#75 - Should We Fight Babylon?


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Should We Fight Babylon?

Issue #75

February 2005

We decided to give part 2 a title which gets to the central question for knowledgeable Christians who love their country. Should we resist and physically fight against a wicked King Saul-type government, a government which also just happens to simultaneously fit the biblical description of “Mystery Babylon?” Should Christians take matters into their own hands to extinguish evil in government? Last month, in part one (available on request), we drew parallels between the case of two ancient Israelite patriots in 2 Samuel 4 who decided to help David come to the throne by assassinating the reigning King Ishbosheth, son of Saul— parallels between their actions and some recent events.

In part one, we related two examples of individuals or groups in present day America who were allegedly “Christian patriots” who allegedly committed acts of violence à la Baanah and Rechab in 2 Samuel 4. Now to continue, here is a third recent example:

Many readers will recall the night during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta when a bomb went off in Olympic Park, causing the deaths of two people. Immediately, attention focused on security guard Richard Jewell. Law enforcement agencies and the news media made the poor man’s life a living hell for many weeks before officials decided he was probably not the bomber. Meanwhile, a gay bar in Atlanta was bombed about that same time, and in January of 1998, an abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama was bombed. Eventually, the Olympic Park bombing, and the other two were all said to have been the work of a then 31-year old carpenter named Eric Robert Rudolph from Andrews, NC.

As Providence would have it, Stone Kingdom Ministries had been holding monthly services in the small town of Andrews (located about 90 minutes from Asheville) since about 1993. Consequently, when the news media announced Mr. Rudolph as the prime suspect, we in the SKM-Andrews fellowship all became quite interested in the story. I clipped and collected a file full of news stories about Mr. Rudolph and his alleged deeds. Prior to the headlines about Rudolph, I had never heard of the man.

One of the news accounts stated that Rudolph was a follower of Nord Davis, Jr. Mr. Davis was a prolific author and teacher of Christian-Israel identity from the dual-seedline perspective. He and his family lived in Andrews. I had met and chatted with Nord on several occasions. Although we had some differences of opinion on various issues, we exchanged publications and were on friendly terms towards one another. Sadly, Nord died of cancer in September of 1997.

Nord wrote many pamphlets under the name of Northpoint Teams about the various aspects of the encroaching world government. His writings made a lot of sense to many people on issues like driver’s licenses, marriage licenses, the social security number (Is it the mark of the Beast?), and vaccinations and colloidal title and the Federal Reserve System, the 16th amendment and income taxes, about citizenship in the United States (designated by initial capital letters), which is in reality a corporation; i.e., a business enterprise(!); versus being a citizen of the (lower case) united States of America, and many related topics.

So with all of that, here is another example of an individual, Eric Robert Rudolph, who evidently learned a lot from the patriot movement and is alleged to have understood the Israel identity message as well. Now he stands accused of these heinous crimes. Readers may also recall how the little town of Andrews (population c. 3,000) was virtually invaded by federal agents. Eventually some 200 FBI and BATF agents set up a base of operations in Andrews and undertook what is reportedly the largest manhunt for a single individual in FBI history.

Since Rudolph was said to believe “identity,” the newspaper articles about Rudolph sometimes tried to link Stone Kingdom Ministries with him by stating that we are one of the leading identity ministries and alleging that we are a prominent “hate group” in Western North Carolina. In that way, the media continue to reinforce the lie that identity equates with hatred. Meanwhile, federal agents remained in the Andrews area until Rudolph was finally captured in nearby Murphy, NC last year. Rudolph’s trial is set to begin in May this year. And so, if, I repeat, if Eric Robert Rudolph is guilty of the acts of violence of which he is accused, then, (to repeat the refrain from examples #1 and #2 in last month’s FMS), he greatly miscalculated his own reward for doing what he thought was fulfilling the will of God.

During those years of what I call “federal occupation lite,” we continued to hold our SKM fellowship meetings openly (in a restaurant, and later in a bank’s community room). We let it be known around Andrews that we would welcome any federal agents who wanted to sit in on our services to see just what kind of “hate group” we are. (None ever attended, to the best of my knowledge.) Of course, we never have suggested or plotted, and never will suggest or plot, to overthrow the government or commit any acts of violence.

Rather, our study of the Scripture teaches us that if we want to be overcomers—which is the theme of these past many issues of FMS—then the pattern for an overcomer is to be like David. Remember, while David was in hiding from Saul, he had two wide open opportunities to kill Saul. Yet David would not strike down the Lord’s anointed. He suffered patiently under Saul’s reign and waited for God to orchestrate the events which would place him in rulership over God’s people. The point is, it appears that as we transition from the age of Pentecost to the age of Tabernacles, that there have been and perhaps will be more Rechabs and Baanahs who think they are doing God a service by taking out the perceived bad guys.

There are those who think that if we don’t go out there and make it happen, then God’s Plan will get all off schedule, so, they say, let’s go out there and “bring in the kingdom.” Jesus mentioned those who would try to seize the kingdom by force and violence. (Matthew 11:12) Did you ever wonder whom He was referring to? Did you think it was just those nasty Pharisees? Could Jesus in long-range prophetic vision have also been referring to socalled “Christian patriots” as well?!!

