NO GUILT!—A Christmas Message from Stone Kingdom Ministries

Dec 23, 2011

In approximately 1978, while I was being led by the Holy Spirit to see truths beyond fundamentalism and coming out therefrom, I also learned about the origins of the Christmas holiday, its relationship to Saturnalia, Bacchus and all the other pagan gods, along with the ancient debauched celebrations and all that went with it.

I proceeded to alienate nearly all my siblings, other relatives, and most of our Christian friends by my absolute refusal to have anything to do with Christmas. Later, in the early years of this ministry, I even sent out to our (then) Tape Ministry a three-hour lecture series called The Fruit of the Christmas Tree. (That series is no longer available for reasons which will be obvious as you continue reading).

In that short series, I gave my own take on the holiday wherein I listed every bad thing that I could think of which could be associated with the “Christmas season.” I also provided an assortment of what I considered to be biblical reasons why Christians should have nothing to do with “that pagan holiday.”

Over the past 15 years, however, my understanding on this subject has evolved and grown—in my opinion, of course. Those who will still disagree will naturally assert that I have “backslidden.” In some cases, it may be true, but in other cases, that kind of condemnation comes with spiritual growth. I cannot say I have come “full circle” regarding Christmas, for that would imply that I am back at the starting point. I certainly am not, but I do believe that I see it from another level now. After reading this post, you may judge. I can and do celebrate Christmas now, but with an understanding I would like to share with you.

This was spurred by a phone call a day or two ago from my friend, Kim,. Kim was burdened about the holiday and wanted to know my take on it. After sharing with her my history, as given briefly above, I then told her what facts had come together to bring me to once again being able to acknowledge the holiday with “regular” Christians and wish them “Merry Christmas” with no sense of sin or guilt in doing so. Rather, I am full of joy and peace about the holiday which most of Christendom celebrates as the Savior’s birth. A day after our phone conversation, I saw this email from Kim:


Thanks, Dr. James, for taking the time to talk today. I wrote up a summary of what you said. This would help so many believers burdened by guilt at this time of year [Kim is referring to many who have come out from or are still attached to one of the offshoots of the Worldwide Church of God—JWB]. I give this to you as a gift to edit/use as you see fit. Merry Christmas! I call my summary: NO GUILT! [In fact, I did do some editing to Kim’s email—JWB]:

At this time of year, the question comes up for those truly seeking to please Father as to whether or not to observe His Son’s birthday on December 24/25. This is commonly called Christmas.

In Hebrew culture, birthdays were celebrated, not on the day of birth but on the day of conception. We know from the work of Dr. Stephen Jones that Jesus was born on Rosh Hashanah, Sept. 29, 2 B.C. [See Dr. Jones’ book, Secrets of Time, still available from us—JWB]. Go back nine months [an exact full-term pregnancy of 278 days—JWB] to the day that the Holy Spirit impregnated Mary’s womb, and you have December 24/25.

Now recall that Einstein’s famous equation relating energy, mass and the speed of light is E = mc2. Or Energy equals Mass times the Speed of light (designated as “c”) squared. Note that God is omnipotent; i.e., He is all Power (i.e., Energy) and as Christ, He became the “Light that came into the world.” God became Man; He took on a physical body as He entered the material realm. Hence, substituting, we have: GOD = MAN (matter, the material realm, or “mass!”) x the SPEED of LIGHT squared! (i.e. God (Energy) was converted to Man (Mass) through the speed of light).

Ron Oja has often noted that our Father is “hooked on phonics.” Therefore, he saw it as a revelation from Father that the name of the holiday, Christmas, means that Christ, the Son of God, became Mass on the night of December 24/25. Hence, the name CHRIST-MAS(S). The word “mass” in this discussion, of course, has nothing to do with the Roman Catholic “mass.”

Does this not also again point to the sovereignty and kindness of the God we worship and adore? God, in His wisdom, has blinded most of the world as they celebrate this holiday. They search for peace and joy but it seems to elude so many of them. And yet are they not crying out for God to deliver them each year on the date the Son was conceived? …The Son of God who IS PEACE and JOY!

In conclusion, Jesus’ birth may indeed be observed worldwide by most on the “wrong date.” I say this with tongue in cheek, for has God not chosen that “wrong date”? But indeed, there is NO GUILT. Jesus is our guilt offering as well as our sin offering. He removes all guilt from us, just as He has covers all sin. December 24/25 celebrates the day that HIS LIFE came into the world……..LIFE which began at His conception. HALLELUJAH! PRAISE GOD, AND MERRY CHRISTMAS! –Kim


Amen. And thanks, Kim, for writing that summary. To all our readers and supporters, therefore, we also say, God bless you, and may you now celebrate or acknowledge with all the brethren the day that “Christ” became “mas(s)!”


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