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Spiritual Work at the Fed, Part 1

Jul 22, 2010

One morning in approximately late May I was in that halfway state between sleep and fully awake. I had an experience which I believed was a leading from our heavenly Father to perform a spiritual work. It was not a dream, nor a vision, nor an audible voice, but as I became fully awake I simply knew that I had been directed to do this work—a word of knowledge, if you will.

1 Corinthians 12:8 For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit;

The specifics were not defined at that time. I only knew that it involved going to the location of the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta. 


A couple of weeks previously, I had commenced a Bible lecture series entitled Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom. At some point in the series, I will provide a detailed examination from a biblical perspective of the financial control wielded by the current rulers of what the Bible calls “Mystery Babylon the Great.” In Great Britain, it manifests as the Bank of England. In the United States, it goes under the name Federal Reserve System [FRS or the “Fed”].

The Fed consists of twelve branches of which the key branch is and always has been the one located in New York City. The current U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner is the former president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

I did not receive any knowledge that there was any particular time frame involved as to exactly when we were to do the work. Little did I know how the specific date would soon be clearly indicated. Therefore, I decided it was already too close to our next Stone Kingdom-Atlanta Fellowship meeting (set for early June) for me to try to arrange all the details—and besides, I had not been given any details as to exactly what I was supposed to do.

Let me insert a disclaimer at this point: Although I use the pronoun “I” in this narrative, I knew from the start that it was not about me personally, nor about those who would join me in the work. It is not about any of us personally, only that we were to do this spiritual work on behalf of…whom? Ah, yes, it later became more clear via prayer and meditation, especially subsequent to my sharing the experience with Ron Oja, that is was to be done for Christ and His (not James Bruggeman’s) Stone Kingdom.

My ministry was given the name Stone Kingdom by divine Providence more than two decades ago, but this ministry is only symbolic of what the real (and to this day, hidden) Stone Kingdom is doing and will do. Who are “the hidden ones” who comprise the true Stone Kingdom? Hold that thought… It became clear that we of the nominal and visible Stone Kingdom Ministries were to have some spiritual part to play as an anticipation of the actual fulfillment of

Daniel 2:34 Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the image upon his feet that were of iron and clay, and brake them to pieces.

The work had to be done by me and those associated with this ministry because it is the Stone Kingdom which smites the image [representing Mystery Babylon] on its feet . Thus, to repeat, it is not about me personally or this ministry, but what it represents corporately—the true Stone Kingdom.

The Stone Kingdom is that which will replace the governments of men—the world government of Mystery Babylon—with a divine government which will be headed by Jesus Christ and administered by Him and his group of priest-kings known in the Bible as the “overcomers.”

The overcomers will consist not of all Christians, but only of a small portion of believers who have been chosen and predestinated by the Father. If the overcomers lived in days or ages past (David, Daniel, Abraham, Joseph, Peter, Paul, John, etc.), they will be raised from the dead to join the living overcomers who will be instantaneously transformed into incorruptible immortal bodies, and together they will serve directly under the King of kings to commence the global government of Jesus, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Of course, we who recently performed the spiritual work strive to be in that number, even as Paul the apostle did (cf. Philippians 3:11-14).

When I phoned Ron to share the revelation with him, he asked when I had in mind to perform the work and I explained that since I was given no word on that and it seemed too close in time to arrange it for June, that we would do it during my July trip to Atlanta.

“And what date would that be?” asked Ron.

“Well, I will arrive on Saturday, July 10th,” I replied, “and we will hold our SK-Atlanta Fellowship meeting on July 11th. So we could do the work on either day.”

“So in other words,” Ron observed, “you could be doing this work on the 10th day of the 7th month? And what day is that?”

“Oh, my heavens,” I replied. I was astonished with the sudden illumination of the significance of that date. “It is the Israelite Day of Atonement, which every 49th year becomes the Day of Jubilee!” I realized immediately that through our brother in Minnesota we had now been given the precise date for the work.

The Mystery Babylonian system has at its core the subjugation of the people through an economic system of debt bondage; i.e., the Fed. Because of our national disobedience to Father’s law—our Father God had sold us (U.S.) into that “Babylonian Captivity” with the creation of the FRS in 1913/14. At some point, however, the sentence has been served and we are to be released from the bondage. In the ancient Babylonian Captivity it was a 70-year sentence. Unfortunately, Mystery Babylon—like the Pharaoh of Moses’ time—does not want to let the slaves go free.

The laws of Jubilee involve the cancellation of all debt and it was mandated to be proclaimed and implemented in Israel on the 10th day of the 7th month every 49th year, resulting in the 50th year being a Year of Release. (These are topics we have covered in detail in audio lectures over many years, and are currently revisiting in the series Mystery Babylon and the Stone Kingdom.

At our June meetings in Tennessee and Atlanta I told the fellowships what I believed the Lord wanted done and invited those who felt led to join us on July 10, 2010 at the Federal Reserve building in Atlanta.


(looking south on Peachtree Street—the Federal Reserve building is on the right)

Over the next couple of weeks, the details of the work became more and more clear. Even the day before, I was expecting that only two or three could make it. You see, almost all of our Atlanta Fellowship live outside the metro area and it would entail an overnight stay—not simply a matter of a 20-minute drive for them.

But I also knew that the paucity of people is never a problem in the work of the spiritual realm. The actual numbers involved are always significant—if we can discern their meaning as applied at the time—but whether the number is large or small has no effect on the success of the work. If we are obedient to the Father’s leading, success is always guaranteed! (To be continued).

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