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Update on Dr. James

Jan 15, 2010

James called today to share his progress with all of you.

He is now able to sit in a recliner for short stints of time (5-10 minutes) with only a minimal amount of pain. This is an improvement, as he previously could not sit at all without severe pain. He is also now able to hobble to the bathroom on crutches. His progress over the upcoming weekend will determine if a second spinal injection is required to reduce inflammation.

During the night, he is suffering from frequent leg muscle cramps (spasms) – having 9 episodes last night alone. He thinks these are protestations of his lower leg and thigh muscles to the “permanent lockdown” status of his gluteus, back and other thigh muscles. He feels better during the daylight hours, but needs until noon to recover from the issues he has at night, although he is getting more sleep (3 hours, 4 hours, and 5 hours respectively over the last 3 nights – these totals are cumulative for the evenings, not as consecutive chunks). By 9 am, the lower leg cramping finally slows down enough for him to get some real sleep, albeit in 10-15 minute increments.

James regrets that he is unable to research, study, write, present and produce bible lectures this month. As best he can recall, this is the first time in 20 years of ministry that the monthly tapes or CDs will not be going out. He expects to be back on schedule next month. On a more positive note, this weekend is Fellowship Weekend, and James’ Stone Kingdom – Atlanta fellowship is meeting without him. When he heard this news, it thrilled him quite a bit.

James once again thanks you all for your prayers, and asks for you to continue to do so.


CD Smith, Stone Kingdom Webmaster
Posted January 15, 2010

Category: James' Health