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“Baptizing” the Federal Reserve System

Oct 19, 2012

Our Feast of Tabernacles Bible Conference held at the Millennium Hotel in downtown St. Louis was a blest time with our fellow saints of the Most High God. What is becoming more and more evident is a fulfillment of a prophecy given to me at our Manassas Conference in 2011; that the course of this ministry would be changing. And indeed it has.

I will not detail that here because it would take too much time. Rather, I want the chief focus of this journal entry to be about the most important event of our recent Feast/Bible Conference—an event which was neither scheduled by me, nor which anyone except the Holy Spirit knew would take place. The event was our “baptizing” the building housing Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis, and by extension, “baptizing” the entire Federal Reserve System which controls “our” money.

But before we get to that, and for the purposes of introduction to the aforesaid event, one of the changes in Stone Kingdom Ministries has been the move towards more “Body Ministry.” I had even spoken in my first lecture at the Conference, The U. S. Civil War in the Bible, concerning Paul’s revelations about the way the various parts of the mystical Body of Christ should work together in unity. Unfortunately, that has been woefully lacking in 2,000 years of Christianity.

But the way in which the Body Ministry is manifesting at our Conferences is our recognition that it is not solely about what the leaders and invited speakers have to say and do, but it is how various members of the Body of Christ voluntarily contribute to ministering in their various callings and gifts.

This was no more strikingly evident at this Conference than in the number and variety of singers and musicians who shared freely of their talent. (You must understand also that they all came at their own expense as we simply do not have the funds to reimburse them.)

Then, too, there is Kim. She herself is a talented vocalist and she volunteered to coordinate the plethora of talent who offered to share of their gifts. They all blest and edified the entire Body. Thank you all so much!

Aside from the music, the Body Ministry also was manifesting under the ministries of Vinny Imperial and Steve Correll. They encouraged many who came forward for the purpose of receiving a blessing to then in turn take a personal step of faith and to begin immediately giving a blessing and ministering to others.

Thirdly, we saw the Ministry of the Body in operation as a number of attendees approached me asking if they might “share a Word” with the group which they believe came from the Lord. I will relate only one of them here. Hata was not even sure she was supposed to share with anyone, but when she did confide it to another sister, Pat, Pat suggested she share it with me. I felt the nudge of the Spirit to have her share it with everyone.

The word the Lord gave her was “recalibration,” and the idea that we are on the verge of being recalibrated. She confessed that she was not even sure she could define recalibration, nor what it meant from the spiritual perspective, but it turned out that it was a “spot on” revelation.

Mike then came up immediately and explained what it means when a piece of equipment is recalibrated. Someone else noted that in the computer realm, once a computer is recalibrated, it usually means it is ready for an upgrade in software.

We can relate that to the Overcomer Company of the Body, who will indeed be the first people in history (except our Head, of course) to be upgraded to incorruptible immortality. We will come back to the recalibration thread later.

Now on to the unforeseen and unscheduled event which is probably the most important event of the weekend, and yet I hesitate to characterize it as “the most important” for without other pieces having been set in place previously during the Conference, the event would not have occurred the way it did, or perhaps may not have occurred at all. It was a Body work, totally.

During the course of the weekend, Jim, Mike and Jacob had been led to view the Gateway Arch at sunrise. Once there, Jim realized that the building which houses the St. Louis branch of the Federal Reserve System was only four blocks from our hotel, and he wondered if perhaps a few of us were meant to do a spiritual work there.

So Jim approached me on Saturday with the idea. I told him I was in agreement but that the schedule of the Conference would not allow me personally to participate until it was over on Sunday afternoon, but that if he and others wanted to do it Saturday afternoon, I was there in spirit.

Jim had known of the prior spiritual works that we and others had done regarding the money system. Here are links to my three-part writing on our work at the Federal Reserve building in Atlanta in July of 2010. Spiritual Work at the Fed, part 1, Spiritual Work at the Fed, part 2 and Spiritual Work at the Fed, part 3 (link is no longer valid). And here is a link to my solo work on Jekyll Island (the birthplace of the Fed a century ago) on April 13, 2012.

On Saturday morning I had announced to the group that I had misplaced my “Red Binder” in which were the 14 pages of my second lecture which I was thinking I should present on Saturday. I knew I had it all on a memory stick (“thumb drive”) and could simply print out another copy, but with it temporarily lost, it occurred to me that for some reason the Holy Spirit wanted me to delay delivering that lecture.

