Journal Entry for February 5, 2010

Feb 5, 2010

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Tea. It’s a Tea Party!

(For the record, this was written Friday, February 4th, and was finished and sent off for posting before Palin’s keynote speech on Saturday, February 5, 2010.)


The Tea Party Movement (TPM) is holding its first national convention this weekend in Nashville, Tennessee. This is not “tea-for-two” parties (the Democrats and Republicans). This is “trans-party” or better-said, “super-party” or “supra-party”—above and beyond both parties. It is about seeking to succeed where the two major parties have failed America. It is about the beginnings of a possibly the major awakening in America.

There have political awakenings before. President Nixon referred to “the silent majority,” referring to people whom Nixon felt agreed with his political philosophy, but who chose to not speak out—and for the most part—not to vote. By the election year of 1980 (when Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter), the silent majority had begun to be mobilized by the likes of Jerry Falwell, who founded “the Moral Majority,” and along with mailing list king Richard Viguerie, organized an enormous number of voters under the moniker of “the Religious Right.” It was composed to a large extent of conservative Christian Fundamentalists.
But what we are seeing now—but which began last year with the sudden appearance of Tea Parties (and to a lesser extent, the Glen Beck-originated “9-12’er” groups)—is different from other awakenings. The difference is primarily in that vast numbers of formerly slumbering Americans have suddenly become awakened to the very real threat of the loss of major liberties. And those who are awakening now represent a cross section of religious, racial and economic groups.

Three decades ago, we who were trying to educate our fellow citizens would struggle to get just a tiny number of people to see that our liberties and freedom were being eroded, piece by piece. It is no longer the case that our liberties are being “eroded,” a relatively slow and gradual process. Many Americans—including many who voted for Mr. Obama—can now see with 20-20 vision the reality that our liberties are being stolen quickly and in iceberg-size chunks—by those in the current administration, officials who have openly proclaimed their disdain for free and private enterprise and the republican system of government established by our Founding Fathers. (The idea that we are supposed to have a “democracy” is lie, easily provable, but that’s for another column.)

However, let us not be deceived into thinking that the drastic loss of freedoms began with the current administration. Many Tea Partiers who have just recently awakened are looking back and realizing that the allegedly “conservative” Bush administration was not conservative at all. He pretended to be and he pulled it off with utmost skill. He certainly did not conserve liberties. Instead, under the pretense of “national security,” the 9-11 attack provided the excuse for the sudden usurpation of numerous liberties in one fell swoop by means of the Orwellian-named “Patriot Act.” Many leftists were shouting about it then—along with the relative few of us who have been awake politically for decades. Happily, now the Tea Partiers are realizing that both the Democrats and the Republicans share in the blame for the disastrous condition of the nation.

Tea comes in a wide variety of flavors. There is black tea. There is white tea. There is also green tea and orange (pekoe) tea. My wife’s tea cupboard also informs me there are chamomile, echinacea, peppermint, spearmint, peach tea, cinnamon tea, and dozens more on the market. Although the Tea Party Movement took its inspiration and its name from the Boston Tea Party of the 1770’s, the analogy holds true. The Tea Partiers are not a homogenous group in the sense that the Moral Majority was primarily Fundamentalists. Tea Partiers span the gamut: from all walks of life, all levels of income—well, okay, there are probably very few multi-millionaires among them, but then the percentage of multi-millionaires in society as a whole is not that great either. But it seems clear that although Christian Fundamentalists are present in sizeable numbers, they do not comprise the vast majority of the Tea Partiers.

This is all good. Hence, we have chamomile, peppermint, green tea, etc. And these flavors also represent the varieties of political philosophies among them—not far Left to far Right, mind you—but variations of opinion within the political philosophy of those, who believe in strictly limited government, those who enjoy freedom and want to preserve it. No socialists, communists, Fascists, Nazis or anarchists would be welcome in the TPM. (By the way, the Left-Right graph of the political spectrum as most people commonly understand it is another lie…to be exposed here another day.)

I have several suggestions to make to the participants as they seek to coalesce into a movement with the power to restore lost liberties to the American people and to preserve those liberties currently in danger of being lost.

