Sonship, part 13: The breach in the blessings

Sep 24, 2012

This split of the privileges of the birthright between two of the sons of Jacob-Israel foreshadows some of the most momentous events of all history. Number one: it pictures the fact that there are two works of Christ. Number two: it pictured the split of the nation of Israel that would occur after the death of King Solomon. Let us elaborate briefly on these.

There are two works of Christ. The first is the Judah work, where Christ came the first time in the form of Jesus of Nazareth, and descended from the line of Judah. He came this first time to establish His rights to the throne, to the rulership, to the kingship over Israel.

Furthermore, He did the work of the priest—the great High Priest—when he offered Himself as the sacrifice for all sins of all time. There we see the authority of rulership and the priesthood coming through the line of Judah, in the person of Jesus Christ.

The second work of Christ is the Joseph work. Christ will come a second time—this time from the tribe of Joseph. This will most assuredly not entail Jesus being born a second time as an infant, but He will come in glory, with His body of overcomer saints with him. His second appearing will be to establish His birthright for the portion given to Joseph. The first time He came to be recognized as king; the second time He comes to receive the kingdom.

His Kingdom is on the earth, of course. It is the Stone Kingdom prophesied in Daniel 2, which will eventually consume and replace all other kingdoms. That is to say, the Stone Kingdom under King Jesus will eventually replace all the governments of the earth, and God’s rule will be universal.

Hopefully, the reader now comprehends how the birthright privileges being split and divided was a type and shadow of the two works of Christ. What momentous events! I would daresay that the first and second comings of Christ would tie for the number one most significant event(s) of all history. Of course, the split—or let us say, the breach—between the two will then be healed in its greatest fulfillment. The repair of the breach has already happened on other levels of prophetic fulfillment. We will begin with that next time. (To be continued.)

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