Financial Babylon Goes Cannibalistic

Jan 11, 2012

The link below is a very big story! As we observe Mystery Babylon collapsing in slow motion (from 2001-? 2016?), it appears we are now entering another major phase of its collapse as major financial firms are now attacking each other. As our intrepid reporter (the mild-mannered one) put it: “The Midianites (strife and contention) and the Amalekites are biting and devouring one another. Wonder where Gideon is hangin’ out with his committee of three hundred?” Here is the link or cut and paste this URL:

Our most recent lectures in our Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom series is entitled Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Mystery Babylon. You can order the pair of CDs from us now for $10 ppd. Or, we will have them posted for (fee) download in a week or two. I am currently occupied in composing the follow-up lecture.

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