The Garden of Eden–Coming soon to your neighborhood?

Jul 4, 2012

I grew up in my pre-teen years living on a farm. During the decades of my adulthood, I gardened a few seasons. It is hard work and sometimes quite discouraging. Paul Gautschi states that it need not be that way. He shows us God’s way to grow food. This is exciting!

On this 4th of July, as we celebrate our American independence, I wanted to share with you something very positive and encouraging. The negative is that many of us are all too aware that the political independence we celebrate today, along with its concomitant freedom and liberty have been replaced by our enslavement to a hidden system that the Bible calls “Mystery, Babylon the Great.”

Nonetheless, there are signs of a very bright future for us in what the Bible calls “the kingdom,” in this context, referring to God’s perfected Stone Kingdom. One of those encouraging signs is the information in a video called Back to Eden.

Over the past few months, I have been sent emails by several friends encouraging me to take a look at this YouTube video. But when I see that it is an hour and a half long, I think to myself, “Ugh! Not another lengthy video that ‘James, you just gotta see this!’ But where can I find the time?”

I am so glad that I made the time to watch this. I was so impressed with the YouTube documentary that I ordered the DVD. On YouTube the whole film is 93 minutes. However, the DVD version includes another 45 minutes or so of other features, including about 20 minutes of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)—a very helpful addition.

If America is eventually saved by our Father into the Kingdom without great disruptions and chaos, then the knowledge in this film will be extraordinarily helpful in growing food God’s way. If, however, our path to the Kingdom is going to include a serious breakdown of society, then the information in this film could be critical to your survival and of many in your community.

The conventional methods of agriculture and gardening must go! We all have become aware of how depleted our soils have become and how, as a result, the nutritional value of our food has tanked. Farmers for several generations have been conned and cajoled into using hybrid seeds, applying artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other harmful products to the land. There is a better way—and it is not simply “going organic.”

This film demonstrates so much more. This is not pie-in-the-sky theory. God’s methods are explained and the results are seen. The humble, God-fearing man featured in the film is Paul Gautschi. He is simply sharing what God has shown him about how to grow food God’s way. He is truly a gentle-man. I transcribed part of Paul’s words from the trailer for the film. He says:

“When you look at the incredible landscape on planet earth: all the terrains, the varying soil conditions, the awesome water features: oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, the waterfalls; the different climates, the huge amounts of plants and ground covers—the requirements are so varied. Can one fathom how big a project that was?

When God designed the landscape project for planet earth, He was so genius, He designed it in such a way He would never have to show up to work. It is completely self-sustained. Today we have become so disconnected from the simplicity of God’s design. We till, we toil, we sweat, we stress out, we have become slaves of this labor-intensive process of growing food.

The issues that I see in agriculture are soil preparation, fertilization, irrigation, weed control, pest control, crop rotation, pH issues—none of these issues exist in nature. And what I am finding at my place is that none of them exist here either. We need to get back to the way God intended us to live, as in the garden of Eden.”

Whether you garden or not, whether you farm or not, is not the question. The question is “Do you eat?!” And are you interested in better health? Then you will be interested in this film. It is most remarkable, fascinating, truthful, enabling, and marvelous. It is inspiring. It will have you praising God for his awesome works!

It will be rewarding and a blessing simply to watch it. Here is the link Be sure to tell others about it as well. If I were not downsizing our inventory, I would most certainly be selling this DVD, it is that good! Have a happy and blest 4th of July!

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