Urgent request: St. Louis Conference

Aug 22, 2012

There are some awesome things “in the wind” from a prophetic standpoint concerning our upcoming Feast of Tabernacles Conference in St. Louis. It will be laid out for you by one or more speakers, as they are led. This is our second and will perhaps be our last meeting in St. Louis (at least for the foreseeable future).

So…if you are planning to attend the SKM Feast of Tabernacles at St. Louis in early October, I strongly encourage you to make your room reservations now. The cut-off date is September 4th. After that, you may find all rooms are gone, or you may have to pay full rate.

Our initial block of rooms has sold out and I just arranged for an increase in our block. If you wait any longer, you may have difficulty (as some have reported to me they have) in getting the type of room you desire because there is another group which is rapidly filling the towers with their conference attendees. The (nicer) North tower is filling faster, so I repeat, make your reservations very soon! I do not have information on other hotels near the Millennium, if any, and I am prohibited by contract from making any deals with them.

Please advise our office by phone, letter or email that you are planning to attend so we have some idea how many to expect and can coordinate with the Millennium if we are going to exceed the capacity of our meeting room. For details about the rooms, room rates, parking, conference dates, times, etc., please see the article “Upcoming Bible Conferences – St. Louis Feast of Tabernacles” in the Stone Kingdom Chronicles (home page) here, and scroll down a screen or two and see it in the left column.

No doubt, some will want to save some money by sharing a room. Would someone volunteer to facilitate/coordinate that for me? It would consist of you using email and phone to match people who want to share a room—not that much work, but it would be one less thing I have to be concerned about. We do want to make the Conference available to as many as possible. For that reason, we are not charging any Registration or other fees to attend. At the Conference, we will, of course, have a Donation Box because I simply do not have the funds to finance it, so we will count on Father’s Holy Spirit to move the attendees to give as they are able. A couple of supporters have already sent a gift to help with our Conference costs.

Thank you and pray for the success of the Conference. Lord willing, we will have audio recordings of the sessions available from us later. DVDs? Don’t know yet.

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