#127 - Prophetic Signs at Manassas — Part Two: The Doe-Dough (Dollar$) and the Dung


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Prophetic Signs at Manassas --- Part Two: The Doe-Dough (Dollar$) and the Dung

Issue #127

June 2009

This is a continuation from last month’s FMS in which we were reporting on the multitude of prophetic signs in connection with our Passover-Resurrection Bible Conference held in Manassas, Virginia (suburban Washington) this past April.

As we left off, we were describing how that on both Saturday and Sunday of the conference, a dead deer was found (one each day) on the premises of the Four Points-Sheraton—a unique event in that the hotel staff could not ever remember even one deer dying on the premises, let alone two. Initially, as I and several others of our group were looking at the first carcass, one brother remarked that it looks like “the buck stops here.” Even when the gender of the deer was discovered to be female, it did not change the prophetic symbolism, because while the “buck” is slang for the dollar, likewise, the doe (dough) is also slang for money. “Remember,” says Ron Oja, “God is hooked on phonics.” We understood the sign as “the end of the dough.”

As is often the case, prophetic signs can have both a positive and a negative meaning, interpretation and fulfillment. From the positive perspective, our take on the double witness of the dead deer, is that indeed our U.S. dollar—which has been the “reserve currency” of the world for the past half century—that the end of that status is just around the corner. Just prior to our Manassas Conference, Wall Street insider and former NY Fed chairman, now Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, in remarks to the Council on Foreign Relations essentially stated that “we are looking at steps in that direction;” i.e., towards a one-world currency, replacing the dollar. Shortly thereafter, President Obama made the trip to the G-20 conference in London, at which the statements of the world leaders clearly signaled that a one-world currency is the goal. Even this very week as I write, the Russians and the Chinese are both calling for the replacement of the dollar as the world’s currency. It’s the end of the dough on a global basis.

It is also the end of the dough from the perspective that—just as during the Great Depression of the 1930’s—the money supplied dried up. The spigots were turned off. The same is happening now. Even though the banks are being bailed out by “gazillions” of dollars of printing press money—the so-called TARP bill—and despite the fact that interest rates are relatively very low, not much of the money is getting into general circulation, but rather is either being kept by the banks to shore up their balance sheets and/or it is being paid to the Chinese and other holders of U. S. government debt. Curious how they called it TARP, for Troubled Assets Recovery Program...to me, a “tarp” is a tarpaulin, used for covering up things.

We have been enslaved by the “funny money,” the fiat money and usury-debt system controlled by the Federal Reserve System, for nearly a century now. But the good news is that the Mystery Babylonian money system is coming to an end. It’s the end of the dough in that sense also! The cumulative debts of our government and the inhabitants of this land are now so unbelievably enormous that at some point some brave leader is going to be left with only one recourse: to essentially “declare a jubilee.” That means a total repudiation of all debts “public and private.” All debts will be cancelled. That’s God’s way. (Please note: I am not suggesting anyone run up their debt.) And if we were following His laws for the nation, we would have a jubilee declaration every 50th year. It’s God’s

“reset button” for a national economy. For the details on God’s laws of Jubilee, see FMS #33-37 on our website. As I went back and looked up when I wrote those, I began to wonder: was it just a coincidence that we were in the middle of that series in September of 2001?...when God gave the unmistakable sign of the impending collapse of the world’s monetary and trade system, by the World Trade Center towers being reduced to rubble in in one hour? Literally! (...Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come. Revelation 18:10)

That was the trigger event prophetically of what we believe might well be a 15-year period (a prophetic “hour” on another Biblical time scale) during which time we will continue to see the collapse of the power of Mystery Babylon. Will our money system last that long? We don’t know. It does not appear so. Our guess is that the powers-that-think-they-be have a plot in mind to deliberately collapse the money system so that they can then introduce either a one-world currency in one fell swoop, or a regional (North American) currency (the amero?) as a stepping stone to the global currency. In either case, our take is that they will overplay their hand and things will get so far out of their control that the brave leader will arise by the hand of God to declare the cancellation of all debts (jubilee) out of absolute necessity. Note: I could be wrong. I am not prophesying by the word of the Lord, just forecasting from the available evidence.

The bad news—the negative aspect of this prophetic sign of the end of the dough—is that over the course of the next seven years or more, it is going to be some rough sledding in our nation. I mean that not only in the financial sense, but across the spectrum— all areas of life in America will be gravely impacted. In our future mailings, we will have some suggestions on how Christians might want to be preparing—and should be already taking prudent and lawful steps.

When that period of trouble ends, we will be living in a far different nation than we do now. Meanwhile, with the collapse of many huge financial institutions, we are beginning to see the fall of the House of Esau. The consolidations, corporate mergers and buy-outs among many of the giant businesses in all sectors and industries appears to some of us to be one way to look at the gathering of the tares in bundles to burn. Jesus’ parable prophesying the end of the age appears to be in process.

Matthew 13:30 Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.