There are others who believe that Christians who become aware of “the conspiracy” must refuse to pay taxes, that we must refuse to have a social security number, we must rescind our driver’s license (because you have a right to travel), and we should have no car insurance, or any other insurance, for that matter; that married couples should rescind their marriage licenses, etc., etc. That made a certain amount of sense to me at one time, too. But I have come to see that the pattern of overcomers in the Bible enjoins no such thing.

We have been studying David as a pattern for overcomers, but perhaps some day we will demonstrate this further by studying other great overcomers such as Daniel, Joseph and Jeremiah. Let me give you the “Readers’ Digest” version of Jeremiah as it applies to this treatise. You see, in Jeremiah’s day, the Judah nation had come under the dominion of the empire of Babylon. (The ten northern tribes had long been “lost” in captivity to the Assyrian Empire, and were already proceeding on their westward trek across Asia and into Europe.) This Babylonian domination (which at first had even permitted the people of the Judah nation to remain in their own land) angered many of the Judahite patriots who knew they were part of God’s chosen people, and that as such, they should be directly under God, and therefore not in servitude to any non-Israelite people or empire. Or so they reasoned.

Jeremiah made the Christian patriots of his day even angrier when he told them they should not resist their Babylonian captors. He told the patriots that it was a Godordained punishment. But, presaging the Vietnam war protestors’ chant of the 1970s, the ancient Judahite patriots said in effect “Hell no, we won’t go [to Babylon.]” They resisted. They rebelled with acts of violence. They labeled Jeremiah as a traitor and they arranged to make life very miserable for him. At one point, they caused Jeremiah to be placed into a dung pit up to his armpits. No doubt, Jeremiah reflected on his job as prophet at that time and concluded that “this job really stinks!” Prior to that, Jeremiah had warned them. Look, my brethren, I know you mean well, and you think you are being obedient believers in God and good patriots, and you only want your freedoms, but you’ve got to understand that it was God who sent this Babylonian captivity, and if you try to resist it or flee from it, then you are going to perish by pestilence, by famine and by sword. (Jeremiah 24, 27, 29, et al.)

The same thing has happened in our day. We have been enslaved in our own country by the heirs of the Babylonians coming here and putting the shackles of slavery over us in the form of the 16th amendment to the Constitution (the imposition of the federal income tax), along with the Federal Reserve System (which is a private group which creates and controls our “money”), and a plethora of other accoutrements of bondage. Yet ever so cleverly, God deliberately made this system of slavery so secret from the vast majority of the people that in prophecy He called it “Mystery, Babylon.” Even so, He ordained that many (but still only a tiny fraction of the population as a whole) Christian-patriots would learn of this captivity. It would make them angry. They would then have a choice: to be as their forefathers in ancient Judah who resisted and rebelled; or to submit to this Godordained captivity. Believers read in Revelation 18 to “come out of her, my people;” meaning, Israel is to come out of Mystery Babylon. Upon reading that, many Christian patriots think they know what to do.

The first inclination is to want to do like some of the ancient Israelite-Judahites did and resist. The way to “get out of Babylon,” they say, is to rescind your social security number, rescind your marriage license, don’t pay taxes, don’t use a driver’s license, etc. Now, I am not Jeremiah, but I am pointing out to you that the pattern is the same. We must come to understand, brethren, that God put us into this captivity and only He has ordained the time of our release. This is not a 1776! Freedom is not going to come about because 3% of Americans decide to protest illegal taxes, or even take more extreme measures.

Furthermore, those who do decide to resist and rebel against God’s punishment, are going to suffer the same consequences as our ancient forefathers. Those who rebel and resist are going to be perishing by the sword, by famine and by pestilence. These need not necessarily be applied in a literal way, but even in the examples we have given, they are quite literal. Members of The Order are languishing and perishing in prison. Tim McVeigh perished by the sword in the form of a lethal injection—or so it appeared. And Eric Rudolph? If convicted of any of the bombings, he will likely perish by the “sword” as well.

But there are still others who, while shunning violence, will go as far as to refuse to pay taxes. They rescind government numbers, licenses, etc. They try to support their families without paying taxes and without using social security numbers, etc. And what happens? I have observed it over and over again. They are perishing by famine, figuratively speaking. Because they can’t obtain “regular” employment, they hardly have enough money to put food on the table. Some of them even have their wives or children work (they have social security numbers), so he can “be righteous” and patriotic and “fight the system.” In contrast, Jeremiah, after advising the Israelite-Judahites to submit to Babylon, further counseled them:

Jeremiah 29:5 Build ye houses, and dwell in them; and plant gardens, and eat the fruit of them;

6 Take ye wives, and beget sons and daughters; and take wives for your sons, and give your daughters to husbands, that they may bear sons and daughters; that ye may be increased there, and not diminished.

7 And seek the peace of the city whither I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto YHWH for it: for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace.

