Spiritual Work at the Fed, Part Two

Jul 27, 2010

Spiritual Work at the Fed, Part Two

Preliminary Note: I had assured those who assembled with me at the Federal Reserve Bank building in Atlanta for this work on July 10, 2010 that I would neither mention any of them by name, nor publish photos of any of them, so as to protect their identity and privacy—whether they wanted it protected or not. (JWB grinning). All emphasis, including highlighting are mine.


(“… on a mission from God” is an allusion to the hilarious (and very prophetic, if you can see it) comedy film of 1980, starring Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi, called The Blues Brothers. One of our group was wearing the hat, and I could not resist including the photo in this report, because although the spiritual warfare is utterly serious, we know that our Father has an incredible sense of humor. He is amused by all the feeble plots of man and the devil. Cf. Psalm 2:4—oh, and we would be remiss if we did not provide the verse referred to on the cap. 1 Timothy 2:4 Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth. Yes, this is just one of a host of Scriptures which teach that everyone will be saved—including the Midianites, Amalekites and the children of the east. But they have a job to do first, and I must say, they are performing it precisely as our Father has preordained.)

When we speak of the Federal Reserve System, we are speaking of the visible symbol and manifestation of the economic debt bondage which has enslaved the American people since 1913. Although I did not know the specifics of what I (and those who would join me) was supposed to do, I had a very strong inkling that it had to do with our release from that debt bondage simply because the work was to be done at the Atlanta Fed building. In the colonial era, Georgia was known as "the debtors' colony."

In the Bible, the laws of Jubilee are custom-designed by God Himself to “reset” the national economy every 50th year by the cancellation of all debt and the restoration of lost properties to their original owners. (That’s the short version. Obtain our audio lectures #271, 272, 275 & 276 for in-depth analysis of those laws of Jubilee. At this point, you can order the CDs. We will get the digital versions uploaded “as time permits;” i.e., it may be a while.)

God’s law commands that this Jubilee release be proclaimed every 49th year on the 10th day of the 7th month. Thus when Ron Oja pointed out that I had already unwittingly selected that particular day which represents the Jubilee, it was confirmed to me that a declaration of Jubilee would be part of the work.

The Father knows that my personality is such that I do not like to “wing it” when presenting Bible teaching, but because His leading was confirmed so dramatically, I had no anxiety about being prepared. I knew He would give me what exactly I was supposed to say and do before or even at the very moment the time arrived.

As it happened, it was late on Friday afternoon, July 9th and I had finished writing the manuscript for the Bible lecture I was going to present the next day and on Sunday in Atlanta (Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom, Lecture 3: The Spirit of the Lord and Liberty. Only then did the Father give me the specifics for “the Fed work.” I knew by that time that several elements were to be part of it:

(1) a prayer of confession and repentance on behalf of ourselves, our ancestors and our entire nation today, who all have been guilty of disobedience to our Father’s commandments, statutes and judgments;

(2) an acknowledgement of our current national predicament as being captive to Mystery Babylon because of that disobedience;

(3) an awareness that the time of that captivity is soon to end;

(4) that, as it does come to an end and Mystery Babylon falls, we pray for God’s mercy on our oppressors because if “…ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses. (Matthew 6:15)

(5) that we declare the Jubilee, the cancellation of all debt, etc.

I also had no concern over how many or how few would come to the Fed to participate in the work. On Friday afternoon, it was looking like only three of us would be there. However, in the next few hours people began to phone and email saying they planned to be part of it. Early the next morning I left on the four hour drive to Cleveland, Tennessee, where we meet monthly.

After our service there, we adjourn to a restaurant for further fellowship. Then, for me, it is about a three hour drive to Atlanta late on Saturday afternoon. I was delighted that three of our east Tennessee group told me that they would make the trip for what they knew would be only about a 20 minute “work.” But, as they said, they “felt impelled to be there.”

I had told those planning to attend that we would commence at 6 p.m., for no other reason than that it seemed a convenient time. When we convened at the Fed building at 6, we discovered that the Atlanta Fed was home of the 6th FRS district.


How fitting! Six is the number of man, of imperfection. I did almost no web searching or research beforehand, but one of those present informed me that the name Atlanta was not only related to the name of the mythical lost continent of Atlantis, but also that both words are related to the ancient pagan god, Atlas, who is usually depicted bearing the globe on his shoulders.

(In my current lecture series, I had twice already made reference to Ayn Rand’s prescient novel, Atlas Shrugged. Though I disagree vigorously with her atheistic-humanistic philosophy, the novel—published in 1958—is a brilliant depiction of the path from freedom to authoritarianism. It has awakened many young mush-minds from their socialistic indoctrination at universities to become freedom-loving entrepreneurs.)

