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Jekyll Island revisited

May 23, 2012

My blog of May 8th drew this response from a my friend in South Carolina. It seems our Father had him at work on the same project at the same time that I was on Jekyll Island. As I have been doing in my current lectures on Mystery Babylon, I encourage all Christians to become active in governmental affairs. The result of Christians doing nothing is anti-Christians running our lives by running “our” government.



Thanks much for the [blog] about your trip to Jekyll Island. I was immensely pleased to find out that you made the effort to visit the place, and then to share with us all the intercession you initiated to bring the ‘Creature’ to its demise. I wholeheartedly concur. About three years ago, I received a strange urging to find out about the Fed, what it is, where it came from, and what its role in our financial situation was all about. Needless to say, for three years I have been reading a lot of historical information, and some books that otherwise I would have never opened. The education of how we got to where we are is priceless.

On April 12 this year I put into the mail a letter I drafted to the senators and representatives from South Carolina, where I live. I have attached copy of the letter for your perusal. While you were in Jekyll Island asking Father for relief from the Beast, I was mailing letters to South Carolina elected officials requesting for them to do the same. Neither of us knew what the other was doing. It brings me Peace, once again, to find Our Father working through different vessels, independently of each other’s knowledge, addressing concerns for the establishment and management of His Kingdom. The attachment is in Microsoft Word.

To date I have only sent this to SC representatives. My intent is to send it to all I can. I am not e-mailing. It is amazing how effective a type written letter becomes. So far, Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint have responded. Nothing big, but acknowledgement of my charges against the Fed. Now that I have heard of your efforts, I will get more active in going forth with this campaign.

Thanks again for sharing your ministry. I find it encouraging, and motivating. Shalom and Shalom! (name withheld)


Here is my friend’s letter to his Senators and Representative. (You can use it as a model for sending to your Senators and Representatives—JWB)


From: (name & address withheld by JWB)

To: Senator Jim DeMint, 167 Russell Senate Office Building, United States Senate, Washington, DC 20510

My Dear Jim: As a fellow South Carolinian and committed American, I share with you the passionate desire to honestly halt the decline of the economic stability and productivity of our culture, and our very way of life. I have read much in the past three years concerning where we have come from, politically and culturally, and the depths to which we have fallen.

I am unequivocally convinced that our founding fathers had Divine Guidance in laying out for us a republic for a governance, and governing bodies isolated from each other by Constitutional construct to allow each facet of our government to operate effectively, and independently from external manipulative control. I am equally assured that only because of Divine Providence have we not been completely consumed by the destructive efforts of those that would enslave us all; financially as well as socially.

Socialism is a religion desiring to own and control the world, through financial coercion as well as by fiat government. We have already lost much of what made this United States of America the shining light of the world. Fortunately, and again by Divine Providence, we are awakening to the slavery we have been gradually deceived into accepting.

I see Light on the horizon. It is not too late to rescue ourselves from the decline we have been succumbing to. However, the road ahead is not easy, and we won’t recover over night. I’m sure no one recognizes this better than you. The pre-eminent understanding necessary to reverse the slide of our financial stability is recognizing the Federal Reserve Corp. as a corrosive and manipulative perpetrator of all of our financial ills.

Our founding fathers were well aware of the strangling control a privately owned central bank would have on our productivity, and future economic vitality. The reckless and irresponsible flaunting of fiscal activity by the Federal Reserve, and the Reserve’s owners’ dictates to our own Treasury Department, is tantamount to giving security and oversight authority to the foxes for the well being of the chickens.

No fiscal remedy to our global economic collapse will be of any benefit without first correcting the criminal activity of Congress allowing a private global company to manufacture and distribute dollars at will. Our founding fathers understood the fallacy of this policy, and wrote our Constitution to dictate against this corrupt foolishness.

I implore you, Jim, to recognize and address this national security concern as Priority 1. Only by the diligent pressure and oversight of honest and conscientious elected representatives as yourself will this country, this very Godly experiment in republicanism, expect to survive. The very planet, and all its inhabitants, is dependent upon the success of this entity called United States of America. I truly believe you have been placed, by God, for such a time as this.

Your integrity, your Oath of Office to defend our Constitution and your love for our country need you to be in the position of authority you have been given. You, and all of your colleagues, represent this most formidable presence of Godly Righteousness. No distortion of our Constitution can withstand your serious scrutiny, and I am convinced by my Faith in Our Heavenly Father that you and your elected peers will address the most pressing issue of our very survival.

Do not, Dear Brother, allow those that would deteriorate us for their own financial manipulation and gain succeed in their continued efforts to dismantle our economy through the corrupt and corrosive manipulation of the Federal Reserve. The entire globe now recognizes that the Federal Reserve, with its sister weapons, the IMF and World Bank (BIS) are a privately-owned cartel that is aggressively seeking to establish a singular global monetary alliance which they alone can dictate. This must not continue to succeed. And with your help and diligence, it will not.

I am sending this same request to all of our SC representatives, and ultimately to all Senators and Congressmen. I also intend to make this request to every public official I can access at the state and federal levels. I honestly believe this to be the first, and most important, action to be taken in correcting the deterioration of our economic health. And the defense of our Constitution demands this attention. T

Thank you for considering my concern. I know you are not unaware of the illegal activity which the Fed represents. Now is the time for the correction of this perversion of our society. It is do-able, and it is imperative we act now.

God Bless you and your family, and Thank You for your service to your country.

Sincerely, (name & address withheld), South Carolina

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