lecture nos. 17 & 18, I discussed the recent discovery of telomerase. What is telomerase? I will get to that shortly. Then, just a couple weeks ago, a lady called me to tell me about Isagenix and their new “Product B.” She told me that she immediately remembered what I had said in my ISOS series about telomeres and telomerase and she wanted to get this information to me immediately. She did and I have many hours studying it this past week. I am “in,” and began taking the product yesterday (which was January 30th at the time I originally wrote this).

Okay, back to explain telomeres. Our bodies rejuvenate through the process of DNA replication. The DNA is coiled up in a double helix inside our chromosomes (see graphic of an “x”


chromosome with telomeres shown in red), which in turn are found inside the nuclei of our cells. Every time a cell divides, it replicates the DNA. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do the job perfectly. Each time it happens, the end cap of the chromosome (which consists of what had been deemed “junk DNA”) loses a little bit of itself. That end cap on the chromosome, which keeps the DNA from unraveling, is called a telomere.

Picture it as the plastic end on your shoelace. When the plastic end deteriorates, the shoestring frays and is generally “on its last legs.” So too with us and our telomeres. After many cell divisions, the telomeres have lost so much of their material that they can no longer hold the DNA together. Hence, the cell and is no longer able to reproduce itself and it dies. Consequently, our tissues, bones, organs, etc. fail and we die.

It was in the 1960s that scientists discovered that during the replication process, the telomeres were shortening. But it took until 1999 before scientists discovered an “immortality” enzyme which can actually add back new end cap material and extend the life of our cells! The Nobel prize-winning scientists called the enzyme telomerase. Although telomerase exists in every cell, the bad news is that it has been “turned off” in every cell except our reproductive cells. Gee, I wonder Who could have turned off the telomerase? (Does this breakthrough mean we are trying to “go around God?” No! More on that later.)

Since then, the goal has been to find a way to get the telomerase activated in our genes. In mid-2011, a company called Isagenix rolled out a natural supplement called Product B, which is now doing in people what it has been shown to do in lab animals—restore youthful vigor and vitality. I am more excited about this product that ANY I have ever come across, not only because of its benefits, but this might very well be a confirmation of the greatest event in millennia—the soon coming second appearing of the Savior! I could write ten more pages on this, but I hope this will be enough to pique your interest to contact me to learn more. I’ve not had time to determine the packet contents yet, but my free packet to you will include, at a minimum, a DVD and CD and some printed material to get you started. If you have internet access, you really don’t need the free packet. What I will send is all available online.

On my home page, just click on the Isagenix button on the home page, or simply type in in a new tab. Isagenix has lots of other products, but frankly, Product B is my only interest at this time. Oh, and did I tell you they have one of the best, if not the best compensation plans I have ever seen. My sponsor’s sponsor, Dennis, in his own words: “I was literally dying at age 54 last summer. I had so little strength I could hardly walk to the mailbox. I began taking Product B in July, and felt such renewed strength in a very short time that I began working the business in earnest in November and earned $3,000. In December, commission earnings were about $10,000 and I am on track for $20,000 in earnings this month (January).” I (James) have personally verified with Isagenix the earnings Dennis claims in the quotation.

For your better health and longevity, please give this a serious look and contact me ASAP, preferably by phone. If you email me (, you should realize that I get so many emails that I hardly have time to scan subject lines, so put “Isagenix” in the subject line. (If you email, and do not hear back from me in 24 hours, call me @ 828-277-7733.)

Okay, I said I would come back to the idea of us “going around God.” The question can be phrased: If God designed the telomere as our “kill” switch, what right do we have to turn it back on? Well, in my opinion, neither this product nor any other that may come along, will ever deliver true immortality. Any one of us can always have an accident and die. True immortality will only ever come through Jesus Christ! But…it is prophesied in Hosea and Isaiah that in the Millennial (Stone) Kingdom, that mankind will once again have very long life spans. I believe those long life spans will be our Father’s way of teasing us to press on towards achieving true immortality through the Savior-Son!

Was it just a “coincidence” that just last month (before I had ever heard of Isagenix), I wrote this in the FMS? “You see, in pseudo-Christian and non-Christian circles, when they use the term “Christ consciousness,” they too are looking for immortality, but they believe (1) that they can achieve it if they just try hard enough; that they can “ascend” to the level of “ascended masters like Jesus” if they just use the right meditation process, or gaze at their navels in just the right way :), or (2) conversely, others believe that if they can just bio-engineer the right genes and lengthen their telomeres and halt the dying process, that they can achieve the Christ consciousness.”

One scientist closely involved with telomerase remarked that what was previously science fiction and miracles can now become your reality! All age-related diseases and illnesses—such as poor eyesight, wrinkles, diabetes, gray hair, baldness, memory loss, low energy, loss of hearing, loss of libido, arthritis, cardiovascular issues, and on and on—are a result of our damaged and deteriorating telomeres. Here is some astounding and encouraging information and documentation on this “Fountain of Youth” product which helps the DNA telomeres restore themselves!

#1. Product B (5 minutes) Toll-free information call: 800-871-3554 All you do is listen. Excellent summary!

#2. Go to this website: Watch the first video on top (Product B is now in the news.) 4 minutes

Next, click on the “Videos” tab (at the same website) and watch the top video, “Product B Presentation (39 minutes). Watch in full screen mode. This video explains the science and incredible effectiveness of Product B to stop and reverse aging. Also at this website is much more information if you want to research it further. Click on “PDF Library,” then “Product B” and/or “News Articles,” etc. To listen to the archived Health Practitioner calls, click on the “Audio Library” tab, then click on “Health Care Prof. Call,” in the lower left. On the next screen you will find the Nov. 29 call, Randy Russ—Explains Telomeres, and the Dec. 6, 2012 Dr. Ritter testimonial call (22 min.). Great stuff!

Here is the website for health practitioners: (Scroll down to paragraph [0063].) To see much more, be sure to go to my replicated Isagenix website. You can reach it by going to and click on the Isagenix button on my home page, or simply type in, hit “Enter” on your keyboard.

“Live long and prosper.” Or as the Bible says: “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” 3 John 1:2

If you are ready to obtain this revolutionary product, please call me (preferably) at (828) 277-7733, and I will have my associate, Brenda, get in touch with you to explain the details. If you do email me, PLEASE give a phone number or two where we can reach you. And remember to put the word “Isagenix” in the subject line.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and do not practice medicine. I share information. Neither I, nor Stone Kingdom Ministries, nor Isagenix makes any claims that any product will cure any disease. What I do believe is that Product B (a food supplement, not a drug) will support the body so that our Divinely-designed body can heal itself.

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