I found the lost Red Binder late Saturday evening. For those not familiar with the recent lectures in my series, Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom, it has been all about the Rothschilds and the Reds. The Rothschilds (the name means “Red Shield”) and their related international banking families are the once-secret owners of “our” Federal Reserve System.

So as the Holy Spirit had predetermined, my lecture called Edom’s Supremacy Grows (all about the attempts by the Rothschilds to establish control over our money system before and after the Civil War) was the last message of the Conference. And it was wholly appropriate because of the event that followed immediately.

Because meanwhile, the Father had put it in Jim’s mind to scoop up some water from the Mississippi into a glass jar. It happened to be a Mason jar. Those who were at our Conference there at the Millennium Hotel in 2011 might recall that in a conference room at the opposite end of the hotel from us was a group of Freemasons called The Jesters.

I have also been teaching in my recent lectures about the influence of the Masons in early America and how the Masonic order had been infiltrated by the Illuminati. Furthermore, my first lecture at this Conference (The U. S. Civil War in the Bible) showed where the Mason-Dixon line appeared in Bible prophecy.

Ron often reminds us how the Father told him many years ago that He is “hooked on phonics.” We grin and smile at the plays on words, but the fact is that Father truly does hide many secrets right out in the open some of them with His plays on words. Spiritual things sometimes appear to be silly and ridiculous to the natural mind. Ah, but therein are gems hidden by our Father.

So Jim, Mike, Jacob and Grace (Jacob’s dog) had walked down to the Federal Reserve Building on Saturday just to look around. But they did nothing else except that Mike took a photo of the strange-looking sculpted creature which served as the base of the flagpoles on both sides of the entrance to the building. I believe Mike correctly identified the symbolism. (More on that later.)

One of the key concepts we all had to learn before this event could transpire was that which Steve Jones taught us on Friday. It concerned victim’s rights and forgiveness. We will have audio CDs of all the invited teachers’ messages (plus Bob Dorn’s) available in a few weeks.

As soon as we finish post-production, we will send out an Order Form with either the November or December monthly postal mailing to those on our Feed My Sheep mailing list. Click here (link is no longer valid) to add your name to our mailing list (no charge).

Dr. Jones has summarized his teaching on the law of victim’s rights in his blog of October 11th, which we suggest you read in conjunction with this report.

Saturday evening I asked Vinny to minister. He played piano leading us in praise and worship of our God. Then he stood up and confessed that he had nothing to share/give us at that time and asked Steve Correll to take over.

I greatly admire Vinny’s humility, integrity and honesty in telling over 200 people that he had nothing to share, and simply sat down. We have all seen other ministers (on TV or otherwise) who obviously are merely “flapping their jaws” trying to fill time when they really should just sit down and wait until the Lord truly gives them something with which to edify the Body!

And so Vinny waited. And then the Lord moved upon him to bring forth the idea (as filtered through my understanding) that one of the shortcomings of the pentecostal realm is that so many of the gifts are ministered without the true agape love of the Father, that what is needed and what is coming is a “baptism of love!”

As Steve Jones wrote: “When I heard that, I knew that was God’s voice revealing the core of the outpouring of the Spirit that lies ahead.” Yes, the world will be baptized with love, mercy and forgiveness in the age of Tabernacles, the threshold of which we are now passing through.

And we believe we saw a foreshadowing and foretaste of this baptism of love in “the Fed work” on Sunday afternoon!

So as I stood at the podium Sunday noon to give the last formal teaching of the Conference, I presented to the audience the idea of “baptizing” the St. Louis Federal Reserve bank building with water from the River of the Holy Spirit (the original name given the Mississippi River by the Spanish explorers).

And I asked for a show of hands on how many would like to participate by walking the four blocks to the Fed building. I was utterly astonished at the large percentage of hands that went up! Some, of course, were unable physically to make the trek but would join us in spirit.

So I then gave my lecture in which I presented more history of the machinations of the families of the Red Shield. We then needed to remove all our equipment and vacate the conference room as the Millennium needed to prepare it for another group. …Which meant that I had no idea exactly what time we could all gather in the lower lobby and make our procession up 4th Street to the site of the Fed building.

So by the time the first of us actually left the Millennium through an underground tunnel, it was exactly 2:04 p.m. Those familiar with Ron Oja’s teachings surely recognize 204 as the Capstone number of the Great Pyramid (the Stone which the builders rejected [Psalm 118:22 & Matthew 21:42]).

