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Black American Christians awakening!

Oct 4, 2012

CNBC News says top Democrat leaders are very worried because a prominent black minister, E. W. Jackson, has called for an exodus from the Democrat Party by black Christians! This short video is astounding to hear and watch simply because, for decades, the prostitute mainstream “Media-nites” have never revealed that there are courageous and clear-thinking black ministers “out there,” making challenges like this.

Bishop E. W. Jackson is a most welcome alternative to the “race-hustling” likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Bishop Jackson is a Marine Corps veteran and graduate of Harvard Law School, an institution in which he apparently survived without drinking the Red Kool-Aid. He is also a former practicing attorney, former adjunct professor of law, and a former candidate for U.S. Senate in Virginia.
We laud this minister’s courage and ask readers to watch this short video. If you think it can be helpful to others, please pass it on, or send a link to this blog. Here’s the link to the video.

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