Bonnie Gaunt Departs

Jan 26, 2012

Our dear friend, Bonnie Gaunt, has passed on from this earthly realm. Her son, Gene, notified us that she passed away Monday night (January 23, 2012) while in hospice care. Bonnie had been suffering for the past couple of years and while we are saddened to know that we will see her no longer in this life, we rejoice that her suffering has ended and that we will see her one day in her glorified body, hallelu-Yah!

I first met Bonnie back in 1988 when she and I were invited to speak at a Bible Conference in Van Wert, Ohio. I felt an immediate kinship with this wonderful lady who had such a sweet spirit. Who among us, upon meeting her, could not feel that love emanating from her immediately!?

Bonnie spent 40-plus years in the deep study of Bible numbers and their symbolism. She produced numerous books on this subject of Bible gematria. We have been making her books available to our readers for some time now. (They are not in our online store, but are available to those who subscribe (no charge) to our monthly postal mailing of our Feed My Sheep teaching letter. Click here to subscribe. We will send you an order form listing all her books which we stock.)

Bonnie later on (ca. 2000-2004) taught on a number of occasions to those of us who gathered for the Bible feast days conferences held at Port Austin, Michigan. It was a delight to again be in fellowship with this delightful lady. Over a year ago, Bonnie called me and asked me if I would help distribute a book she had just finished which she wanted to give away to her brothers and sisters in Christ.

Consequently, she sent me several cases of her book, The Dawn of Earth’s Great Millennium, (numerous charts, 122 pages), of which we still have some copies available. If you would like a copy (one per household, please), just sent us a note along with $4 to cover our shipping and handling costs, and we will be happy to send you this fine example of her work in Bible gematria. Note: this is available only via your note to us via postal mail (no emails on this, please; first-come, first-served, until our supply is exhausted).

We praise God for sending us this beautiful example of “Christ-in-you” in action for the decades during which she graced our presence! Rest in peace, dear sister!

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