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Science and the Creator: Lobsters

Jun 7, 2010

Here is a tiny portion of the word of God. It applies to all of us.

Proverbs 3:6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, …

But we will use this occasion to make a particular application of it—to those involved in discovering the wonders of our Father’s creation. As contemporary scientists make discoveries which improve our civilization, many refuse to acknowledge the hand of our Creator, and so in our own little way, we will do it for them in this Journal and, from time to time, in the Stone Kingdom Chronicles. For example, an article in Nature (volume 421, page 60) reported about spiny lobsters’ amazing ability to find their way in the Caribbean.

Studies showed that the lobster possesses what is called a “magnetic mapping” ability. A Finnish computer scientist, Janne Haverinen, learning of the lobsters’ ability, decided to see if magnetic mapping could be used as a guidance system for robots. ” ‘My first inspiration came from birds, ants and bees,’ says Haverinen. ‘But the spiny lobster clinched it for me. The findings set Haverinen, who works in the intelligent systems lab at the University of Oulu, Finland, wondering if he could draw magnetic maps of buildings for domestic and factory robots.” (New Scientist, August 29, 2008) Haverinen succeeded in programming a robot to find its way using magneto-vision.

Kudos to Mr. Haverinen for succeeding with his robot navigational system. Kudos for succeeding in mimicking God’s creation. Notice Haverinen says his “inspiration” came from observing birds, ants and bees. We do not know Mr. Haverinen personally, and so perhaps he inwardly, if not publicly, acknowledges the Creator. However, political correctness has a near stranglehold on scientific publication (save that of Christian scientific organizations themselves), and thus Haverinen did not dare mention God in his findings. We, therefore, will stand in proxy for him because who put the idea in Mr. Haverinen’s mind in the first place? Who gave him that “inspiration?” What a Creator we worship! Praise Him who is not only the King of kings, but who is also the Engineer of engineers. Praise Him who has devised and engineered the birds, the ants, the bees, and the lowly lobster’s uncanny ability to navigate in the ocean! Praise ye the Lord! Praise ye Yahweh!

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