Change is happening!

Oct 17, 2011

Just a quick word about what happened at our STL Conference, and that word is CHANGE. Something new is happening! Ron Oja had given me a word—a prophetic word, as is now clear—last February, that beginning with our Manassas Conference in April, that my ministry would begin to change.

And indeed it did begin at Manassas. We do not feel led to share the whole story of what went on there—we did write about it briefly in the cover letter of our June 2011 Feed My Sheep (FMS) postal mailing, and perhaps I will recapitulate it here in the journal soon. [We do not post those cover letters online. But you can receive the monthly FMS mailing by clicking here.] (Link provided is no longer valid.)—but there were numerous prophetic words given to me personally and publicly at Manassas which confirmed Ron’s word about the change coming to this ministry. The changes continued to manifest in our STL Conference.

As usual, we were blest with a wide assortment of wonderful teaching. However, this Conference was different from any previous ones we have held because of the nature of the ministry of one of the invited ministers, a man who is new to our Conferences.

I know that many were blest—and some were mystified—by what occurred as Pastor Vincent Imperial (Vinnie) ministered on Sunday, October 9th. I am still processing it myself. Vinnie thanked me both publicly and privately for “stepping out in faith” by allowing him to minister at our conference, seeing that we had never met and that I had never seen him minister.

I appreciated his remark, but I was not going completely on blind faith. I knew that my close friends, Steve Jones and Ron Oja, had been together with Vinnie at the San Francisco Conference earlier this year; and thereafter I had discussed with both of them the possibility of having Vinnie be part of our STL Conference. Moreover, Stephen’s “Quail and Manna” teachings (regarding our spiritual diet) resonated with me.

However, I really did not know specifically what to expect when Vinnie ministered. I will not go into details at this point for lack of time to write it all out. I intend to address more specifics later. My purpose for this journal entry is to say that I have subsequently spoken to Vinnie about the many questions that some people have—people who either participated in or witnessed the Sunday session. (On my instruction, we purposely did not record the session once “things started happening.”)

Furthermore, I am making this writing available to the world, instead of restricting it to an email blast to only the STL attendees. I do this because I foresee that it can instruct and bless many with more understanding of the pentecostal and/or charismatic realm of Christianity. I know, I know—some of you think it is all phoniness, charlatanry or worse (i.e., “of the devil”), but do bear with me and hear me out. I, myself, do not come from a pentecostal or charismatic background. In a future entry, I will share my background and how the Lord showed me some special things in regard to those who minister “in the Spirit.”

Additionally, I am going to make available in this journal very soon some writings which Vinnie has offered to compose regarding the gifts and/or manifestations of the Spirit. He will address questions which are common among those of us who are new to this realm. So, dear brothers and sisters in Christ, let us not judge too hastily. Or as the Word says it: Proverbs 18:13 He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him. Stay tuned…

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