  1. Above all else, DO NOT let the outcome of these efforts result in yet another third party! More on that below.
  2. There are several things that we can say for sure are already happening or which will be occurring in and around the TPM. Those who oppose the TPM and American ideals will be attempting to infiltrate it. They will seek to get into leadership positions in order to sabotage the whole TPM from the top down. Others will remain lower in the ranks to sow seeds of distrust among members; to create strife, confusion and chaos wherever possible and by whatever means possible. (Remember, these who seek to destroy it will be of the Saul Alinsky-Marxist mindset where the ends justify the means.) Thus, they can be expected to spread rancor, bitterness, gossip, innuendo, lies—anything they can do to destroy it from within.
  3. There will be some members of integrity who will honestly believe that a third political party is the best way to proceed. I disagree very strongly and, in my opinion, those trying to destroy the TPM will be found among those shouting the loudest in favor of turning TPM efforts into a third political party. “Oh, we can’t trust the Democrats or the Republicans, so we need a third party.” My friends, look at history. All that has ever been accomplished through third parties has been to siphon off conservative efforts in time and money and energy into dead ends and guarantee the election of a worse choice.
  4. Ross Perot is a classic case. Perot, I believe, was “given orders” (perhaps not literally, but he knew what was expected of him) to lead a third party. Many of us remember how he angered so many who had placed their hope and trust in him by his junking the whole idea as election day came closer. He was actually getting too high in the polls so that there was a real chance of him winning. It was deliberate sabotage in my opinion. It guaranteed the election of Bill Clinton. This deliberate political sabotage did not surprise me because I knew to whom Perot was beholden for his vast wealth—the Rockefeller machine.
  5. I remember when I first became aware and knowledgeable about the true state of affairs in American politics back in the 1970’s. There were third party movements in 1972 and ’76. In 1980, the liberals tried it with John Anderson. Friends of mine were active in some of those third party movements, working their tails off and contributing very sacrificially from their personal savings—for what? All for naught.
  6. The solution is to organize and become active in the other two parties—yes, both of them. If you are in an area where there are many conservative Democrats, get active there. That is what the late Congressman Dr. Larry McDonald did. He was a Democrat from a suburban Atlanta district, and yet his voting record showed that he was as loyal to the U. S. Constitution as Congressman Dr. Ron Paul is to this day.
  7. But by and large, in most areas of the country, the Republican Party will be found to be closer to the ideals sought for by the Tea Partiers. Place the efforts there—wrest control of the Republican Party from the liberals and globalists. Diligence and vigilance will be the sine qua non’s of this effort, but it is worth it. Our liberties and perhaps our very lives depend upon it.

So we have a Tea Party, made up of different flavors: black tea, orange tea, green tea, peppermint tea, etc. Some Tea Partiers—like the caffeinated orange tea and black tea—are stimulants; they keeping us awake. These are people who inform others of what is going on in order to wake them up initially, or to keep them awake and motivated in the battle to restore and preserve liberties. They are balanced by the chamomile Tea Partiers. Chamomile is a calming tea. These people help others (especially the newly-awakened) in the Movement from “going off the deep end” as they learn the true magnitude of the problem.

Then we have the people represented by echinacea and green tea. These teas strengthen the body’s immune system; they are high in anti-oxidants. These teas are drunk to prevent colds and flu. These would be people who are able to help keep the TPM on track and not be derailed or sidetracked by those germs, viruses, bacteria who seek its demise, those who would prefer that the TPM be stillborn.

So there are many flavors of tea in the TPM. It has been said many times and my variation of it is this: Put three conservatives in a room and you will have six different opinions. Many flavors. It’s all good. It is an encouraging sign to see people awakening and getting active.
It is especially encouraging to us who are now seniors and have sought all our lives to awaken people, largely, to no avail—at least, not in significant enough numbers. But I learned many years ago not to be discouraged about our slumbering fellow citizens. When one comes to understand that our heavenly Father is behind it all, that He has a perfect Plan, with a perfect timetable; we can then rest and know that when the time is right, America will awaken.

So, is this it? Is this His time? Is this the beginning of the real Great Awakening? Until now, God has put His people in America in a deep sleep. She is the Sleeping Beauty of “fairy tales.” Did you know that the so-called “Grimm’s Fairy Tales” were actually cleverly disguised stories about the “lost ten tribes of Israel?” See Stories of Lost Israel in Folklore.
Note: The House of Israel must be distinguished from the House of Judah, both in Bible history and bible prophecy, otherwise, confusion reigns in attaining accurate interpretations of biblical prophecies. After all, if one misidentifies the major players, the interpretations will be totally askew.

So is now the time of the awakening? Time will tell. We will continue to observe the TPM and watch what kind of fruit it brings forth. We do know that our national slumber has all been part of God’s Plan to punish us for our national disobedience to the divine laws, statutes and judgments. Do not lament that America has been asleep. It had to be that way. Had the majority of Americans known, for example, back in the 1920’s, of the fraudulent nature of the Federal Reserve System, the people might have rebelled against it, not realizing it was the rod of divine chastisement. I say, had they done that many decades ago, it would have resulted in a much worse scenario. But God put us in blindness to this system of economic slavery for our own good. That’s why this system is called a “mystery” in the Bible (Revelation 17:9).

What we can be certain of is that the time of punishment has been carried out for the past century in America in a mercifully light manner, and that it must come to an end soon. Just exactly when, we do not know. So we thank and praise God for the blindness. But is now the time of the awakening? I find it interesting that Sarah Palin was invited to be the keynote speaker later on today. In my six-lecture series entitled Sarah Palin: A Prophetic Perspective, I saw her as a possible latter-day Deborah and/or Esther. Deborah was a judge (leader) in ancient Israel—at a time when the Israelite people were in captivity—parallels today. In that regard, I found it especially interesting that God saw fit to put this verse in His Word.
Judges 5:12 Awake, awake, Deborah: awake, awake, utter a song: arise, Barak, and lead thy captivity captive, thou son of Abinoam.

It will be interesting to watch the scene over the next number of years as I believe we will see some amazing events take place involving Deborah (Sarah Palin) and President Barack.

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