Thus, the fact that we were doing the work in Atlanta spoke to us that we came as ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ, the One who supplants the false god, Atlas, the One who is the true God and holds the world “on His shoulders” by the word of His power. (Hebrews 1:3)

As Providence willed, we had exactly 12 people present, 6 men and 6 women. Again, it was a nice touch from our Father, not only to have the gender balance but for us to represent the 12 Federal Reserve districts. The 12 tribes of Israel also came to mind, along with the 12 apostles of Christ. And how much more fitting that a member of our Atlanta fellowship called me to say he could not be in attendance physically, but he would go outside into the yard of his home north of Atlanta and make the Prayer/ Proclamation at 6 p.m. with us. He also blew his shofar (ram’s horn) of Jubilee at that time. The man’s name? Christopher, i.e., Christ-bearer.

So we had 12 present and one other, representing Christ, invisibly present, making a total of 13. One of the ladies present reported to the group that a few months ago she had been impressed by the Lord to begin intercessory prayer for the number 13, and specifically for the Illuminati (usually said to number 13 persons). She said she thought, “that’s totally weird, Lord,” but she was obedient. And then Father reminded her that He “is going to restore ALL things.”


(The Fed building’s east side. We wondered why five columns. Here is a “homework assignment” for any readers living in the cities where the other 11 branches are located. It would be interesting to know if all the buildings face east. Please email your findings to us:

Someone noted that the address of the Fed is 1000 Peachtree Street. In biblical symbolism, the number 1000 represents glory, glorification (immortality) and the feast of Tabernacles. Those of us who have studied the machinations of the rulers of Mystery Babylon have come to realize that numbers and symbolism of all sorts are very important to them and are ubiquitous in all they do. And why not? They are merely counterfeiting the work and majesty of the Creator who is the Originator of doing everything “by the numbers.” His hand’s works are all laden with symbolism on multiple levels when we are given eyes to see. Therefore, the symbols in His works—though often hidden—are preeminently ubiquitous.

Notice also the marble exterior of the building and the Greco-Roman style of architecture. The heavy marble stone is no doubt meant to give the appearance of strength and power. But as with the “money” it lends into circulation, everything about the Fed is illusion. For we know Who alone has immortality, and we give honor and glory to the One who has created all things, and Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high; (Hebrews 1:3).

The fact that it is Greco-Roman architecture—besides being “classical” and very pleasing to the eye—is also in keeping with the Babylonian succession of empires found in Daniel, chapter 2. We know thereby that Mystery Babylon enfolds all the previous ones within its end-time empire. Of course, the Greek empire under Alexander and his four generals, and the Roman empire (secular-pagan and “holy”) were among that succession alluded to.

Research subsequent to our work at the Fed has unearthed some further fascinating information. In 1962 work began on renovations to the existing Fed building, but as the contractors got into the thick of it, they discovered some bad news for the Fed executives: “The old building was unfit to renovate. Old structural drawings contained a good deal of fiction,‘ [then-Atlanta Fed President] Bryan had to tell the board. Footings, beams, columns, and structural members were not as described, and some simply did not exist.” In other words, we could say that the building—like the Fed itself—was like the proverbial house of cards. It apparently did not have the Rock-solid foundation that the true Temple has in Jesus Christ, the Stone that the builders rejected (Luke 20:17).

Ultimately, the only pieces salvaged from the old building were five of the sixteen marble Corinthian columns that decorated the front of the old building. The pictures herein show how, after the new construction, they lined up four columns together in front of the new building, and the fifth has the eagle mounted on top.


(A 3,300 pound black eagle surmounts the “fifth column” in front of the main entrance)

The eagle itself was of cast bronze. Bronze symbolizes the Greek empire in Daniel, chapter 2. Yet, the eagle itself was the symbol of Imperial Rome. Thus again, we see the combination of the Greek and Roman empires being brought forward in time to be part of modern Babylon. This particular eagle was fashioned by American sculptor Elbert Weinberg who supervised its casting and shipment from…Rome!

One further significant tidbit about the eagle: It weighs 3,300 pounds. To anyone who has the least familiarity with Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism and other occult and secret societies, the number 33 is highly significant. Ah, but not to fret, brothers and sisters in Christ, for our Father always has His overlay of the true and righteous to replace the false and the counterfeit—and the counterfeits must come first. For example, biblically, the eagle is a symbol representing how God Himself delivered Israel from ancient Egypt! (Exodus 19:4) We are now at the hour for the deliverance of modern Israel (us) from prophetic Egypt-Assyria-Babylon.

The architect for the new building was—appropriately—a man named Toombs. The new building was completed in July 1964, which means that this month—as we made our prayer and proclamation there—it has been 46 years—the number associated with Herod’s temple! (John 2:20)

Fed.9.side.web.JPG(looking at the “toomb”-like, north side of the Fed)

Ron had also previously called to my attention to the fact that not only was the date (10th day, 7th month) a confirmation from the Lord, but that we were led to do the work in Georgia. Georgia had been initially established as a colony for debtors who were freed from debtors’ prison in England, sent to America, and given some acreage in King George’s debtor colony, named for his majesty, himself. What more appropriate place could there be to proclaim the Jubilee! (To be continued)

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