Weighed in the balance…

Dec 22, 2010

This is a photograph of a statue which was found “for sale” in a back room of (presumably) an antiques store. (We don’t have any real information on the photo, just my perceptions.—JB) Several of the brothers and sisters associated with our fellowships have shared some ideas about it, and so I pass them on (edited by me) for your edification.

First, a quick observation of my own. Justice in the courts has been for sale in the back rooms for millennia. This will soon change as the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ comes into full “fruition.” Note that the top of the orange sign has the word “booth,” perhaps referring to a spatial location when the item might have been at a flea market. Of course, biblically, it is the feast of booths (Tabernacles) at which time Christ will return with the overcomers and the Kingdom in its fullness will commence.

Now here are some other observations. Linda wrote: “This is the Statue I was speaking of. I had told her we need to see the giants in the promised land as grasshoppers and US as the giants! But there would have to be a huge change of heart before the giants could become grasshoppers and see us as giants.”

I would think the book is the Bible and she is standing on the Word of God…the Sword is what she has let come out of her mouth that has caused her to stand. She has taken the EYE of the Spirit to SEE from and has closed off the double-minded vision of the world and is blind to all but the mind of Christ. This is how she sees. She was judged in Christ and He paid the price to set her free. She has overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of her testimony! She has been weighed in the scales of our Father God’s justice with mercy and grace and FOUND VICTORIOUS! Glory! This is what I see in this statue. Thank you for sending and I am going to pass it on!

(…which she did, sending it to myself and Ron.) Ron then responded:

“This is the Scales of Justice statue commonly found in courtrooms throughout America. It seems that the scales have been slightly out of balance for some time now (a profound understatement on my part of course).

Father was referring to this exact statue on the night Babylon fell as recorded in Daniel 5 when the handwriting appeared on the wall. The Babylonian kingdom was being “weighed in the balance(s)” and found “wanting”. They had a debt they couldn’t pay (namely trying to bring forth fruits of THE KINGDOM and they only had 70 years to do it and the time was up for foreclosure proceedings to begin.

Remember, that’s the night the Euphrates River (Euphrates means fruitful) was diverted and the flow of currency was given to another. Think Dinar. Remember, Iraq is the location of ancient Babylon.

The scales of justice were also demonstrated in Exodus 17 in the great battle with Amalek where Aaron and Hur had to hold up Moses’ arms. I’ve spoken on this a handful of times over the years, but there’s too much detail for my time here. Just know that this is also unfolding even as we write. Get ready. Change is at the door. Let the gang know. Blessings to all. Will send more stuff in the coming days.

- the reporter

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