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Jesus Is King Over America Redux

Dec 6, 2010

We received an email from a friend late last night with a link to this brief video of a new painting. It is quite moving, both visually and because of the stirring music which accompanies it. I like the “God and country” sentiment that it portrays; but I like it even more because to me it portrays Christ as King over America! As mentioned in a previous blog, did we not expect to see signs of Christ as King this year!? I do not know the denomination of the artist but he makes the comment that to him the Constitution was “inspired.” Many Mormons believe that. Others use the term “inspired” in the non-religious sense, meaning that it was a brilliant document, but they do not mean to place it on a par with the Word of God.

My own view is that the Constitution was indeed a brilliant document—the best basis of any government that man has ever devised. And yet, it was also fatally flawed and evil men have taken advantage of it. We are now living in the days of its disintegration. But look up! For the perfect government of Jesus Christ and His Stone Kingdom is on the horizon! I would have loved the painting yet more if the artist had portrayed the King holding the Bible. It’s about 3 minutes; watch it here.

Category: Spirituality