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How God Defeats Mystery Babylon – and how we might be involved by Dr. James Bruggeman

Part 1 of 2

Presented September 7, 2018. James reviews a conundrum he encountered as to the role of Christian believers in the fall of Mystery Babylon. Are Christians to be passive or active? And if active, in exactly what way(s)?

Part 2 of 2

Presented September 7, 2018. Engaging in spiritual warfare without proper preparation can be dangerous. James discusses the Divine Courtroom, the outworking of our cleansing the land on a national basis and in James’ personal life and ministry. Astounding coincidences James experienced are related.

Proofs that the Bible Was Written for Today by Ron Oja

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Presented September 7, 2018. (Caveat: Extensive use of visuals: DVD version now in post-production.) Ron explains biblical violations of “free will,” converging time lines in prophecy and how current high technology is fulfilling Bible prophecy.


A Spiritual Journey from Courtship to Marriage by Rob Corry

Volume 1: The Courtship, Part 1 of 2

Volume 1: The Courtship, Part 2 of 2

Presented September 7, 2018.This two-part lecture shares revelations regarding the process that our inner, spirit man experiences as our true identity “In Christ” is drawn into a courtship with the bridegroom Jesus.“The Courtship” is the first of three phases of spiritual maturity leading to Betrothal and Marriage. The lecture discusses the emotional and spiritual experiences of courtship; the mindset and reaction of our new, spirit man contrasted with our old, carnal man; and the importance of training our spiritual senses for perceiving and engaging with Christ “in you”. (Caveat: Extensive use of visuals: DVD version now in post-production.)


Learning to Judge Righteously by Dr. Stephen Jones

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Presented September 8, 2018. Kingdom authority involves learning how to judge the world (1 Cor. 6:2), if we are to sit on the thrones (Dan. 7:9; Rev. 20:4) surrounding the Great White Throne. We must know the purpose of judgment and how to apply it properly.


His Tent Is In U.S.! by Debra Fields Buck

Presented September 8, 2018 The blueprint of ancient Israel’s Tabernacle in the Wilderness is laid out in the geography, natural resources and landmarks of America. (Fair Warning: You may want to wait for the DVD version as Debi’s two lectures use visuals extensively.)

Trump is Cyrus 2.0! by Debra Fields Buck

Presented September 8, 2018. Isaiah 45 details the election, inauguration and presidency of Donald J. Trump, 45th president of the United States of America.

Older Lectures by Dr. Bruggeman – Available for Free Download

Death of Diana by Dr. James Bruggeman

Joseph, The Overcomer, Part 1 by Dr. James Bruggeman

The Character of Saul & David Series by Dr. James Bruggeman – All 54 files available!

Deborah, Esther and Sarah Palinby Dr. James Bruggeman

Lecture 1 of 6

Lecture 2 of 6

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