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Super Bowl 2013, part 4

Feb 20, 2013

by our anonymous Really Good News reporter


At the end of part 3, we left the reader with several questions. Our purpose was to try and ask our readers to pause and meditate on a deeper level on what the flooding of New Orleans really represents.

If the reader is able to connect the dots from our questions, it will become evident that we believe that the bowl shaped New Orleans that was flooded with the River of the Holy Spirit is an external picture of what each of us has needed on an internal basis. Nothing less than the filling of our bowl shaped hearts with the River of Life will set us free from all bondage.

Jeremiah 17:9 says that the heart is desperately wicked and deceitful above all; who can know it. This description of the heart of man is about as depressing and hopeless as it could be. The heart of man sounds like the worst place on the planet. Also, we should be reminded that Jeremiah penned his words several centuries after God had already given His law to the nation of Israel at Mt. Sinai. The prophet’s words are a damning indictment about the failure of God’s law to turn man’s collective heart in the right direction.

A few chapters later however, Jeremiah then goes on to tell us that the since the giving of the law on tables of stone could not correct this condition, a second covenant would have to be enacted and this is described in Jeremiah 31:31-34. Under the New Covenant terms, God would write the law directly into the heart of man and place it in his inward parts.

By doing it in this manner, verse 34 tells us that the day will come when there is no need to tell one another about the Lord, because all will know Him, from the least to the greatest. Now that sounds like really good news!

Our Father eventually put this New Covenant plan into full operation through his first born Son, whose name is Jesus. Since Jesus didn’t come to do away with the law, but rather fulfill it, then the question arises; just exactly how did He get the law into each of our hearts?

Here is where we need to see the symbolism that Jesus Christ is symbolized by the Ark of the Covenant. Not only was the mercy seat above the ark the only place where sins could be forgiven through the sprinkling of the blood of lambs, but the ark itself was also the container for the law (see Hebrews 9:4).

The law required that the Ark be kept in the Holy of Holies and we know that this part of the Tabernacle was a perfect cube. When a cube is unfolded it has the shape of a cross. Since the only thing inside the Holy of Holies was the Ark of the Covenant, then we can see that when Jesus was on the cross, that He was the Ark. The Hebrew Strong’s number for “ark” is 727 and it literally means coffin, chest, or money chest.

Because Jesus said that He would lay in the heart of the earth, (Matt. 12:40) then we can see that this is how our Father carried out His plan to write His law in each of our hearts. The plan called for a sanctification/purification process to begin on the 50th day from Jesus’ resurrection when the first New Testament Pentecost came on the scene and released a partial cleansing and anointing that has been in place ever since that day.

The full cleansing was never intended to be completed until the arrival of the “third day” approximately 2,000 years, or two days, after our Lord’s first appearance. In my view, it is not until we draw very close to this third day that a veritable flood of the Holy Spirit, i.e., Jonah is going to begin to cover the whole earth.

Jesus compared this coming flood to the flood in Noah’s day in Luke 17:26. There are questions about whether the first flood covered the whole earth. Whether it did or not, we believe that the second one will cover the entire globe. We also believe that this time the flood will be a spiritual flood of the Holy Spirit that brings restoration, versus the first flood that was literal and brought total destruction to the flesh of man.

Furthermore, it occurs to this writer that there are three basic kingdoms in our world; the fowl of the air, the beasts of the earth and the fish of the sea. In the coming flood, only one of these kingdoms will not only survive, but also expand until it covers the earth as the waters cover the Sea (of humanity).

Obviously we are talking about a total conversion to the fish kingdom, which is the lowest of the three. This implies the conversion of all mankind when all the fish are eventually caught “in the net.”

This great catch of fish represents the harvest of souls. We mentioned near the beginning of this report that the fish are the saints of God (and not just the football Saints of New Orleans). We are each the offspring of our Father and we are birthed in like manner of our elder brother, Jesus, who is the first of many sons.

Jesus’ name is found in the Greek Strong’s #2424, which provides no definition of His name, but simply refers us to Hebrew Strong’s #3091, which is the name of Joshua, or Yahshua, which means “salvation. Thus we see that Jesus in the Greek and Joshua in the Hebrew are one and the same.

Now we know that Jesus did not have an earthly biological Father, but Joshua did and his name was Nun (pronounced as noon). Nun just happens to mean “fish, or posterity”. Its root word means to increase, or propagate. Therefore, can we say that Joshua/Yahshua Himself was birthed as a “fish”?

Since we are being formed into His image as well, we are likewise symbolized as fish. When this formation is complete, the sting of death that was brought on by the serpent, will be completely removed. The “s” will be removed from our selfish natures and we will be El-fish replicas from that point forward.

The Chinese year of the serpent will end on January 30, 2014.

Let’s revisit the fish sign for a few moments and recall that it was the original symbol for Christianity. This sign is in the shape of a vesica pisces, which means “fish bladder” and the vesica pisces is shaped like a womb. But while shaped like an earthly feminine womb, these fish are being birthed out of a different realm; a spiritual one and this womb is located in the heart of man.

We mentioned above that the root meaning for Nun, the name of Joshua/Yahshua’s Father, means posterity or increase. In Scripture, we find the number 31 identified with offspring, which is another name for posterity. Here is the first paragraph from Dr. Stephen Jones’ book on the Biblical meaning of numbers that we referenced earlier in this report.

“The number thirty-one in Hebrew was written with the letters lamed (authority) and aleph (ox, strength, or first). Thirty-one is therefore the gematria of El, the Hebrew word for God. El literally means “the strong (or primary) authority.” Thirty-one is the number associated with offspring in the Bible, because the “son” in the house is the heir with the authority of the birthright.”

The reader is encouraged to do their own study for further insight into how this number demonstrates the usage of #31 as representing the offspring of God. Here is the link.

For our purposes in this article, we wish to point out the fact that 31 is the gematria for El, the Hebrew name for God. The number 31 in Hebrew is represented by the summation of the letter values for Lamed (authority) and aleph (ox, strength, or first). Lamed’s gematria is 30 and aleph is 1.

A key to understanding who is being represented as offspring of God, is demonstrated by the fact that Aleph is an ox, which is associated with strength and aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The ox symbolized the heart of a servant and Joseph is associated with the ox in Scripture. Thus, Joseph is a type of the firstborn Son of God.

According to 1Chronicles 5:1-2, the author of this book said that God determined that the ruler of Israel would come from Judah, while the birthright was given to Joseph. This simply means that the king would come from Judah, but the kingdom would belong to Joseph.

A king without a kingdom has no substance, while a kingdom without a king, is without leadership. Interestingly, no King of Judah ever ruled the whole world. Egypt is a type of the world in Scripture and Joseph ruled from his throne in Egypt; essentially making him the only one of the offspring of Jacob/Israel to rule the world. (To be continued.)

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