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About the Stone Kingdom Chronicles

Feb 5, 2010

Journal Entry for February 5, 2010


A few days ago, we posted the first article in the Stone Kingdom Chronicles [SKC]. Stone Kingdom Chronicles is a new online publication produced by Dr. James W. Bruggeman and SKM. Its motto and primary purpose can be summarized thus: To observe and chronicle the fall of “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT” and the simultaneous manifestation of the Stone Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

But we would not limit ourselves to that subject only—as broad as it is. SKC will be an on-going feature and teaching tool of SKM [Stone Kingdom Ministries], providing news and commentary on any and all aspects of God’s creation.

A few words of explanation are necessary as to what is meant by those two terms: “Mystery, Babylon the Great” and “the Stone Kingdom.” In brief, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT [MBG] is a world empire, a world ruling system which was prophesied to be extant in the period just preceding the second coming (appearing) of Christ. Money and power are the gods of MBG, whereas the souls and lives of people are of the least value. The chief value of ordinary people is as slaves to the rulers of this end-time empire.

The Stone Kingdom, with Jesus Christ as King, was prophesied to destroy and replace all previous world empires (see Daniel, chapter 2). That destruction of MBG and manifestation of the Stone Kingdom will inaugurate what in Bible prophecy is known as “the Millennium”—a golden age of peace on earth, the utopia that men have long desired, a 1,000-year period (whether literal or figurative) during which Jesus Christ and His overcomer-saints rule the earth in righteousness. We believe we are now in that time of the end (of MBG) and the commencement of the Millennium (prophetically known as the Age of Tabernacles).

There are basically only two systems, two forms of government: man’s or God’s. For 6,000 years, man has tried all types of government, most resulting in tyranny. The republic established by the Founding Fathers was the best to date, but ultimately, its fatally flawed Constitution opened the door to its destruction. Although politicians still pay lip service to it, that destruction is now almost complete. Concomitantly, MBG is reaching the final lap in its race to establish total global government. They seek to control every aspect of people’s lives—right down to controlling the thermostat in your home under the guise of global warming.

God’s Kingdom government will also govern every aspect of life, but it will result in the greatest liberty for all—much greater even than we Americans have enjoyed at the height of the American Republic. Yes, God’s Stone Kingdom will govern every aspect of life—that’s why Christianity was initially called “the Way.” Not only because Jesus is the Way to eternal life, but because following Jesus is a way of life, a manner of living right now, right here on terra firma.

As we chronicle the events of our era, we will be contrasting and comparing the two systems—exposing the values, methods and means employed by MBG with the principles and laws of the Creator, who is your and my Father.

As editor-reporter-analyst-commentator for SKC, my beat is the world, and it covers the gamut of any and all subjects. That is because the realm of God includes everything. Therefore, in the pages of SKC you will find stories and articles concerning –

  • The realm of religion and theology
  • The realm of politics and government
  • The realm of information and knowledge, science and technology
  • The realm of history
  • The realm of current events and their coverage by the media
  • The realm of philosophy
  • The realm of education
  • The realm of law
  • The realm of medicine and health
  • The realm of sports and entertainment
  • and on and on.

Specifically, we will take reports from around the globe—whether in the form of a magazine or news article (hard copy or online), or in the form of an audio recording, an audio-video recording (such as from YouTube), and we will use such resources to teach the Ways of the Kingdom of God, i.e., the Stone Kingdom. Incidentally, you can assist us by being part of our “Research Department.” When you find something you believe is worth passing on to us, please do so.

But may I ask this? Do not merely forward articles with sensationalistic headlines in the email’s subject line. In other words, do not send me articles, links, etc. with the subject line reading: “Wow, you gotta read this,” or “Very important!” etc. I already get numerous emails like that. I do not have the time to open them to find out WHY it’s very important, or WHY it deserves a “Wow.” So if you would take a minute to change the subject line and tell me WHY, then it just might get my attention. Instead of “Very Important,” if the subject line says, for example, “Plot uncovered to assassinate the Pope,” that will get my attention. So thank you in advance for your help.

One final thing, just for the record: The Bible clearly teaches that the Stone Kingdom is going to destroy and replace all the kingdoms (governments) of the earth (probably in a gradual process as we count time). When we began this ministry back in the late 1980’s, the name “Stone Kingdom Ministries” came to us “out of the blue.” I want to emphasize the fact that just because we have the name, Stone Kingdom, it does not mean that we see ourselves as some great person or someone who has a major or key role to play in either the destruction of MBG or the manifestation of the Lord’s Stone Kingdom. I am just a sinner saved by grace like all other Christians: a nobody. I am striving to follow where my Lord leads, and I believe he has outfitted me for the job I am currently doing. I am teaching His Word. I am revealing the mysteries about Babylon the Great and I am teaching about God’s Stone Kingdom. However, that does not mean that I am the leader or a leader of “the Stone Kingdom,” which some who are ignorant of the Bible might mistakenly surmise to be some sort of worldly and militant organization that is trying to overthrow our government or some other such idiocy. Exactly what the Stone Kingdom is, I will be explaining in the months and years to come.

I believe that our present government will be changed, but I am just an observer and commentator. I do not advocate violence. I believe that God Himself—on His timetable—will bring about this change of governments. I pray good for our leaders at all levels. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for peace in New Jer-USA-lem.

I trust you will be edified, enlightened and informed as you become a regular reader of the Stone Kingdom Chronicles.

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