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Holy scopolamine, Batman!

Aug 21, 2012

The headline is a reference to words that might have been uttered by the original comic book Batman’s sidekick, Robin. Scopolamine is a powerful drug. The headline was merely designed to get your attention. Now that we have it, that will be the extent of any attempts to be witty or funny in this post not only because of the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, but because of its implications for everyone, as demonstrated below.

Since our blog post of July 24th, (Colorado Batman shooting staged?) much more information has come to light which demonstrates that the whole incident was much darker than even we imagined at first. It appears the event was someone’s black ops, with James Holmes being its first victim by means of his having been stealthily given the memory-blocking drug scopolamine and subsequently being set up as the patsy for that horrible event. Scopolamine is also becoming increasingly used as a “date rape” drug, but it has also been used by the Nazis and the CIA for mind-control purposes.

Forget what the mainstream media have said about him. They are either duped or are willing participants in the effort to paint James Holmes as the “lone nut” shooter. Consider first the fact that Holmes’ father, Dr. Robert Holmes, was a brilliant scientist, working for FICO (the credit rating organization) who was scheduled to testify in front of a U. S. Senate panel and name names in the huge financial scandal concerning LIBOR—about which the average American knows next to nothing.

Nonetheless, LIBOR is at the nexus of financial Mystery Babylon. The elder Holmes’ testimony could bring the entire Western banking system’s house of cards crashing to the ground. The biggest banks have apparently been fraudulently manipulating LIBOR for some time. More on that scandal here.

LIBOR is the London InterBank Offered Rate. The rate is “fixed” daily in London’s “The City” (their equivalent of Wall Street) by representatives from five of the top global financial players. The rate fixed by them is felt throughout the world, right down to the rate we pay on our credit cards and mortgages, as these are usually pegged to the LIBOR.

In brief, Holmes’ son was kidnapped, drugged and made the fall guy in this black operation in order to intimidate and blackmail Dr. Holmes from testifying. The story at the link below is extensive. I recommend scrolling down about two pages and beginning at the article “Batman Massacre: WHY and HOW and WHO” by Grace Powers on July 28th. Powers notes that “Robert Holmes not only uncovered the true intent of the massive LIBOR banking fraud, but his ‘predictive algorithm model’ also traced the trillions of ‘hidden’ dollars to the exact bank accounts of the elite classes who stole it.”

Her article is supported by the timelines, police scanner audios, the videos of the eyewitness testimonies and some insightful thinking on her part. Then, if you really want to get into the deep occult connections between the London Olympics, the British monarchy, and much more, watch the video on the first page with the picture of QE I (Queen Elizabeth I) and her intimate advisor, John Dees. The timelines, the eyewitness testimony, Power’s article and more is here.

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