I smiled at this “coincidence” and asked someone to tell me the exact time when the first of us arrived at the block upon which the Fed sits. It was exactly 2:16. Again, 216 is a number which has been prominent in our understanding for some years.

We are approaching the year 2016 (zeroes can be omitted). 216 is the number of times the name “Joshua” appears in the Bible (KJV). 216 symbolizes the moon (the moon’s diameter is 2,160 miles), the church, and the city of Jericho. All these signs and more had us exuberant as we came to the site of the Fed building.

Our best count of the number of those present for the work was 122 (the fulness of light)! Our count of the Conference attendees was 207. (It is always nearly impossible to get a 100% accurate number, so perhaps it was really 210 = leaving Egypt, the time of Jacob’s trouble [is over], and more).

Once assembled I asked Ron Oja to give a few words of what we are about to do and lead us in this baptism. Ron made it clear that we were in agreement that as victims of the Federal Reserve System’s we have the right to demand the full penalty of God’s law be laid upon them, but that it is also our right to forgive and ask for mercy upon them.

The latter is what we chose, especially for mercy and for those who are employees of the System. (And no one could have imagined how our Father would give us a glaring, blaring sign following so very shortly!)

Then Jim took his Mason jar of water and explained that he was now about to “restructure” it (as we prayed over it) and someone shouted out “Yes, the water is being “recalibrated!” It was decided that the focus of the baptismal “Holy Spirit water” should be the two ugly icons on either side of the entrance.

The water was then separated into two containers, the one was the Mason jar and the other was a jar held by a man named Dave Dixon. Hence, symbolically we had the Fed being baptized by both sides (North and South) of the Mason-Dixon line, spiritually bringing into greater unity the nation which the boys of the Red Shield had once tried to divide into separate nations!

Here is a photo of the baptism with the people having been cropped out for privacy’s sake. (There will be no video available of this work.)

Remember, all this was being done on October 7, 2012, the 7th day of the month and which was also the 7th day of Tabernacles. In the book of Joshua, the children of Israel marched around Jericho for seven days, and on the seventh day, they marched around it seven times. And at the completion of the 7th time, they gave a loud shout and the walls of Jericho crumbled before them.

So we felt led that we were to march (actually walk) around the building once, symbolizing the final march around that great walled city, Jericho, which also represents the great harlot, Mystery Babylon. Once we had all returned, we all turned to face the “walls of Jericho,” the Fed building and in unity we all shouted Vinny’s favorite shout: “Ho!”

Of course, we did not expect anything physical to happen, such as the building actually falling down. That would cause deaths and injuries and we sought for mercy. But who could have imagined that ten days later on the morning of October 17th, that an alleged Muslim extremist terrorist would have attempted to blow up the Federal Reserve building in New York City!!

He obviously did not know that his attempt was being assisted all along by an undercover FBI informant and they were monitoring his every move—even to the point where just before attempting to detonate the 1,000 pounds of explosives with a “dud” cell phone detonator given to him by the FBI, that he and the informant had gone to a nearby MILLENNIUM Hotel to make a video recording! A Millennium Hotel?! What a glaring and blaring sign following!

Do you see how the result of this attempted plot to blow up the Fed is a great sign for us? Instead of the destruction of a building, God had mercy on the hundreds who could have been killed and injured had the plot come to fruition. Praise God for his mercy!

To those who are having trouble with our plea for mercy rather than for “giving them what they deserve,” I ask you to reconsider in light of what our King and Savior instructs us in the Lord’s prayer. There we learn the principle that if we want to be forgiven our debts, then we must forgive others their trespasses against us.

Furthermore, we look upon our Fed work as a spiritual precursor work for the soon coming jubilee, the forgiveness of all debts and the righting of our monetary system into a system of just weights and measures.

Back to the photo above. As Mike had showed me the photo of the Fed’s flagpole gargoyle, I immediately agreed with his interpretation. The rulers of Mystery Babylon’s banking system comes right out in the open and identifies itself for all to see (but almost no one does).

Notice it has the face of a lion and the wings of an eagle, the ancient symbol of Babylon. It also has the horns of a goat. In the Old Testament, the descendants of Esau-Edom lived in Mt. Seir which means “shaggy” (goat). Thus the gargoyle identifies the Fed as Mystery Babylon and Edom (the Rothschilds, etc)!

There is so much more to the symbolism that could be commented upon, but we will close here. We expect a certain field reporter will have much more along these lines soon which we will post here in this journal.

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