Update for Friday, January 22, 2010

Jan 22, 2010
Following is a report from James, as dictated to me this morning.

Tuesday, I had the second epidural spinal injection. By Wednesday, I felt so good (almost pain free!) that I might have overdone it. Or worse, it could be that I am experiencing symptoms of a serious and worsening condition.

Yesterday, I was beset with frequent paroxysms of pain – this despite still being on pain medication. When I called the doctor, his immediate reaction was one of concern. He has suggested that I may still have to have an MRI – although he is quite cognisant of the fact that I have no health insurance (being self-employed in this small ministry, I’ve never been able to afford that expense.) – and he has assured me that he doesn’t wish to run up my bill needlessly.

When I suggested that I may have overdone it on Wednesday because I felt so good, he agreed that it was a good possibility and asked for details about what I may have done that would constitute “overdoing it.” My explanation was that I twice left my second floor bedroom to walk down the stairs to the kitchen and back up again, without crutches. That same day, I also spent several hours (cumulatively, not all at once) in my recliner doing some reading and studying…again, much more time out of bed than I had recently been accustomed to.

I am concerned that just that little bit of activity on Wednesday would cause so much pain yesterday. So, I am struggling today with the prospect of not “doing” anything, but just remaining in bed all day – where I am presently scribbling these notes for CD to edit and post for your information. I hope I have a better progress report next time.

Please pray to our Father that He will give me the grace to “get it” – to learn what I am supposed to be learning from this, and ask Him to heal my spine, disk, and other organs and tissues involved. Thank you all in the name of our Savior and Healer, Jesus Christ.


CD Smith, Stone Kingdom Webmaster
January 22, 2010

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