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Dr. James' Current Situation

Jan 18, 2010

From Dr. James: “I think I’m improving. I will know more after my visit with the doctor tomorrow.”

After halving the dosage of his pain medication, and increasing the time between dosages, James has discovered that the pain is still there – not an encouraging sign.

He was awake until 4:45 this morning. However, the pain medication did allow him to get significant amounts of cumulative sleep the night before (Saturday), albeit in 10-20 minute increments. This is an improvement over previous nights, when he watched – with much pain and NO sleep – those 10-20 minute segments click by all night long.

As soon as is practicable, we will post an update from his doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Until then, he thanks you all for your prayers and hopes you will continue with them.

CD Smith, Stone Kingdom Webmaster
Posted January 18, 2010

Category: James' Health