Addendum to Counterfeit Jubilee

Aug 9, 2010

In my haste, I had neglected to include another fact which points to the timing and significance of the Jubilee trial balloon. Can’t you just see our Father chuckling as we discover that this Jubilee sign occurred during the very week that Mr. Obama turned 49? (Although 50 is a number associated with both Pentecost and Tabernacles-Jubilee, the number 49 is associated only with Jubilee, not Pentecost.) His birthday, August 4th, is the 216th day of the year.

Ron Oja has expounded to us in great depth at our conferences over the years on the astounding significance of the number 216…having to do with Joshua (type of Yahshua-Jesus), with the moon and Jericho, the second appearing of the Savior, the fall of Babylon, and dozens of other related aspects.

How soon after this trial balloon of a false Jubilee will it be before we see the actual forgiveness and cancellation of ALL DEBT? Will it happen within one year from Mr. Obama’s birthday? I do not know. My feeling is that we should watch very carefully the political relationship between Sarah Palin and Mr. Obama as it develops in the months/years ahead.

Category: Political Matters