Again, as Ron says, “Remember, Esau has money to burn,” which is a reference, in part, to this verse:

Obadiah 1:18 And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau; for the LORD [YHWH] hath spoken it.

The Scriptures indicate that the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous. Does that mean that all Christians will be monetarily rich and have unlimited funds to lavish upon their own desires? No, not at all. We believe it suggests that the wealth of the House of Esau-Edom will be transferred to the overcomers to administer for the betterment of all people as the (Stone) Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ supplants the kingdoms (governments) of this world.

We could elaborate on all this for hours, but we have already discussed it to some extent in our sixpart, audio lecture album Sarah Palin: A Prophetic Perspective, and also in our two-part lecture at Manassas entitled: Inheritance at Manassas and the Davidic Covenant. See Resources, page 4.

The Dung Story, Episode One

In Bible symbolism, dung is equated with idols and idolatry is in turn equated with witchcraft. Therefore, we have a three-way symbolism: a = b = c; dung, idols (idolatry), and witchcraft are all likened to each other. For more background, see Dr. Stephen Jones’ The Laws of Wormwood and Dung and Ron Oja’s two-part lecture, The Ministry of Dung, in the Resource list, pg. 4. As students of God’s Word, it is therefore clear to many of us that both church and state have been thoroughly corrupted and are, as it were, full of dung. It might be unnecessary to cite any examples for this audience, but let me share two that perhaps had not occurred to some. Idolatry in government? Surely, the three greatest are the love of money, the power that it brings, and the fame (pride) of sitting at or near the pinnacle of power. Related to all that is witchcraft, which in one of its varied meanings is the use of occult (i.e., hidden) means to obtain and exercise power of others. Surely, the arcane but utterly simple mechanism of the Federal Reserve to create money out of thin air qualifies as witchcraft in that sense because the vast majority of the people have no idea they are enslaved, let alone the mechanism through which it has been accomplished. (See The Creature from Jekyll Island for the complete story.)

Not long after our Tabernacles Conference at Sweetwater, Tennessee last October, James, one of the men in our Stone Kingdom-Atlanta fellowship approached me privately and told me that he felt he was hearing from the Lord in that when we went to Manassas next spring, that some sort of spiritual work was to be done at the seat of our federal government. My immediate response to him was from my carnal mind, thinking only of the logistics: I pointed out that the conference would only be three days long and with all the speakers, there would not be time to go into downtown D.C.—it would simply take up too much time. Let’s wait and see what happens, I added.

I am a little slow on the uptake, I admit. Recall how I shared elsewhere how it took me “only” four witnesses before I moved ahead to plan the Sweetwater Conference in 2008. This time, however, the Spirit got my attention with only two witnesses. No credit to me, however, because the Word of the Lord came directly to Maureen and Paula in (Northern) Ireland to “anoint the Capitol.” Of course, neither James in Atlanta nor our sisters in Ireland had any knowledge of the other. When I got Maureen’s email, only I knew of both, so with a flurry of emails, it was decided that we would go to Manassas several days before the Conference to do the anointing work.

As people sent in their Conference registrations to our offices, some indicated they were planning to come early, and so I shared with them our plans and told them it was open to whoever wished to join us at the Capitol. As the Lord would have it, there were 32 brethren (includes women and children. Ah, c’mon, is political correctness getting so pervasive that we need to clarify that “brethren” is a generic term here? Answer: for the general public, yes; and since new readers are continually finding FMS on the web or through your sharing them, we will make sure it’s clear.)

In Bible numerology, 32 is the number representing “covenant.” We thought that was a nice touch by our Father. First, I had just finished lecture #32 in my series on The Covenants of the Bible. But second, and most importantly, our faith and trust in our Father to deliver us hinges on the fact that He always has been, is, and will continue to be a covenant-keeping God, and He has chosen to make covenant with us, His Christian Israel people, halleluYah! (Do I need to likewise explain that “numerology” in biblical studies is not evil, wrong, pagan, etc.; it is biblical, duh! Ron Oja majors in it: we even entitled one collection of his lectures: God Paints by the Numbers.)

In that flurry of emails between here and Ireland, the question arose as to which oil(s) should be used to do the anointing. Of course, there was an underlying assumption (at least on my part) that the oil would be one or more of God’s healing oils from the essences of the plant kingdom, of which I have roughly 150 different singles or blends in my possession. But your Father is full of surprises and He has this astounding sense of humor. Just look at Ron. (We love you, Ron!)

A month before the Conference, I posed the question to our Atlanta fellowship, and opened the floor to suggestions. Immediately—almost as though it was by the Spirit and not from his conscious mind (wink, wink)—the same James blurted out: castor oil! As the waves of laughter subsided, we proceeded to hear other suggestions. Later, on the trip back to Asheville, I pondered the situation, and suddenly it occurred to me (remember, I told you I’m a little slow on the uptake!): Castor oil—of course! Why not? Both church and state are full of dung, and since we were going to the hub of state—to the core of our federal government, what could be more appropriate than to anoint the Capitol with castor oil?! Indeed, the Spirit was speaking through James.