We are to “seek the peace of the city” (Mystery Babylon) wherein we have been enslaved. If we are honest about it, our slavery is quite light, not to be compared to what Christians in the Soviet Union, China and other Marxist “paradises” had to endure. Is it “seeking the peace of the city” when Christian patriots engage the government in cases regarding taxes, licensure, social security numbers, etc.? I don’t think so! Look at the outcome. Any case of a so-called “free man” challenging the government always has a predictable outcome: he loses! Then how free is he? He has fines to pay, back taxes with interest and penalties, and usually jail time to serve. Then his family “perishes by famine” for lack of a provider—how ironic! Rather, heed Jeremiah and submit to Mystery Babylon.

Incidentally, as I briefly alluded to above, I have had all kinds of lies written about myself and SKM in the newspapers and on the TV news and in magazines, but do you know what? I have never had a death threat from them or from the Leftists directly whose propaganda the “Medianites” reproduce. However, I have had a very clear death threat made by a man who claims to be God’s minister who teaches the two-seedline identity. He sees me as a traitor and says that when the time is right he will send his “hit squad” to take me out, along with several others whose understanding of our Israelite identity and Christian patriotism is somewhat different than his. Father, forgive this man, for he doesn’t know what he is doing.

Now, back to Revelation 18. The Word tells God’s people to come out of Babylon in verse 4, but if we read it carefully, we will notice that Babylon falls in verse 2. We do not come out of Babylon until it falls! Thus it still fits the Old Testament pattern of Jeremiah’s day. The captives were not released until Babylon fell to outside forces, the Medes and the Persians. Has that happened yet in our day? Not hardly! As overcomers, we are not to resist or try to overthrow our government. But when Mystery Babylon falls—and that will be due to outside forces, not to patriot activity—when Babylon falls, that will be the time to come out of her.

Meanwhile, build houses, raise families, pray unto Yahweh for Babylon, and seek peace with it. My prayer is that this and the preceding issue of FMS have served as a modern application of the lesson God wants us to learn from chapter 4 of 2 Samuel. Many of us need to ponder this lesson very long and hard, and with much prayer for guidance regarding one’s stand vis à vis the Saul government, which is simultaneously our Mystery Babylonian captivity. It is both, depending upon which type and shadow is being applied.

Now, back to McVeigh. Some question if he really was executed. Nowadays, with the ubiquity of the internet, one can find just about any theory that anyone can conceive regarding any event of national importance. Information (good and bad, true and false) did not proliferate and permeate the minds of so many in so rapid a fashion back when President Kennedy was assassinated. Like almost everyone else who was alive at that time, I remember it like it was yesterday.

I was a seminary student in my afternoon Latin class when the word came over the school’s P. A. system that JFK had been shot. It was a national trauma. Like most young mush minds, I was an admirer of Kennedy. I later got the opportunity to shake hands with Sen. Robert Kennedy when he was running for president in 1968. A week or so later, he was assassinated in Los Angeles. I sought answers as to who had committed these foul deeds. For years afterwards, I read everything I could get my hands on about the assassinations of the Kennedys and Martin Luther King as well. As an advanced journalism student at the Ohio State University, I created a series of five radio broadcasts, based on my assassination research, plus an interview with attorney Mark Lane. Lane had written his version of the JFK assassination in a best-seller called Rush to Judgment. Shortly after that, as a Board member of the OSU Student Activities board, I initiated Mark Lane’s appearance at OSU (1200 in attendance) where he spoke about the assassination and showed his movie, Executive Action, (I think that was the title).

Shortly after graduation I came to understand many pieces of “the conspiracy:” the CFR, Trilats, Bilderberg, etc. ad infinitum ad nauseam. I continued to devour everything available for years. While coming to faith in Christ was life-changing, learning my heritage as an Israelite enhanced my faith a hundred-fold. But as many in the Christian-Israel movement have also experienced, such a focus on the evil and the negative becomes straining, draining, stressful and debilitating after so many years. But by the grace of my Father and yours, I was enabled in the mid1990s, to have a change of focus. You see, after decades of study, I realized I still don’t know who killed JFK, and I never will. Ditto with RFK, MLK, the OKC bombing and McVeigh, TWA flight 800, Princess Diana, and last but not least, the 9-11 “Pearl Harbor” which has taken us into World War III (or IV, depending on how one looks at “the Cold War”). This does not mean, however, that I no longer read anything about evil conspirators. I appreciate all who keep me supplied with information. It’s a matter of priorities and focus now.

An appropriate conclusion to this issue comes from a letter I received last week from a friend who will remain anonymous but who is prominent in Christian Israel circles, a name all would recognize. He/she wrote:

“Dear James, I just finished reading your November letter [Politics, The Handmaiden of Providence]. I want to thank you for such a positive and upbeat letter. I have been in the Israel movement all my life and so much of it is very negatively oriented. I am so thrilled to see the Lord working to bring our people, one by one, to an understanding of His love and His power to control every detail. I thank God for the privilege of praying for our leaders and for the understanding that He controls even our bad leaders… These are such exciting times to live in and it is so wonderful to see His Conspiracy rather than seeing an evil conspiracy as I used to.” And I say: Amen!

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