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Gap Notes

Mar 25, 2013

Notes concerning our Conference to be held at Gap, Pennsylvania this coming weekend… See the story on the home page for all other Conference information. If you are planning to attend, and have not notified me, please do so now, by email or by phone (preferable). Just leave your name and how many in your party in the voicemail. If you email, put “attending Gap” in the subject line.

We expect to begin at approximately 9:30 a.m. this coming Friday, so please arrive early enough to register and pick up a name tag. I could use some volunteers to staff the Registration Table. Please email me and put “Gap volunteer” in the subject line. I will be leaving on Wednesday. Although my office will be staffed, all calls will go to voicemail, so let me know soon.

The Family Center has a group using “our” room on Thursday evening until closing time, so we cannot get in with our equipment to set up until Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. Therefore, my sound engineering crew (Kevin and Julie!) could use some help. Kevin said four people would be sufficient to help unload my minivan and unpack the equipment, roll out cords, etc. while he begins the technical aspects of set up. So again, put “Gap volunteer” in the subject line of your email, if you wish to help out.

We will break for lunch and dinner at appropriate times. There is a plethora of restaurants in the area. I will have a list of them to give out from my literature table on Friday morning. There is no schedule of speakers, so please do not ask me who is speaking when. They are all prepared to speak at any time, and I assume the Holy Spirit is leading me as I make up the schedule “on the fly.”

The only thing I can say about the schedule at this time is that I plan to give an ad-libbed or extemporaneous presentation to kick off the Conference. It will be a somewhat detailed recounting of the remarkable events and synchronicities which led me to conclude that we were being led to hold this Conference at “the Gap.”

My presentation will be, in effect, “setting the table,” providing the background information for Ron Oja to then explain to all of us “by the numbers” all the connections to the space and time dimensions. That is to say, why our Father led us to this location in space at this particular time. If you have heard Ron previously, then you know what I mean. If you have never heard him, then you are in for a real treat.

There have been some suggestions on what we could do on Sunday, but nothing is etched in stone at this time. We will need to pack up our equipment and be out of the Family Center facility by the Center’s closing time on Saturday night. For those who would have liked to attend, please be in prayer for the spiritual work to be done at the Conference, and thereby you will be “standing in the gap” with us. To those coming, God’s blessings for safe travel. See you there Friday morning!

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