As one of the most important remedies in grandma’s medicine cabinet, castor oil has long been used for therapeutic purposes in the body. The principle, of course, is that before true healing can begin, the body must be purged of the accumulated toxins. And when constipation sets in, serious health hazards are on the immediate horizon. At the next stage, if the bowel becomes impacted, the dung is not moving out at all, and it constitutes an acute crisis which can easily lead to death, if not dealt with in a timely manner. In the old days, when travel to a hospital or doctor for such a condition was too far away or impossible, the use of castor oil was often a life-saver. It could be ingested orally, or if the case were more critical, it could be injected rectally, as in a suppository.

Ron Oja was once publicly prayed over before speaking and through a divinely-ordained slip-of-thetongue, he was referred to as a “suppository of God’s Word.” Of course, the by-then elderly gentleman, who had been a prominent figure in the Latter Rain Movement, had meant to say a “depository,” but as Ron understands it and has often said, “I know my place in the Body.” (I believe Ron tells the story in one of his messages at the Manassas Conference.) Not surprisingly then, Ron was among the 32 members of the Body who corporately anointed the Capitol with castor oil.

When castor oil does its work, it causes what in professional nursing jargon is called a BM (bowel movement) or an “evacuation(of the bowels.)

As the 32 of us left the D. C. Metrorail station and walked to the Capitol, I was trying to remember the last time I was there. I know for certain that I was actually in the Capitol precisely to the month 20 years previously, in 1989; but, oh, how it has changed! The security measures are ubiquitous. As we turned the corner and saw the front, I noticed immediately that there was no one going up and down the steps. Instead, there were pairs of Capitol Police stationed within yards of each other all across the top of the steps. Chain barriers had been erected all around, not far from the bottom of each set of steps. Our intent had been simply to anoint the top and bottom of the steps ascending to the Capitol. To us, that was sufficient for the spiritual work. We did not actually have to enter the building. The more low-key, the better, we thought. Puzzled, I naively asked one of the policemen if we could just walk up the steps—not to enter but just to go to up?

“Oh, sure,” he replied, “as far as the chains.”

“Well, then, how do the people get in? I asked.

“Through the Visitor Center, underground,” he responded, pointing to the underground entrance about 80 yards distant. “But you can’t go in there now,” he quickly added, “because it has just been evacuated.”!

We marveled at how Father was giving us a sign immediately preceding the work we were there to do. Another in our group, Evelyn, discerned that we should go around the “back side” of the Capitol. She did not say this, but where else would you apply the suppository?? There we found a set of six steps (6 being the number of man and imperfection) at the very bottom and which were open to the public on a wide plaza-like setting, so that we were between the Capitol and the Masonic Washington Monument at the far end of the Mall. (N.B., Masonry, 32 degrees!)

Husband and wife, Tom and Evelyn, representing male and female, and the American/Joseph branch of God’s Stone Kingdom, anointed the bottom step with castor oil. Because it would create a smelly release of dung, Maureen (with the 12 from Ireland representing the British throne/Judah aspect of the Kingdom) then poured a covering of sweet Hawaiian perfume oil on top of the castor oil. The top step was anointed with frankincense oil for Godly spiritual understanding to come to our leaders—those left in place after the spiritual BM. The frankincense was supplemented with the oil blend Joy. It was specially formulated for the heart and our emotional nature. So Joy was poured out for the heart of the nation and its leaders. As the anointing concluded, the Spirit gave a prophetic word through Maureen for approximately five minutes, as she and we stood on those six steps.

Later that evening, those who had stayed to do some sight-seeing around the Mall reported that two hours after the anointing, the entire Capitol building was evacuated!! A sign following! Maureen’s husband, Bill, discovered that from the Capitol basement floor to the top of the dome is an ascent of 365 steps. They wondered if the anointing was to be relevant to one-year’s time. In any event, it is beginning.

However, none of us expected the deluge of dung to begin first in the British Parliament! In the past couple weeks, a huge scandal has erupted. As one pundit put it, “It’s the biggest political scandal for decades and it began when The Daily Telegraph newspaper, a respectable conservative non-tabloid, acquired a disk detailing the expense-allowance claims of almost every—and here I use the formal parliamentary term —almost every ‘Honorable Member.’ This was an official document. It contained facts, not allegations.” On its website, www.telegraph.co.uk, the paper gives a complete list of the MP’s and their shocking expenses. It has outraged the British populace. Already, I counted 11 of Prime Minister Brown’s cabinet ministers gone— and numerous MP’s resigning. Many are the calls for Brown himself to resign. The Body is being cleansed! This is the Lord’s doing. He is crushing the idol of the love of money! And it is beginning in the land of the throne of David. Will a similar cleansing occur in Washington, D.C.? We continue to watch and say “amen” to what our Father is doing. HalleluYah!


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