Christ Turns “Green!”

Jun 26, 2012

I just received an email from Ron in Minnesota. How curious the “coincidences!” It seems that David from Texas (whom I also know) had noted a news report concerning how the Greenies have turned Christ “green” for their political agenda. (See Christ Turns ‘Green’ at U.N. Earth Summit — Literally). But our Father is in the “overwriting” business, and so this is actually wonderful news!

David had written: “What a sign, huh? The statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is all lit up in green! Doesn’t green mean new life or resurrection or something?… ”

Ron commented: “This just in this morning from a guy in Texas who has no idea that I just spoke about Rio and Christ the Redeemer two days ago. And let’s not forget Luke 23:31 For 3754 if 1487 they do 4160 these things 5023 in 1722 a green 5200tree 3586, what 5101 shall be done 1096 in 1722 the dry 3584?

Green is the color of resurrection. Just ask the grass and trees and flowers and………..well, you get the point. Green is also the midpoint color of the seven colors of the rainbow colors of Joseph’s robe. Jesus appeared in secret in the midst of the feast. The precise midpoint between 9/11/99 (2,000th anniversary Jesus’ birth) and Easter Sunday in 2033 is sometime in 2016. If this year does match the time of the appearing of the TREE OF LIFE within His corporate body, then surely it will be in a green tree bearing the fruit of the life of Christ, our only Redeemer. Amen? Amen…….”

Now here is a double witness “coincidence.” Neither David nor Ron knew that I also had spoken about green being a sign of the soon appearing of Christ. You see, on June 10th, at our SK Fellowship meeting in Atlanta, I had said this:

This new subsection of my series, Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom, will deal with Mystery Babylon and world communism. History books tell us that communism began with Karl Marx in the mid-1800s. Many believe that with the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, that communism is passé and no longer a threat.

I do not subscribe to that view. Rather, what we have here is more
deception—on several levels. And we will get into the details on that later, but for now I just want to tell you about one level of deception. This deception concerns a change of color.

What is the color that has historically been associated with international communism? Yes, the color red, of course. But I am here to tell you that in the so-called free and democratic nations in the West, that the Reds have become the Greens.

Lest someone be confused, let me qualify that: Am I saying that everyone who believes in having clean air, clean water and unpolluted land is a communist in disguise? Heavens, no! In fact, we would be hard pressed to find any rational human being who is not in favor of having clean air, water and land. In other words, everybody is in favor of clean air, water and unpolluted land.

What I am suggesting is that those at the very top and those behind the Greenies are really Reds. They have switched colors for purposes of deception and for gaining ever more control over all the world’s resources—the land, air and water—and with that, ever tighter tyrannical control over all people.

And now, in an attempt to lighten up what can be a very dark subject, let me preface my next remark by informing you that I am not merely making a little play on words, but I am also serious when I say this:

So we have red and green, and what holiday do we associate with red and green? Yes, Christmas. Christ is the light of the world. He is all powerful. Power can also be defined as energy. Therefore, we have the three elements of the fundamental equation E = mc2. Or energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. Or… Christmas means “Christ becomes mass.” Or, Christ enters the dimension of mass/matter. Therefore—and this is my opinion, prophetically speaking—if it’s Christmas time, that means that Christ is coming real soon! Hallelujah!

That Bible lecture is entitled: Israel, the Mount of Olives, and God’s Great Deceptions (CD #618), is being sent out in a few days to those on our CD Ministry. Others can order it from us for a gift of $8 ppd.

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