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Super Bowl 2013, part 2

Feb 16, 2013

by our anonymous Really Good News reporter


In the immediate aftermath of the hurricane, President George W. Bush visited New Orleans and dubbed it “that great city.” He repeated the phrase so many times that eventually the USA Today newspaper ran a headline that said “New Orleans, That Great City.” What our president undoubtedly did not realize is that Nineveh is called “that great city” three times in Jonah 1:2, 3:2 and 4:11. Of all the names that President Bush could have used, why did he “just happen” to use the exact words that Scripture used to describe Nineveh?

Mystery Babylon is also called “that great city” six different times in Revelation. Both of these cities are superseded by the new and Holy Jerusalem because it is the final city that is called “that great city” in Revelation 21:10. This clearly suggests a conversion is coming for both Nineveh and Mystery Babylon.

In the years immediately following Katrina, the New Orleans Saints football team began to be raised up, until the team reached the pinnacle of winning the Super Bowl in February of 2010, when they rode to victory on the backs of the Indianapolis Colts. CBS, which stands for Columbia Broadcasting System, was covering the game that night and they have the Super Bowl broadcast rights every three years. So three years later it was their turn again to do the Super Bowl that was just played in New Orleans earlier this month.

Jim Nantz was the play-by-play commentator for both games and at the very end of New Orleans victory in 2010, Mr. Nantz called out, “New Orleans, that great city.” Was Mr. Nantz speaking something much greater than he realized at the time? This good news reporter believes so.

It is important to also mention that the name Columba means dove in Latin and a feminine variant of that name is Columbia, thus connecting the dove sign to both the game that was won by the Saints in February 2010 and the just-played game on February 3, 2013. By studying Scripture, it is seen that the past repeatedly predicts the future and we believe this to still be the case today.

And speaking of Scripture, there was an event in the life of King Hezekiah (King of the House of Judah) where he was sick unto death, but the Lord extended his life by fifteen years. The Lord also gave Hezekiah a sign that He was going to do this, by moving the son/sun dial backward 10 degrees. We have found this “10 degree” factor to also have application over 10 year periods.

On February 1, 2003, the space shuttle Columbia blew apart over Palestine, Texas and rained down on East Texas and Louisiana. There were five men and two women on board. The commander’s name was Rick Husband. One of the men was an Israeli pilot. There were several obvious spiritual symbols that appeared in connection with this tragic event:

1) As we mentioned earlier, Columbia is a feminine dove in Latin, so spiritually speaking it symbolized an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We should also note that the dove is feminine throughout the Old Testament, beginning with Noah’s flood.

2) Because it was caused by an explosion, it is suggesting that this outpouring will come suddenly, unexpectedly and with great force. But this time around it may very well be an implosion of power as Jesus draws all men to Himself with His “magnetic personality.” Love draws; it doesn’t force.

3) It occurred during Aquarius, which occurs every year between January 20 and February 19. Aquarius is Latin for “water carrier” and it is associated with the constellations of Cetus the whale; Pisces, the fish and Eridanus, the river.

Let’s match these components of the constellation of Aquarius with our subject matter. First, the Super Bowl was played on February 3, virtually in the middle of the annual trek through Aquarius between January 20th and February 19th.

Next is the whale (Cetus) that delivers Jonah to Nineveh/New Orleans, the city of fish (Pisces) and Eridanus is the River of the Holy Spirit, which was the original name for the Mississippi River. Does this not seem like a perfect match for the sign of Jonah and New Orleans; not only by description, but also by timing? Here is a link with details on the constellation Aquarius.

4) It occurred on the 32nd day of the year; on the first day of Heart month; a double witness of the covenant being written in our hearts as recorded in Jeremiah 31:31-34. (The verse numbers match the exact final score of this year’s Super Bowl, 31-34).

5) It occurred initially over Texas and the name Texas is from an American Indian language which means “friends,” thus associating it with Tabernacles.

At the last supper, Jesus told his disciples that He would no longer call them servants, but rather friends. He went on to say that a servant doesn’t know what his Master is doing; a servant just does what he’s told out of obedience. However, a friend is a higher relationship and Jesus says that as friends, He is able to share all things with them that His Father has spoken. A servant does not have this level of intimacy and understanding and this has largely been the case in the Age of Pentecost. Because the Feast of Tabernacles is a celebration of the “harvest” and we are told that the greatest harvest occurs at the end of the age, then this is the time when our Lord and Savior will overcome all of His “enemies” by “a-salting-them” with spiritual weapons of warfare that will turn every enemy into His friend by “loving the hell out of them”. Who is going to resist such weaponry? At some point, resistance will be futile because His magnetic personality will “drag” all men into the doorway/portal of our Father’s infinite love for His whole creation.

6) The commander’s last name “Husband” suggests the Father in type as a Husband-man. He ascended while the Spirit (Columbia) came down.

7) The 5 men and 2 women suggest a possible 5 loaves and 2 fish symbolism for “feeding the multitudes”.

8) It was the Columbia’s 28th mission which suggests—according to Bible numerics— a connection to “being led by the Spirit.”

9) The Jewish pilot from Israel asked a rabbi of a Houston synagogue to read Deuteronomy 4:33, “Has any nation ever heard the voice of God speaking out of the midst of the fire, as you have, and yet lived?”

We will simply attach the link below for further edification:

So in 2003, the fire was literal. It is believed that this time around there will be a magnification of Jesus baptizing His brethren with the Holy Ghost and with the River of the Holy Spirit bringing forth His fiery law in grace and mercy. (To be continued.)

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