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Super Bowl 2013, part 7

Mar 5, 2013

by our anonymous Really Good News reporter

One of the aims of this Super Bowl 2013 report is to suggest that “signs” are pointing to an imminent, massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will flush every false image, whatever they are, from each of our hearts in the days ahead.

This is connected to the sign of Jonah, but what we haven’t mentioned before now, is that Jonah’s dad’s name was Amittai and his name means “my truth.” So, in our view, the sign of Jonah is about an outpouring of our Father’s truth, whatever it is. This is certainly the prayer of this writer for his own heart.

Now we would like to address an additional, hidden aspect of Ezekiel’s idol/dung story that bears investigation. The word Galilee is galel and is Strong’s #1551 and it means circle, or circuit. If we follow Galilee to its prime root we come to the exact same endpoint as both idols and dung, Strong’s #1556, galal.

This is a very important connection since we know that Jesus is the Man from Galilee. What is Galilee symbolizing? Take a look at the following pictures and cast your own vote.


Does it seem reasonable to believe that Galilee is a symbol for the human heart? Did Jesus Christ tell us in Matthew 12:40 that He would be buried in the “heart of the earth?” Jesus also said that the heart of the earth was the same location as the belly of the whale, where Jonah was “buried” and we know that the Hebrew word for belly means the lowest part of the heart, or the ventricles.

We all are still plagued, at least to some degree, with heart idolatry, which is equated to dung. Since Galilee comes out of the same root word as both idols and dung and Galilee is a symbol for the heart and we know that Jesus was laid in the bottom of the heart; then is Jesus’ burial place directly under the dunghill of idolatry that is located in our heart?

Going back to our questions at the end of Part 3, is this also the “belly of the whale” and therefore the location of hell as stated in Jonah 2:2? So it would appear that the prophet, whose name symbolizes the Holy Spirit, is in hell for three days and nights. Furthermore, because the Hebrew word for hell means grave, then Jonah was in a tomb.

In what can only be described as an extraordinary comparison, because Jesus is the Ark of the Covenant and we know that the ark is defined as being a coffin, then Jesus is also in a tomb and that tomb is our heart. But our heart is also the Holy of Holies because the law required that the ark be kept in the Holy of Holies of the Tabernacle in the wilderness journey and later on in Solomon’s Temple as well. Because the Holy of Holies was defined as the dwelling place of God; it does not seem unreasonable that heaven and hell are in the exact same location; at the bottom of our hearts.

Christ is the seed, both biologically (mankind) and botanically (tree of life). The Greek word for seed is sperma. Christ is called the seed or sperma and indeed He is the “seed of Father Abraham” that will bless all nations. Many readers will know that this good news reporter has long believed that Jonah came out of a “sub-marine” vessel and that Jonah was a Navel Man (belly location) or a seaman first class because He emerged from a Sperm whale. It was sperm whale vomit that was found on a beach in Britain, just before this year’s Super Bowl. The link to that story is found in Part 1.

Just as Jonah was cast into the sea of humanity, so Christ was cast into the heart of every earth, so that He would be the seed of every Tree of Life that is planted in the Garden of Earth. Man’s flesh is often equated with wood in Scripture, as are trees. The phrase, “tree of life” occurs ten times in the Word and one of those is found in Proverbs 15:4, which states that “A wholesome tongue is a tree of life, but perverseness therein is a breach in the spirit.” Furthermore, we find in Proverbs 18:21 that “Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”

These verses tell us that what comes out of the tongue has the power of death and life. That is a heavy statement. Now let’s ask, according to the Word, where is the source of this power? Jesus tells us in Matthew 12:34, when He says that it is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks. Could it be any clearer? Whatever comes out of our mouths/tongues is simply an outworking of what is in our hearts.

And we know that Jesus Christ is the Tree of Life and so this is why He planted Himself in the heart of every earth. We believe that the day is coming when every tongue will truly become a tree of life, because all will know him, from the least to the greatest (Jeremiah 31:31:34).

Because our Father is a husbandman, He has perhaps felt it necessary to mix the seed of Christ with the traditions of man (which is fertilizer/dung; dare we say turd-ish-ons since ish is Hebrew for man?) for the past 2,000 years. In the coming days, since our Father is expecting a bumper crop harvest, He may very well employ one of His favorite growth additives (Miracle Grow) like never before, to fully achieve His objectives.

Is it possible that the true spreading of the Good News of the Gospel is going to broadcast seed in greater quantities than ever before seen, and that up to now many spreaders of the gospel, including this reporter, have [unintentionally/unwittingly] combined spreading the seed of Christ with certain amounts of dung/idols, in our attempts to help fertilize the seed?

Has this been the Father’s plan all along in order to simply prepare the soil so that a multitude of fruit and nut trees of all kinds can produce delicious, healthy, organic, life-giving sustenance to the people of the world? (To be continued.)

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